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Publication Order of Black Ops Inc. Books

Show No Mercy (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Take No Prisoners (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whisper No Lies (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Feel the Heat (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Risk No Secrets (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leave No Trace (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
With No Remorse (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Man Standing (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dying to Score (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
SEALed With a Kiss (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Black Ops Inc. is a series of romance novels written by Cindy Gerard. The books follow the exploits of an elite team of operatives who take on missions that exceed the capabilities of other sanctioned government agencies.

+The Story

Cindy Gerard has a reputation for masterfully blending romance with military fiction, and that is exactly what the Black Ops Inc. series attempts to do.

It’s worth noting that Black Ops Inc. is connected to Cindy’s ‘The Bodyguards’ series. In fact, the protagonists of the first Black Ops Inc. novel were first seen in the final Bodyguards book.

And while ‘Show No Mercy’ is marketed as a standalone novel that can be read independently of the events of ‘The Bodyguards’, fans of Cindy Gerard insist that reading the final Bodyguards books makes ‘Show No Mercy’ a much better story because it provides background information on certain characters and their history.

‘Show No Mercy’ introduces readers to Gabriel Jones, an elite operative that works for Black Ops Inc. Black Ops Inc. works for the United States government, though their covert status is such that few people know of their existence or connection to the government.

The paramilitary team boasts the best trained and most experienced soldiers in the world, agents that are only called upon to undertake missions that other government agencies are incapable of handling.

Gabriel Jones is sent to Buenos Aires to protect a reclusive billionaire called Maxim. When a terrorist attack threatens Maxim’s life, Gabriel jumps into action. His bosses would like to think that their operative is going above and beyond the call of duty to keep Maxim safe.

In truth, Gabe is more interested in ensuring the wellbeing of journalist Jenna McMillan than he is in keeping Maxim safe. Jenna and Gabe met months ago when she was captured by terrorists and he saved her.

Neither Gabe nor Jenna thought they would ever see one another again. So when fate brings them together, they do not hesitate to join forces to stop a ruthless enemy.

‘Show No Mercy’ sets up a structure that the rest of the books in the Black Ops Inc. series follow. Each book introduces a new member of Black Ops Inc. to readers.

The operative in question adheres to common romance tropes, a ridiculously handsome alpha male with a dangerous edge and a tender heart that must be teased out by deft hands.

The heroine is irresistibly beautiful. She is also a strong, independent woman with a successful career and a stubborn streak.

The two almost always meet during times of turmoil. More often than not, the hero is on a mission trying to bring some nefarious bad guy down. He will either encounter the heroine in the midst of his mission, or he will draw her into the mission.

Sometimes it’s the heroine whose bringing trouble into the equation, either because she’s in the business of fighting bad guys, or she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Either way, it falls on the shoulders of the hero, the Black Ops Inc. Operative, to save her.

As tends to happen with most such novels, the protagonists fall for one another the moment they meet. Most times, the heroine will fight her feelings because she doesn’t trust the hero, she has been burned in the past or she simply doesn’t have a place for love in her life.

On a few occasions, the hero will pull away because he believes his job places the love of his life in too much danger.

As with most professional romance authors, Cindy Gerard keeps her protagonists apart long enough to allow the chemistry between them to build to explosive levels before finally unleashing a litany of sex scenes that deliver the release the characters and the readers have been waiting for.

The Black Ops books do not sacrifice the military aspect of their stories for the sake of the romance. Cindy injects plenty of action and adventure into her novels. Each installment in the series endeavors to match the hero with a ruthless villain that tests their mettle and pushes them to the breaking point.

The author has admitted to doing extensive research for the Black Ops In. series. She relies heavily on the internet but she also has friends in the military who help her make certain that the action-heavy portions of her book are accurate.

+The Author

Cindy Gerard wrote her first book because she loved to write. At the time, she hadn’t even considered the notion of selling it. She just wanted to finish it. And she did just that, taking her first steps to becoming a bestselling author.

Cindy has imputed her success to the work she has done as a trainer for the Iowa Department of Human Services. The job gave her an in-depth education on the human condition. She realized that she could use those experiences to create richly complicated characters.

+Take No Prisoners

Abbie Hughes is going to school. She also has a job as a blackjack dealer, this while caring for her younger brother. So there is no place in the beautiful woman’s life for love. It helps that Abbie no longer trusts men, not after the betrayals she has suffered.

Sam Lang was a pretty decent operative back when he worked for Black Ops Inc. A family tragedy forced him to abandon the organization.

Sam’s plans for a peaceful and quiet future are upended when a chance at revenge throws him back into the action. To find the man who killed his sister, Sam forces his way into Abbie’s life with the intention of using her to get to her brother.

+Whisper No Lies

Crystal Debrowski is too small to man a security management position at a Vegas Casino, or so most people think. Crystal is more than capable of doing her job. However, her training proves ineffective when she refuses a scandalous offer and ends up in the hands of an international crime lord.

Johnny Duane looks like just another Texas heartbreaker when he first meets Crystal. His façade falls away when she is kidnapped and he calls his Black Ops Inc. team into action to save her.

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