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Publication Order of Black Samurai Books

Black Samurai by Marc Olden

The series began publication when “Black Samurai” was published in the year 1974. The series ended after eight novels in the year 1975, when “Kill For It” was published. The first five books were published during the year 1974, while the final three were published in 1975.

The series of novels follows Robert Sand, who served in the military during Vietnam. He is an expert in martial arts and is the only non-Japanese to be trained by a Japanese samurai master.

“Black Samurai” was adapted into a movie that starred Jim Kelly, a actor and karate stylist.

“Black Samurai” is the first novel in the “Black Samurai” series, which was released in the year 1974. Terrorists butchered his Sensei, and so this samurai will take his vengeance in blood.

While American GI Robert Sand is on leave in Tokyo, he gets shot trying to keep an old man safe from four drunk American soldiers. While Sand is passing out, the old guy springs on the tormentors, beating them badly with his wrinkled and frail fists. He is actually Master Konuma, keeper of the samurai’s ancient secrets. Sand is about to become his newest pupil.

Over seven years time, the American is taught martial arts, stealth, and swordplay; Sand becomes not just the first black guy to ever take the samurai’s oath, but is also the strongest fighter that Konuma has ever taught.

Two dozen terrorists ambush the Dojo one night, butchering Konuma and all his students. It is the first step in a horrifying assault on world peace. Even though he is unable to save his Sensei, Sand flees with his life and a hunger to get revenge. All he has with him is his sword, but that will be all he needs.

The book is tons of fun, and has an interesting main character, as well as a lot of action, and a strong villain. Some enjoyed reading this pulp, men’s adventure novel, and cannot wait to get their hands on more of these novels.

“The Golden Kill” is the second novel in the “Black Samurai” series, which was released in the year 1974. Outgunned and alone, Sand just has two weeks to thwart the biggest gold heist in history. The Chinese diplomat walked into the revolving door just a single step ahead of a grenade. Sand is not quick enough to save him from the blast, but while the smoke is still clearing he is hot on the trail of the grenade-tosser. He disarms the killer in Central Park, and knocks him unconscious.

His name is Ivan Vanich and he is pretending he is a Soviet operative. His actual employer is a mad for power millionaire that set the hit up as part of a scheme to upend a trading contract between the Russians and Chinese and take hold of the profits for himself.

The diplomat that was caught in the grenade’s blast was just the first one to be killed. On an ex-president’s special orders, Sand races to stop the catastrophe. His quest for answers leads him to a huge English castle, where the samurai confronts a guy that is willing to allow millions of people die for gold.

This another excellent book from Marc Olden, someone who it seems is unable to write something that’s uninteresting. Tons of action throughout keep your attention right on each and every word of what is going on. There is more of that cool speak that is present in the first book.

“Killer Warrior” is the third novel in the “Black Samurai” series, which was released in the year 1974. Sand has to stop an arms dealer from taking his business from homicide to genocide. Even the best samurai needs to hone his skills at times. Robert Sand is currently in Japan, and pushing his body to its limit under the guidance of an elderly Sensei. He gets the message that practice has ended.

Valbonne, a French arms dealer, has become ambitious, and is close to selling something more lethal than just a bootlegged Kalashnikov. He is currently building an atomic bomb. There is a Japanese man that Valbonne is looking to sell the bomb too. This man has never forgiven the Unite States for murdering his entire family in Nagasaki. To get revenge, he plans on detonating the black market warhead some place in New York City.

The contract he has with Valbonne gets him the support of the French guy’s mercenary army, as well as a bloodthirsty Native American’s cunning who is rather handy with a hatchet. It is rather unfortunate, however, because this is exactly the type of fight that Sand has been training for.

These books are never a let down when trying to find something filled with nothing but action. The Apache provided a nice twist, since he is a bit silly and a lackey that isn’t all that clever, despite being a cold blooded .

“The Deadly Pearl” is the fourth novel in the “Black Samurai” series, which was released in the year 1974. Sand attacks the deadliest pimp in New York’s empire. Her name is Rochelle, and she is just fifteen when she goes missing. Her father is an agent with the Secret Service, assigned to William Baron Clarke (ex-president).

He calls for help, contacting the most capable tracker he knows: Robert Sand, the only black guy to ever rise to the rank of samurai. Robert combs the residents of New York’s East Village to try and find the girl. He finally learns what no dad ever wants to hear: Rochelle is in Pearl’s clutches. Pearl is the meanest pimp in the town.

She is called Pearl due to his fine taste in jewelry, and is not your average hustler. His specialty is kidnapping, and the women he takes to sell overseas are always younger than eighteen. He proudly calls his business “white slavery”, but his most recent victim could just be his last. Robert is coming after him, and every gun in New York is not going to be near enough to make sure this Pearl does not get scuffed.

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  1. Alvin Douglas Mack: 6 months ago

    I had the first 3 books in 1974 while I was stationed in Germany. I truly enjoyed both as a black man as well as a martial artist. I loaned the books to friend in the entertainment movie industry hoping they would make a movie but never got my books back.
    Until now I never knew where to get info on how to replace them.


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