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Black is Back (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black is the New Black (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black to Reality (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black in the Box (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Russell Blake is one of the bestselling author of The New York Times and the USA Today. He has authored several action, adventure and also mystery novels. Russell has also featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune and The Times. He has been involved in many novels which include; Fatal Exchange, The Geronimo Breach, Fatal Deception, Zero Sum, Night of Assassins, King of Swords, Revenge of the Assassin, Blood of the Assassin, Return of the Assassin Requiem for the Assassin, Rage of the Assassin, The Day After Never series, The Delphi Chronicle trilogy. He also authored the JET – Ops Files series: which had Terror Alert, the JET II – Betrayal, the JET III – Vengeance, and the JET IV – Reckoning among other great novels in the series. Another great of his series is Black. The series has novels such as Black, Black is Back and others which all have interesting stories into the series. Blake has been involved in Non-fiction writing which includes the international bestseller novel An Angel With Fur (which is an animal biography) and also How To Sell A Gazillion eBooks In No Time (even if high, drunk or incarcerated). In his career, Blake has co-authored books such as The Solomon Curse and The Eye of Heaven with legendary author known as Clive Cussler. Russell’s novel, King of Swords got translated into German by the Amazon Crossing, The Voynich Cypher translated into Bulgarian, and the JET and Ramsey’s novels translated into Spanish, Czech and German. Russell writes under moniker R.E. Blake in the NA or YA or Contemporary Romance genres. The novels involve Less Than Nothing, Best Of Everything and More Than Anything. Russell leaves in Mexico where he has resided for several years. He enjoys his dogs, boating, fishing, writing and tequila. He also likes to share his thoughts on his blog

Although most of Blake’s books were self-published, he got chosen by author Clive Cussler to co-write in 2 books namely; The Solomon Curse and The Eye of Heaven which were both about husband and wife, Sam and Remi Fargo, who were treasure hunters. In the 2nd title, “Cussler and his Company progress with the winning formula, and the jungle episode feature exotic locales and a very interesting back story which will definitely satisfy every fan’s cravings. Black is one of Blake’s series that features a character known as Artemus Black. The series was greatly received by Blake’s fan.


In the first book of the series Blake features character Artemus Black who is a PI with his issues. The issues may have come from his being named after the weasels of a sidekick of a main character from some crappy TV show. Black despises the name. He is quick approaching middle age, and has no savings. This is due to failing greatly at each business venture he has tried to be in. Artemus is broke always and as a result, his love life is non-existent. Black has a cat that hates his guts, an assistant that hates his sense of fashion and just anything to do with him. The assistant is shrink who seems to be crazier than him. Artemus has hippie parents who insist on referring to him by the given name in spite his total dislike for the name. The only thing that could be termed great in Black’s life seems to be an enduring bromance with Stan, his friend in LAPD. His luck is however about to change, as he gets hired by a huge Hollywood star which is quite different from the usual offerings of Russell Blake. . Russell uses his great writing skills in the book to explain all the events around his main character Artemus. It is a pretty light read from Russell Blake and also wicked funny. It is a lot similar to the Geronimo Breach that dealt with a more serious subject matter that included plenty of humour. Black is however funnier and lighter. By reading all that Russell has written one will discover the change of Russell’s format which makes the flow interesting. Black is certainly a fantastic novel. Blake’s character development is of a top notch. It features plenty of plot turns and twists, plenty of funny dialog, more especially with his assistant, Roxie. A reader may feel as bad for Artemus Black as he is one sad sack. Despite being a sad sack, Artemus is a first rate investigator as well as a nice guy in general.

Black is back

This is the second book of the series. In the novel, Artemus Black distinguished himself as a the greatest protagonist among all the other Blacks in the copious number of novels by Russell Blake. He is still working on his anger issues, still hates his name, he is still broke and poor. Artemus is out of shape and still has not quit on smoking. He is actually nowhere close to attractive. He does not have any clue about women. He is afraid of heights and has a sense of fashion that got out-dated so many decades ago. He however has a heart of gold. Artemus is somehow still loveable. In the novel Black is back, Artemus Black is hired by a big rap star to investigate whoever is trying to kill the rap star. It is not a simple task to do especially considering his client is indeed the hottest thing in the rap industry full of gangsta rivalries and it seems everybody will have something to gain by his the death of his client. At that same time, Black is required to look into the matter of a shady new man in his friends daughter’s life while also trying to appease his own assistant who blames him for the disappearance of the office cat. Even the surprise birthday party of Artemus begins disastrously and also ends even with more disaster. All this events definitely happen with plenty hilarity as with the previous book in the series. The second book has been preferred more than the first one. The novel has more tightly woven feel and Black is still together with his new girlfriend from the 1st novel of the series.

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