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Publication Order of Blackmoore Sisters Books

Leighann Dobbs is one of the best American selling authors, who you will definitely love her books. She is a prolific writer who has done excellent work in her career as an author. Leighann Dobbs stays with her husband Bruce in New Hampshire. They also live with their trusty Chihuahua Mix Mojo plus an elegant rescue cat known as Kitty that she loves very much. She has great passion for writing and most of her time, she spent writing cozy mystery and the historical romance nooks. Besides writing, she also loves reading, gardening, selling antiques and making jewelry. Leighann Dobbs discovered was a software engineer and after about twenty years of her career as an engineer, is when she discovered about her passion for writing. Since then, she has made great contributions in the writing sector as she has done several books that all her readers love. She began her writing career back in 2012 and to date, she has done marvelous work. Her first book was published on 18th April 2012 and the second book was published on 1st May 2012. These books were known as the “Forbidden Desires” and “Physical Attraction”.

The Blackmoore Sisters (Series by Leighann Dobbs) is one of the best series that you will really enjoy reading. The series has a total of six books and this makes it very elementary to read the books and follow the mystery story. The genesis novel of the series is known as “Dead Wrong” while the second book is known as “Dead and Buried”. These two books were published 2013 and 2014 respectively. The first book currently has five editions while the second book has four editions. The last book of the series that was published in 2015 is entitled as “A Grave Mistake”. Get these books and you will find them very interesting. Read the entire series just in a couple of days and you will have a clear view of what is happening in the series.

Dead Wrong

This is the pioneer book of the Blackmoore Sisters (Series by Leighann Dobbs). The book has about 252 pages and was published on 2nd May 2013. This novel has about five editions and readily available online and at the local libraries. The protagonist character in the book are known as Morgan Blackmoore and Fiona Blackmoore. They live a happy, but mysterious life at the sleepy ocean, a place where they carry out their business of crystal healing for both the tourists and the locals. Besides this, they also offer herbal remedies and are the best known herbal healers in the regions. Their life is quite simple and this makes them live happily as one is expected. On the other hand, there are so many things that are hidden in the old Blackmoore house. This old house is carrying many secrets that no one may really expect of. Some of the secrets are very close to the surface, but some of them have been buried deep. What are these secrets that have not been revealed? You can find more about what Morgan and Fiona are really keeping in this old house by getting a copy of the book.

Things seem to be getting on the wrong side for the lovely couples. This came at the time the town shrew, Prudence Littlefield is killed. The immediate suspect is none other than Morgan Blackmoore. Is this really true or he is being accused falsely? This is something that the sister cannot really accept and she is ready to find the killer of the town shrew. A police officer comes in to aid the two sisters in finding the murderer and why Morgan is being accused of something she hasn’t done. This is a romantic lead as the police officer is romancing Fiona. The policeman has some gut feeling that there is something wrong with the police chief, but this is not a proof to justify his own personal agenda and corruption deal. There is no much mystery about the old Blackmoore house and the only issue is that the two sisters feel quite lazy in exploring and getting to learn some secrets about their past.

This is just a summary of the book that will give you the urge to read more about the book. Did Morgan really assassinate the town shrew? This is something that you will find out just by reading the book. The two sisters were always there for each other and you can get more about how they solved the issue and whether the police officer was able to win the heart of Fiona.

Dead and Buried

This is the second book of the Blackmoore Sisters (Series by Leighann Dobbs). The book has about four publications and was first published on 25th June 2013. It has about 272 pages and you can therefore read it within a short period of time. The setting of the book is in the seaside town of Noquit Marine. Morgan Blackmoore is the protagonist character in the book and she finds herself in a race against time. This is because she has just launched a very dangerous treasure hunt, which has pitted her against the pirates of the modern days. They therefore think that she is the one having the key to the old three hundred secrets. Things get complicated as her cat is seen with an uncanny habit of appearing in the same place and same time daily. Besides this, her sister Fiona always talks with the dead grandmother and also has the powers of unusual healing. These are some of the things that make everyone turns against Morgan and she is very desperate as she doesn’t understand what is really happening.

Luckily enough, her ex-boyfriend, who has been out of the city for the last ten years suddenly shows up. Luke Hunter has come to her help and wants to help her fight these deadly mysteries. To find more about how the two fought the mysteries and if they really succeeded, then you need a copy of the novel that you will find very interesting. These are the ultimate mystery books by Leighann Dobbs that you don’t want miss reading.

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