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Publication Order of Blackout Books

The “Blackout” series is a post apocalyptic dystopian series from Bobby Akart (author of the “Pandemic” series and “The Boston Brahmin” series), a six time best seller. The series began in the year 2016 with the release of “36 Hours”.

The people found in the book are all works of fiction, but the events are based on factual things that could potentially happen. This series is meant to both inform and entertain.

It was a deadly solar flare, an Electro Magnetic Pulse, coming toward the planet. This is what brings on the end of the world as humans know it. A solar flare generated EMP has happened once before and is going to happen again, and there is no way to keep it from happening.

“36 Hours” is the first novel in the “Blackout” series and was released in the year 2016. How would you react if there was a voice in your head, telling you to get ready for a coming catastrophic event that was going to be huge. You had zero idea of what to do first or when it was coming or how?

This is not a story about some preppers that have a lot of food, a hidden bunker, and a crap load of weapons at the ready. It is the story of Colton Ryman, Madison (Colton’s stay home wife), and Alex (Colton and Madison’s teenage daughter). They have no idea of what prepping entails, nor have they ever heard of the concept.

Fans of the novel found this to be a gripping and well written story; some of the subject matter though will disturb and provoke thoughts. It will also induce adrenaline in those that read. Some became fans after reading the book, because of Akart’s ability to write the story. It is due to the excellent job he does explaining the science behind what is going on, which are woven with a lot of skill between the parts that introduce and develop main characters. Some cannot wait to read more from this incredible series, they were hooked on this book and want to see if the series can keep up this level of intensity.

“Zero Hour” is the second novel in the “Blackout” series and was released in the year 2016. This book picks right up where the first novel left off. Would you be able to survive, or defend and provide for your loved ones, whatever it took? Would you be able and willing to face depravity of man?

This book continues the following of the Ryman family: Colton (who is Madison’s husband), Alex (who is Colton and Madison daughter, and an only child), and Madison (who is Colton’s wife). The entire family, along with the rest of humanity, is thrown into the blackout of this post-apocalyptic Earth.

The danger that they will face are not from the flare itself, but from other humans. Who can be trusted? Who is a threat to them and their well being? Never underestimate man’s depravity. These words, uttered to Colton by his grandfather repeat in his mind.

A book that some will be able to read quickly, as they were pulled in from the first one, and cannot pull themselves away from any of the books. These books focus more on telling enough of the story, and not just padding them to be over three hundred pages, like some novels do. Fans of the novel found this to another superb read from an incredible series. These are excellent and action packed books that makes some hearts race, and is a thought provoking experience for some.

“Turning Point” is the third novel in the “Blackout” series and was released in the year 2016. You live and die by the sun. Life is always just a turning point. When you are facing certain death, would be able to do what it takes to keep on living? The bend in the road will take you places you never thought possible.

This time around, the Ryman family face a life changing choice. Should they go or stay? Fear is an ancient and strong emotion in man, and the strongest fear, is of the unknown. Are Americans going to leave the urban centers, with the golden hordes, for the country side? Is it going to bring them more safety than the cities did?

Some found this one to be the scariest of all, due to the family hitting the open road, and all of the dangers that being on the road poses. Fans of the novel found that by the end, they could not wait to start up on the fourth book, as once again, the story ended right on a cliffhanger. Bobby Akart has become a master of mixing fact with fiction. There is a lot of realism that Bobby is able to incorporate into some of these incredible novels. Some consider what they would do if they faced a lot of the same things that the Ryman family is going through.

“Shiloh Ranch” is the fourth novel in the “Blackout” series and was released in the year 2017. The Ryman family finally reaches the Shiloh Ranch, which they have been on a journey to get to. There were highs and lows on the way. By the time they arrive at the Ranch, there are guns pointing at them from all directions. Was it a mistake to come here? Should they have stayed in their home? At least there they had some familiar surroundings that could have outweighed the threats coming for them.

They find there is only one constant in this post-apocalyptic world: it is the threat that comes from their own fellow man.

Some really enjoy reading about these, and now they cannot stop. They like that their own safety is never once a guarantee, even if they are the main characters of the story. All of these books have well drawn characters that each have their own personality, and keep things interesting the entire time. Readers have a hard time putting the book, even if they just have to use the bathroom, because it will mean they will have to wait to find something out. Some will keep on reading these books, as long as Bobby Akart decides to write them.

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