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Publication Order of Blackthorn Books

The Blackthorn Series by Lindsay Pryor is a top selling novel on amazon. Lindsay J. Pryor has been writing stories ever since she was a child 9 years, when she decided that fiction was more exciting than reality. Lindsay thought that she would grow out of this but writing fiction is still her passion-more than 30 years later.

Lindsay J. Pryor holds a BSc in Psychology and Communication as well as 2 post-graduate qualifications. Lindsay is a
qualified lecturer in Psychologyand she also teaches English. Before she became a full-time writer, she taught for 18 years, primarily to develop literacy for kids with special needs.

Although Lindsay was born and brought up in Wales , she currently lives in England together with her hubby, their rescue bunny as well as several wild woodland creatures as she is a is a very keen supporter of the animal welfare.

Lindsay now writes dark, powerful, multi-layer Gothic Paranormal Romance that is set in the persistent and dystopian world of Blackthorn. Lindsay’s Blackthorn series was discovered after it came second in international romance writing competition. The book captured the attention of her own publisher as a very intense and complex book that was very easy for readers to understand.

Could you trust a vampire for revenge? Would you be disloyal to your family for justice? Are you willing to doubt everything that you believe in for love? Caitlin Parish is the most powerful agent in the Vampire

Control Unit. She is Talented with the unique ability of reading the shadows of 3rd species’ beings. Regardless of that, her main mission is to hunt down a master vampire known as Kane Malloy who comes with a death wish. Many agents have tried to hunt Malloy, but very few have survived.

Blood Shadows

Blood Shadows is the 1st book in the Blackthorn Series. The story is very intriguing! The novel is all about revenge, trust, love, betrayal, and very a sexy vampire. Caitlin Parish works for the vampire control unit-VCU. She is a shadow reader. She only needs to touch to your pulse once and she’ll be able read your memories. She could not wait to lay her hands on Kane. She just wanted to get him and read his memories. Although she might be the only lady working cases, she is very good at her job and she’ll get Kane in one way or another. He has done many horrible things and he needs to be felled.

Kane Malloy knows that she wants to capture him as he has been observing her for many years. He knows very well that he is wanted by the VCU and he is determined to evade them. However, Caitlin Parish does not know that Kane Malloy also has plans for her.

What will happen when Kane and Caitlyn ultimately come met? Will she be able to bring in and shadow read Kane or will she pay attention to his threats that she will die if she does read him? What does he want from her and why will she become obsessed with him?

The two are very good together. They will leave you on the edge of your seat fanning about their next the action. Kane is not only sexy but also very powerful. The pressure between the two is very thick and it will make you not to put the book down. There is a lot happening in this series and the 1st four books are mainly about another different couple but the tale is intertwined very well so the you don’t get lost.

If you enjoy reading PNR then this book is great for you. The book is fast paced and it is also filled with diverse species. Angels,
Vampires, shape shifters, witches as well as demons. The book has plenty of action and lots of suspense, tension as well as steam.

Blood Roses

Blood Roses is the 2nd book in the Blackthorn Series. Blackthorn isn’t a nice place at all. Just inquire from Leila who is the leading
woman in the book. From the beginning of the book you will feel for Leila. Raised in the safety and security of Summerton, Leila has never been in the vampire-infested streets of Blackthorn and she does not want to go there. However, when she gets a hysterical call from her young sister Alisha, pleading for help, she has no option but to go in the proverbial lion’s den.

Entering Blackthorn is the easiest part but getting out of it is very tricky. A certain and dangerous vampire discovers Leila’s most guarded secret, and he is not willing to let her go. Caleb has hunted down serryns for many years because he hates them very much.

Although she is put through the wringer in the book, she somehow manages to prevail. She faced Caleb, nudged holes in his armor, and disregarded all his adverse expectations. she does it in a way that wins him (reluctantly) The strength that she displays will not only impressed you, it will also was make you to cheer her on wholeheartedly.

On his part, Caleb is a very bad boy. In any other novel, he would be lined up as the anti-hero and you would boo and hiss him off the page. He is very cold, intolerant, and also very cruel. Although he is a very devoted brother, a smart businessman as well as very faithful to his people, you would never regard him as good.

Supporting casts Alisha and Jake (Caleb’s brother) also warrant to be mentioned. Although Jake comes at first as a very useless
playboy, he will eventually prove you wrong! Both he and Alisha had scenes scripted from their POV. The tale would not have worked very well without both of them and you will surely enjoy reading their scenes.

Just as in the first book, the tale unfolds over a very short period but you will not feel deceived in any way. BLOOD ROSES is a
well-developed as well as a very interesting book that is filled with heavy emotional hits as well as swoon-worthy moments. Whether in the bedroom or not , whether they’re fiercely fighting or ripping each other’s clothes, Leila and Caleb burn up the pages together. Each and Every moment between the two seethes with intensity as well as emotions.

It is potent stuff, and you will get hooked to it as you continue reading. The Blackthorn Series by Lindsay Pryo just gets better and better as you continue reading! After you are done with the second book, you will definitely want to read the next book in the Series.

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