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Publication Order of Blackwood Family Books

The Blackwood series brings out several books on the activities of the Royal Navy, which was led by the Blackwood family. The family brings out its strong urge to protect their name as the leaders of the Navy, regardless of what it takes.

The series starts with the Badge of glory, which is set in 1950. Captain Philip Blackwood gets ship back, HMS, and is sent on a mission to the coast of West Africa and Crimea. He and his men are supposed to completely stamp out the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in West Africa, then stop the ongoing gruesome war of the Russians on Crimea.

In the second book, The First to Land, which is set in 1899, we come to terms with Captain David Blackwood of Royal Marines, who is preparing to respond to family related call in Benin, where there is ongoing war, when his plans are cut short by the call of duty to accompany the German Countess to a mission concerning her country. In any case, rumors are that there are attacks being prepared on the British trade missions and legations by the Mandarins, so he has to respond to a call of duty towards his country.

In these and the subsequent books in the series, the Blackwood family have an obligation towards the British government and country, to ensure that all its military and navy obligations are carried out in the best way possible. We see them risking their men to be in the forefront in the battlefield, just to ensure that their mission is accomplished.

However, the books are each unique in their own way, with each of the Blackwood main characters bearing different personalities despite their common call towards family and national obligations. For instance, Philip in the Badge of Glory is audacious and ambitious to have the name of the family maintained, which sees him loathing anyone who seems to take control over the ship and the battlefields. This character saw him fight with fellow officers the enemies, handling them all alike, so long as they seemed to tamper with his leadership.

Jonathan in Horizon and Mike in Dust of the Sea on the other hand, are viewed as having the wish to lead their men out of family obligation, but with internal fear and doubt about themselves. Jonathan even has to withdraw after failing in the battle, which is supposed to be the First World War in Gallipoli, and getting badly wounded till he has to be commuted to Britain, together with some other wounded soldiers for better nursing care.

However, the fact that they all eventually make it to saving their army and bringing victory and pride to their country. Captain Philip, despite the intensified war in Crimea and the scorch of heat in Africa, manages to stop the Russians from fighting in Crimea and ensures that slavers lose their battle in West Africa.

David Blackwood fights through the rebellion and sees Germany and Britain finally without a standing threat. Jonathan, though timid at first, returns to the battlefield at Dardanelles, where the Allies were in thirst of the French battlefield. He is no longer affected by the gruesome images of the butchered bodies at the battlefield and fights alongside his men to see victory. Jonathan also battles against his fears and organizes his men to work as a team as the Royal Marine Commando.

The series brings out the impact of the riffle and machine gun, which are so accurate that they cause death within an instant. They even make Jonathan worried, and renders Philip and his group untold victory in Badge of glory, especially when they have to fight against enemies that use muskets. Grenades, especially in the first and second world war and use of trenches intensify war, making fights become more lethal. The use of steam for the ships and iron clads also see the British navy overcome obstacles they could not have handled earlier.

The series always gets a way of putting in a romance story, which acts as a great and thrilling contrast to the gruesome war storyline. Most of the Blackwood captains have either been involved or witnessed a love affair or romantic experiences, though the specific experiences differ by all means, giving every book in the series a unique tinge and making them more interesting.

Philip gets to see the worst types of love affairs, with rape and native use involved. On the other hand, in the First to Land, David Blackwood gets himself attracted and falls in love with the German countess, giving the book the greatest romance storyline of all the books in the series.

The series brings out the nature of Britain for a period of one hundred and fifty years. They show the traditions that used to stand, in addition to the role that the Royal Navy played. The family leadership retaining position at the Royal Navy is true. The book presenting some true facts brings nostalgia to readers who were familiar with the Royal Navy or had an experience with the world wars, making them appear historical where the UK military is concerned.

The British use the Royal Navy to ensure that they not only protect themselves and their interest, but also help enhance peace and save others from a given challenge they could not have handled without help.

The series bring out the fiction fights as if they were real. All the characters are depicted as real men, with no special powers or abilities. They are prone to losing in battles and failing in emotions, which makes the readers anxiety rise, wondering what will happen next. This feature in turns ensures that the reader keeps yearning to complete the book. It ends with the readers yearning for the next book in the series, even before it is written. This in turns transmits to motivating the author to write another book in the series, so as to keep feeding the hungry anxious readers.

The series are a perfect must-read for people who like to have a real feeling when reading a novel, and excellent for those who have a passion for listening and reading military stuff.

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