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Blair Braverman is best described as an American musher, adventurer, advice columnist, dogsled racer, and fiction and nonfiction novelist.

As a dogsled racer, she participated in the 1600-kilometer or 1000-mile dogsled race from Anchorage to the Alaskan city of Nome.

Blair was born in 1988 to Marc Braverman the author and university professor and Jana Kay Slater a research scientist.

She spent her first 10 years living in Central Valley in California and being raised Jewish before the family moved to Norway, where her father was studying the impact of the smoking ban in that country.

A year later, they went back to the United States where she would complete her studies. She would later get into several exchange programs in Norway before she returned to the US to go to college.

While at Colby College, she had several of her articles published in national and local newspapers and magazines. She would also spend two summers employed as a dogsled guide in Alaska before graduating from college in 2011.

Braverman later attended the University of Iowa for her creative nonfiction Master of Fine Arts.

She currently makes her home in Wisconsin’s Quince Mountain where she lives with her partner.

Braverman began writing her debut work while she was doing her MFA. The manuscript for “Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube” took four years to finish.

According to the author, this is one of the hardest things she ever did. She believes it would have been easier for her to be dropped in a freezing wilderness and asked to find a way out than being told she has to do it all over again.

The manuscript initially left out many of the painful experiences but ultimately she had to put them back in since what she was writing was a memoir.

In fact, she remembers that she fell into a long depression while she was revising a passage about what had happened to her while she was in Alaska.

The reaction mostly had to do with the fact that she felt she was reliving the painful events of that time in her life. During this time she also had a lot of doubts and did not trust her own thoughts and often felt like she was going crazy.

Ultimately, she finished writing her manuscript and it elicited some strong reactions when she showed it to people. It was this that convinced her to publish.

Blair Braverman published her debut work as a memoir in 2016. The work chronicled her northern adventures and her childhood. It is also a study of the ways women and men deal with each other and with harsh environments.

In addition to her novels, she has also penned many articles that explore issues of online harassment, trans issues, and gender.

She had at some point been the author of “Tough Love” an advice column on “Outside Magazine” that dealt with the outdoors and relationships. Her work has also been featured in the likes of “Smithsonian,” “Buzzfeed,” and “The Atavist.”

Blair has also made several media appearances in the likes of “This American Life,” “The Sway Podcast” on “The New York Times,” where she discussed resilience and survival.

She has also made an appearance on “The Today Show” and in “Naked and Afraid” on “Discovery Channel.”

“Small Game” by Blair Braverman is a compelling work about how a survival reality show turns hairy and leaves the participants stranded in the cold freezing northern reaches.

Mara was an ordinary teacher at the survival school “Primal Instinct,” where she shows rich clients the best survival techniques when out in the wild.

She was surprised when she was approached by reality TV producers who wanted to cast her in “Civilization,” their newest show. Seems easy enough, spend four weeks with her fellow survivors out in the wild and earn a huge payday.

A few weeks later, she meets her fellow teammates and could not be more excited about the coming adventure.

Her teammates include the inexperienced and beautiful Ashley who craves fame, a grizzled outdoorsman, a white-collar professional, and an eagle scout.

Mara’s rugged and unusual childhood has made her ready for the hard work and discomforts ahead but she does not trust her fellow survivors.

Things turn interesting when they all wake up one morning to find something horrible has happened and now survival has turned into more than a game.

“Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube” is a tender and bold, sobering, and funny work that recounts Blair Braverman’s adventures in Alaska and Norway.

While she settled in the northern reaches, she had always feared that she would lose control and crash her dogsled, get lost on the tundra, or get attacked by a polar bear.

She also worried that, unlike her colleagues, she was not made for life out in the wild. But still, she loved being in the North and becomes determined to embrace the wilderness and prove that fear will not define her identity.

Lyrical, honest, and assured, it is a work that tells a powerful narrative of self-reliance even as Braverman confronts some very extraordinary circumstances.

She is faced to endure being buried alive in the ice, physical exhaustion, and driving her dog in a nasty blizzard to get away from some corrupt police officers.

Through everything, she grapples with violence and love and navigates what turns out to be a very abusive relationship with another musher.

She also has to adapt to being a young woman living in a land controlled by men and the expectations of neighbors who are of a different culture.

Blair Braverman’s “Dogs on the Trail” is a photographic journey inspired by the author’s Twitter feed that chronicles the life of a team of sled dogs over a year.

It had initially begun with Blair posting pictures of her sled dogs on Twitter without knowing what response it would elicit.

As a musher, she understood that her life was not about racing but also to do with raising puppy dogs until they attained adulthood and beyond.

Working with Quince Mountain her musher husband, they share stories of their life with the sled dog team.

They tell of wild animal encounters, expeditions, and also everyday challenges such as scouting new trails, storing raw meat, training puppies to become brave, and the many decisions needed to be made when putting together a dog sled team.

There are heartfelt stories, scary stories, and goofy stories, that went viral as a lot of people related to them. It was from these stories that she was inspired to take people into the world of mushers.

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