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Blair Howard is a reputed English novelist, who is popular for writing suspense, detective, fiction, thriller, and mystery books. He is particularly famous for his Harry Starke series and the Lt. Kate Gazzara series. He was born in Malvern, UK. Author Howard has turned himself into a full time writer after leaving all his other jobs. Until the year 2015, he used to work as a professional photographer and travel writer. He was specializing in vacation travel, photography of golf courses, and golf travel. But, when he found success with the first few novels of the Harry Starke book series, he gave up everything else and used all his focus in coming up with many more intriguing mystery books. Since taking up writing as a career, author Howard has not touched his camera for almost two years now, and he mentions that he does not miss it. This shows how much he enjoys writing detective stories.

Howard has replaced all his photography intruments with writing gears. And now, he has started loving his life even more. He says that writing gives him the different pleasures of life. Author Howard wishes to continue enjoying his life and work, and entertaining his fans. The first novel that Howard wrote and published is called Chickamauga. This 2014 novel was based on the Civil War in America. After this book’s publishing, Howard penned sixteen more novels altogether. Of his novels, a total of 4 are Civil War novels. It was in 2015 that author Howard introduced his first Harry Starke novel and along with it its chief protagonist. So far, he has penned 12 Harry Starke books. Even though the books of Harry Starke form a series, they can also be read as standalone mystery novels. The last book published in the series was Hoodwinked. Currently, author Howard is working towards developing a spin off series Harry Starke. This new series will be called as the Kate Gazzara series. For this new book series, Howard has created Lt. Kate Gazzara as the chief protagonist. Howard is also hopeful of coming up with an altogether new mystery series in the next few months.

The Harry Starke series written by author Blair Howard is comprised of a total of twelve books, which were released between the years 2015 and 2018. The debut book of this novel series is entitled ‘Harry Starke’. It was released in the year 2015 as a Kindle edition. Author Howard has done the setting of the novel’s plot in Chattanooga and United States. The lead characters mentioned by him include Tabitha Willard and Harry Starke. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Tabitha Willard is a young and beautiful woman. Her beauty is what someone like Harry Starke would easily fall for. During a chilling cold winter night, Tabitha Willard jumps off the Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga. Harry Starke was present at a distance when this incident happened. He becomes intrigued to find out the reason for which a beautiful lady like Taitha Willard would go to the extent of killing herself.

At some point, Harry suspects that Tabitha saw something in him and then ran to kill her. He knows there is some definite connection between the two that he is not aware about. He can find out everything only after Tabitha Willard wakes up to answer all his questions. Harry Starke tries to recollect the eventful night of the incident and remembers that Tabitha was coming running his way. Then she saw him and stopped running. She realized something, covered her mouth with her hand, looked around in desperation, turned back, and ran towards the rail to jump off the bridge. And when the doctors inform Harry that they could not save Tabitha, he gets filled with guilt. Harry blames himself for Tabitha’s death, even though he does not know the exact reason. Later, he launches a wide scale investigation to get to the bottom of the mystery and unravel it. His desperate attempt puts him up in a fight against a congressman with charges of corruption, a beautiful senator from the US, a brutal killer, and a local crime lord. The case pushes Harry Starke to the law’s extremeties. But, he doesn’t lose hope and continues to try and find his way out of the entangled we of corruption, multiple murders, deceit, high finance, sex, and extortion. Finally, the story comes to an end with the unravelling of the mystery after several twists and turns.

The next installment of this intriguing series is known as ‘Two For The Money’. It was also published in the form of a Kindle edition in 2015. This novel has its central characters as Tom Sattler and Harry Starke. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Harry Starke is handed over the new case of the murder investigation of a victim named Tom Sattler and the subsequent theft of $350 million from the investment firm called New Vision. Before this case gets handed-over to Harry Starke, he receives a strange call at around 0930 hours on a Tuesday in the month of August.

It was from one of Harry Starke’s old school friends, Tom Sattler, who Harry had not spoken to or heard of in the last five years. Even Harry had not thought about home in a very long time. On the phone, Tom sounded like he wanted to say something to Harry and meet him urgently. He also informed Harry that he could not wait until the next morning. So, Harry drives away and reaches the luxurious home of Tom Sattler in an hour. As soon as he arrives at the house, he finds Tom lying dead in a pool of his own blood. His death had occurred from a single shot fired at his head. And the revolver with which the shot was fired was lying next to his dead body. Harry could not make out from the crime scene, whether Tom Sattler was murdered by someone or he committed suicide. And if it was a suicide, then he wonders why he called him and asked to come? So, once again, Harry sets out on a wide range investigation to look for answers. The case appears to involve the elements of corruption, deception, murder, extortion, and organized crime, which Harry goes through one after the other to bring out the truth related to Tom’s death.

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  1. Diana Hockley: 1 year ago

    Just loved the Kate Gazzara series and am looking forward to at least one more! I want to know what the background is for her dog, Sam. Also would love to read that Kate has found a life partner!

    Best wishes,

    Diana from Australia

  2. Julie Marks Reine: 2 years ago

    I’m looking forward to more of both of these book series. I’ve just finished the 12th of Kate and feel like it’s not completely finished. Is another coming out regarding Kate? Will she find her love?

  3. Delores Lauerman: 3 years ago

    I love all of your book. Read all Harry Stark and Kate Gazzara. Keep writing.


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