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Stuff Every College Student Should Know (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Blair Thornburgh is an American published author of fiction. She resides in Philadelphia.

She writes novels that center around ‘smart’ teens and writes for the same audience. She first became a published author in 2014 when her book was released by Quirk Books, titled Stuff Every College Student Should Know. She first made her debut as an author of a fictional novel in 2017.

Blair was born in the city of Philadelphia at the end of eighties. Her parents used to be of the preppy variety but then turned into yuppies. She also recounts that she actually did not speak English out loud until nearly reaching the age of two and a half years old. Even though she may not have been speaking English, she did have the resource of her own language that she had made up. She would use the language to her advantage, shouting it out from her backyard stump and also scaring off the random feral cats that were around.

The author grew up having a peanut allergy that was really strong as well as a congenital heart murmur. She also had an incident involving twirling that resulted in her having to get five stitches. She says that despite all of this she really enjoyed a great childhood. She can recall her mother building an indoor playhouse for she and her sibling made out of a fridge box. She also recalls a time that her grandmother made her a complete outfit for a barn raising in first grade (that she would play in once she got out of school until she grew out of it).

She says that she would read books a lot, often falling asleep with them still in the bed. She would also cry often. She sang in the choir at her church. She also would catch the bouquet at a wedding reception for her aunt, somehow still managing to not walk down the aisle. She would write stories when she was younger and also played Neopets a lot in middle school, at the time burning herself with her hair straightener on a fairly regular basis.

She went to high school and was able to get out of the more dull classes. This included gym, calculus, and history. She did do this so that she could take more classes in French and Latin. She doesn’t regret it. She also says that she had a great friend group that would have their own Thanksgiving feast on a yearly basis in school because they liked hanging out with each other and food too.

Thornburgh attended the University of Chicago, where she would choose her major in the field of Medieval Studies. She says that she chose it as her college because it was the main school that had accepted her as well as the fact that it would have scavenger hunts. Blair chose her major based on her love of things that are pre-Columbian and because she also wanted to be able to read dead languages.

She acquired some friends in college that also enjoyed socializing and eating food. The author graduated in 2012. Then she gave her commencement speech to a huge crowd of people. However, she said that it was not hard to deliver because her speech focused on her friends and how much she loves them.

The author works in Philadelphia as an editor when she is not busy writing books. She also occasionally blogs and teaches.

Who’s That Girl is the first fictional novel from author Blair Thornburgh. This is a fun story that you will find both awkward, funny, and at times just a readable book that will keep you turning until you get to the last page.

In this story, readers get to meet main character Nattie McCullough. She’s a junior in school and has always considered herself to be pretty average. She’s that straight girl that flies under everyone’s notice, spending time at school socializing with her friends in the gay-straight alliance together in the cafeteria.

She’s never really been the type to see herself in a romantic setting, a girl that falls for the guy and actually gets him too. It seems that her high school crush luck may be about to change. She did fancy Sebastian Delacroix last year. He’s the hot musician that has since moved on and made it big in the musical mainstream.

Sebastian has returned to their area to play a show in town with the Young Lungs. She starts to wonder about their song “Natalie”, which made it to the top of the charts. Nattie hears the lyrics and it’s enough to make her wonder whether certain assumptions she had made were correct or she had just come up with a version of the truth and believed it. Because the two of them definitely had a non-kiss at last summer’s pool party in June, and she had assumed that it just flew by, meaning nothing, and he’d never considered her again.

The song could be about her or she could just be reading too much into it. Nattie decides to plan the LGBTQIA dance for her school so that she doesn’t have to think about it. But even that comes with its own set of challenges when she discovers she might have feelings for Zach, her friend. She can’t go anywhere near a radio since the song’s being played so much.

How did her life go from zero to dramatic like this? Nattie’s got to see if Sebastian is still interested in her. Will their romance ever be? Find out by reading Who’s That Girl!

Ordinary Girls is the second fictional novel to come out from Blair Thornburgh. Two sisters couldn’t be more different, or so they think.

Ginny and Plum often annoy the other. Things take a turn for the worse when their family comes into financial difficulty. Now they’re more apart than ever. Plum’s usually an outcast, but has become friends on the down low with a jock guy. Ginny’s finding that she’s more hysterical recently, and with going off to college soon, a lot of things will change.

Plum and Ginny are realizing that everything shifting will either make them closer or further. Which way will things turn out? Find out by reading this book!

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