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Publication Order of Bless Your Witch Books

Scared Witchless (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss My Witch (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen Witch (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quit Your Witchin' (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
For Witch's Sake (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Give a Witch (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witch My Grits (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Southern Fried Witchmas (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fried Green Witch (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Southern Witching (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Y'all Witches (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hold Your Witches (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bless Your Witch Series
The Bless Your Witch book series’ author is Amy Guillory Boyles. An antique collector from Alabama, Amy Boyles: studied BA in Creative Writing at DePauw, where she graduate in 1997; and also studied at the Samford University whose McWhorter School of Pharmacy awarded her a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2012.
Amy, whose literary influences include American authors Christopher Pike alongside Judy Plume, specializes in mystery and speculative fiction niches.

Books in the Bless Your Witch Series
Amy has authored many paranormal-based series, notably the Sweet Tea Witches series and, contextually, the Bless Your Witch series. First dated June 28, 2016; Scared Witchless is her first book in the Bless Your Witch series.

Orphaned after a road accident, protagonist Dylan Apel is an Alabamian fashion designer who also owns a boutique. Dylan, who knew about her powers aged 28, is under the mandatory tutelage of Queen Witch tos avenge one of her customers who was mistakenly murdered—in a dress that she would have worn—by Dylan’s would-be killer whose motive was possessing Dylan’s dress-embedded magical and seductive clothing line.

Kiss My Witch is the second book—first dated August 26, 2016—where Dylan’s enchantments are always disastrous as she triggers electrical faults and summons gigantic mosquitoes. As such, Dylan is vulnerable when witches organize—and she is compelled to participate in—a regional gathering. Unfortunately, Dylan is a person of interest in the murder of a witch who doubled up as a tabloid reporter—she died after eating food meant for Dylan—prompting her to consult her romantic interest Roman Bane in their homicide investigation.

Queen Witch is the third book—originally dated November 11, 2016—where Dylan, alongside her lover Roman, are conducting a homicide investigation, wherein the victim is a newly-appointed Queen Witch. Dylan has since been appointed as a caretaker Queen Witch—a tenure that will end after resolving the murder—and is now based in the so-called Castle Witch together with other witches who are all murder suspects.

Quit Your Witchin’ is the fourth book—initially dated February 17, 2017—where Dylan and Roman’s homicide investigation concerns identifying an unknown victim, and finding the connection between the school ground murder and witchcraft practices. Consequently, Dylan not only risks being murdered but also endangers her helpful relatives too, including the abduction of her sisters. There is also the murders of Roman’s mother and his sister that prompt the killers to target his father too.

For Witch’s Sake is the fifth book—originally dated May 10, 2017—where Dylan is now a disgraced witch after not only losing her magic, but also a home confinement alongside her sisters Seraphina and Reid. Worse still, a one-time guilty killer dies within the vicinity of her home—amid a house-eating unicorn—and her grandmother Hazel is a person of interest, prompting her to escape the confinement so as to conduct the homicide investigation.
Don’t Give a Witch is the sixth book—initially July 12, 2017—where Dylan participates in a magic competition, hoping to win the ultimate award, which is a magic potion-embedded unforgettable memory called Never Forget. Amid cheating allegations and fall guy Roman’s arrest; Dylan risks her life when she starts investigating the person—presumably a masterful witch—behind the theft of both the magic potion and her magic ring that relate to a two-decade-long cold case homicide.

First dated November 29, 2017, Southern Fried Witchmas is book 6.5. This spin-off consists of short stories from the serialized Bless Your Witches, and first appeared in Amy’s newsletter. The stories contained therein involve: Christmastime and Halloween witching, magic, Dylan’s grandmother Hazel’s involvement, and Roman and Dylan’s past lives and their romantic affair.

Originally dated December 24, 2017, Witch My Grits is the seventh book. Dylan and Roman are soon-to-wed in an event that is interfered by a homicide involving her self-proclaimed (contrary to the witchcraft rules) witching bridesmaid who has been stabbed to death using Dylan’s silver magical needle. Suspected murderer Dylan’s urge to exonerate herself—her grandmother Hazel also suspects her because she likes to throw the attacking needle all over—prompts her homicide investigation.

Initially dated January 17, 2018, Fried Green Witch is the eighth book. Dylan is currently investigating a baby shower-related homicide of Massie in Normal, Alabama—the pregnant host Daisy’s witching sister whose body swelled before she was sucked, rose to the sky, and then tumbled—wherein the murder suspect is her sister Seraphina.

Originally dated February 14, 2018; Southern Witching is the ninth book, where Dylan and Roman have since wedded in an event, where her grandmother Hazel casts a spell on eagles that attempted to prey on the two hungry ornamental doves. Roman’s ex-girlfriend Sheila had also attempted to thwart their wedding.
Y’all Witches is the tenth book¬—first dated March 20, 2018—where the newly-wedded couple is, for its honeymoon, on a Celestial Island-bound airship cruise. Her troublesome grandmother Hazel sneaks into the airship, apparently to offer her moral support. An ill-timed rich socialite’s murder, presumably committed by a gypsy whom they hide, prompts the honeymooning duo’s homicide investigation.
First dated August 15, 2018; Hold Your Witches is the eleventh book. The couple has now operating their own investigative agency, wherein their earliest case is tracing a magical parrot called Polly that belongs to—and run away with the secrets of—a former Queen Witch called Milly Jones.

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