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Publication Order of Blobheads Books

By: Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell
Invasion of the Blobs (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Talking Toasters (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beware of the Babysitter (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silly Billy (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Naughty Gnomes (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Garglejuice (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Purple Alert! (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
School Stinks (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blobheads Go Boing! (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Blobheads is a series of children’s book by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. The series main character Billy is visited by three friendly and outgoing aliens who come to Earth in search of their Most High Empire of the Universe. The blobs use mental tentacles powers to bring electrical appliances to life so that they can communicate with Billy.

Stewart and Riddell began Blobheads series in 1999 when the first book in the series, Invasion of the Blobs was published and concluded in 2004 with Blobheads Go Boing.

Invasion of the Blobs

Invasion of the Blobs is the debut novel in Blobheads series. The book introduces three aliens known as the Blobheads who are friendly and outgoing and came on earth to look the highest emperor in the world. During their search, they, unfortunately, enter Billy’s bathroom, thinking that Billy’s little brother is the person they are looking for.

Billy is busy brushing teeth when he witnesses the three aliens pop from his washroom, and he is terrified. Later it is discovered that the aliens are coming from planet Blob naming themselves as Zerek, Kerek and Derek. The aliens say that they are looking for Billy’s brother, Silas who has even not attained the age of one year since they have been shown that he is the highest emperor in the universe.

The aliens search for Billy’s young brother all over the house and after finding him, they try to take him with them. As they are trying to take him, his parents arrive just in time, and they cause a lot of commotion as they struggle to save their son.

The story is delightful and hilarious, with many illustrations easy to be understood by young readers. Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell use a lot of humour in their work of fiction, making the story an interesting read.

Talking Toasters

Talking Toasters is the second book in the Blobheads series. The day Billy Barnes sees the aliens coming from his washroom starts and ends badly. The three aliens have decided to move in and are now living with Billy’s family in the same house, and things get worse day by day.

They have not completely adjusted to living on earth. The Blobheads eventually show Billy their power termed as “the mental tentacle” which gives them the ability to bring electric appliances to life. One of the aliens, Derek, decides to show the mental tentacle to bring a toaster to life. He asks the toaster a question, and it answers back at him. Billy thinks that their powers are cool and allow them bring the kitchen appliances to life until one day the appliances start complaining to Billy, and his parents. They feel that they are not treated well by their owners.

Billy is the only one in the family who is aware of what has happened to the kitchen appliances, and he is afraid of informing his father and mother about it. Will Billy gain the courage to tell his parents what is going on? How is he going to explain to his parents for them to understand him?
The story is interesting and funny, especially when the toaster come near the kettle and the vacuum cleaner and begins talking to each other. Young boys and girls will find the book more fascinating to read.

The Blobheads series is an excellent read for young readers with great imaginations. Filled with illustrations to create pictures in your child’s head, it’s a series that will help you little to greater lengths and in the following ways:

Imagination: the central component in any children’s books is to develop and boost imagination. This is achieved both in writing and illustrations. Imagination is considered the driving force of creativity and innovation and it can open the door that leads to a list of endless possibilities. It will allow your child to be a flexible thinker and expand his/her creative outlets and approach challenges from multiple perspectives. In other words, imagination is considered a vehicle for problem solving.

Children’s books, like the Blobheads series, help the readers in achieving resilience. This can be best demonstrated when the characters in the book make mistakes or are faced with a challenge but then work to solve the problem. That’s a great way to send a message to your child. Your child will grow up knowing that everyone in life experiences failure and challenges do come along the way, but the important part is dealing with the challenges and moving on. This is one of the crucial lessons for a child’s healthy growth and development.

Children’s books will also allow for bonding and teaching, as well. They act as a powerful tool for teaching important values to the children. There is number of benefits including some that confer lifelong rewards. For example, reading together with your child will also allow for some quality child-parent time and also will enable you to explain and discuss with your child the story’s important messages. You can try asking your child what they learned from the story and encourage them to open up what they didn’t understand in the book. In addition make it clear what the moral of the story was and how it could relate to the child’s life.

Lastly reading Blobheads series and other children’s books with your child will also help develop values. For example, this book series will help you delve in complex issues about life and diversity. These books help enhance openness, keeping one informed and also demonstrate the values of empathy and acceptance. Such books are great resources for your child to start learning and getting a better understanding not only about these intricate and challenging topics but how to discern and react to such themes in real life.

Developing empathy allows children to put themselves in other person’s shoes and better understand their emotions. Empathy plays an important role in social and emotional development in most cultures and religions. It also helps children make the best decisions to keep their own and other’s interests at heart. In other words, it helps children connect with humanity and hence protecting them from prejudices and divisiveness.

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