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Publication Order of Blood and Salt Books

Kingdom of Blood and Salt (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Court of Vice and Death (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crown of Stars and Fate (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of Serpents and Shadows (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alexis Calder is an American author. She lives in the Rockies. There she writes and reads, drinking way too much coffee and what she thinks is the perfect amount of wine. She likes writing romance stories that have heroines that aren’t afraid to be sassy and heroes who aren’t afraid to be sexy.

Alexis Calder is the creator and the author of the Blood and Salt series of fictional novels by Alexis Calder. This series first got started in 2023 when the debut book in the series Kingdom of Blood and Salt was released. The second book quickly followed, titled Court of Vice and Death. The third book in this series is Crown of Stars and Fate, released in 2024. The fourth book in the series came out the same year and is titled Queen of Serpents and Shadows.

Kingdom of Blood and Salt is the first book in the Blood and Salt series by Alexis Calder. This debut novel is an amazing fantasy romance to read if you are a fan of the enemies becoming lovers tropes in romances. If you’re up for something unique and new, give this book a try and see what you think!

Ara has spent years of her life in training, all so that she could help to defend her people from potential enemies. But when push comes to shove, she never thought that the enemy out there would end up being the force that kept her alive.

The last human city to exist is called Athos. It is the last refuge for anyone with human blood. The Fae have maintained a treaty that keeps all of the vampires, fae, and wolf shifters back from it, all while the humans fight furiously to try and keep the dragons out at the border. It’s very tough to be a human being existing in this world, and people must make sacrifices all the time so that the race can continue to survive.

Ara never thought that she would end up making a connection to the leader of a Fae delegation sent by a Fae King, but here she is. The group has come to get the human tributes that were required by the official treaty, and now she has met him and doesn’t know what to think. Falling for him should be the last thing that she’s thinking about since he is technically the enemy.

Ryvin is very handsome and that’s what makes him so dangerous apart from the fact that he actually is dangerous. Ara knows that he is her enemy, and that she’s even supposed to be hating him instead of looking him up and down secretly and starting to wonder whether she fancies him.

With every day that goes by, Ara finds that the leader is even tougher to stay away from. The guy is so handsome that it seems almost impossible to resist him. But she has to stay focused on the task at hand and do what it takes to protect the human city. That means staying away from the enemy, or so she thinks at first.

Athos is the human city where things are really starting to change quickly. The humans no longer want to bend the knee to the Fae King. Lies have started to unravel over the time of centuries, and alliances have completely blurred. Ara realizes that she has a choice in front of her.

Ryvin might just be the one thing that could keep the war from happening. Ara might hate him (or so she thinks), but she’s going to have to get over that if she wants to keep things peaceful. The only problem is that in order to do this, she might have to sacrifice a lot more than she originally bargained for. And the sacrifice is going to hurt, big time.

Can Ara do whatever it takes to stave off a war and hep keep the human city intact? Can Ryvin be of help in any way, or is she going to find out that she is in big trouble? Is there any space for romance to bloom between the two of them? Anything could happen, so be sure to get yourself a copy of this story and find out what happens!

Court of Vice and Death is the second book in the Blood and Salt series by Alexis Calder. This dark and spicy second installment of the series keeps the story and the romance going!

Ara is back once more, and it turns out that all of the stories that she was hearing about the fae court were actually true. Keeping that in mind, she is not actually sure if it’s likely that her group will survive.

Everyone and everything making up the fae court wants her dead. There are monsters who reside here that want her dead, and other tributes and the royal family also want here dead. With enemies all around here, Ara knows that there’s just one person to blame for all of this.

She knows one thing, and that is if she is going down, she’s taking the Fae King with her. She knows that it’s possible to do, but here in Konos, nothing like that ever comes easy. The only way to go through it all is to face down a monster who may be the most dangerous to ever live.

Ara could have a chance. She has a lot of new skills and allies have even come out of the woodwork to help her. But she also knows that when it comes to Konos, you can’t always trust anything that happens there. Even how you feel. With even her heart potentially ready to betray her, can Ara figure out what she needs to do in order to save her own skin and make sure that others are safe too?

Time is running out to figure out the right thing to do. Can Ara make the right call or will she find that this time around, she’s in over her head? Pick up the second installment of the Blood and Salt series by Alexis Calder to find out!

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