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Canadian author Tanya Huff began publishing her “Blood and Smoke” series (which is also called the “Tony Foster” series) when “Smoke and Shadows” was released in the year 2004. The series ended after only three novels, with the release of “Smoke and Ashes” which came out in the year 2006. There was also a short story that got published in an anthology. The series is from the genre of urban fantasy.

The series stars a character named Tony Foster, who used to live on the street. A vampire named Henry Fitzroy (who is actually Tony’s ex) gives him another chance when they both move to Vancouver to start over. He is a twenty-something gay male, and finds out that he is also a wizard.

Henry Fitzroy was once Henry FitzRoy (first Duke of Richmond and Somerset), not to mention one of Henry VIII’s illegitimate sons. He now writes romance novels and is a vampire.

The series is a follow up to the “Smoke” series that Tanya Huff also writes. This series stars Vicki Nelson, who is a former cop that has failing eyesight and Henry Fitzroy. It is here that Tony is first introduced into things, and he is Henry’s protege. In both series, he is in the sidekick role to both Vicki and Tony.

This series takes place just a few short years after the end of the “Blood” books.

“Smoke and Shadows” is the first novel in the “Blood and Smoke” series and was released in the year 2004. Tony Foster moves off to Vancouver with Henry, and its a chance for him to get his life on track. He lands a job as a production assistant for “Darkest Night” (which is a syndicated television show). It is about a vampire who is also a detective. At times, art will echo life, and this is a pretty good example of that. He quickly finds out that Arra Pelindrake, who is the special effects wizard, is actually a wizard.

He is pretty content in this life, except for the fact that he has a crush on Lee Nicholas (who is a good looking actor who co-stars on the show) that goes unrequited. That was until things began to fall apart on the set. It starts with shadows, ones that were where they did not belong, that almost existed all on their own.

He was trying to just ignore it all, until he found the body of Nikki Waugh and felt the touch of the shadow upon him. Then there was the stunt crash that went wrong for no real reason, and Tony knew that it was down to him what was responsible for threatening every life on set.

Some were glad they stuck with the book as it really picked up after about a hundred pages or so. Fans of the novel find that these books are proof that Tanya Huff writes excellent novels. The lead character, Tony, is a favorite of some, as are the other characters that surround him in the novel. Some enjoy the sarcastic and often dark humor found in these books. Here is a new series that some will be glad to follow as long as they are published.

“Smoke and Mirrors” is the second novel in the “Blood and Smoke” series and was released in the year 2005. After shadows come from another dimension that attack the crew of “Darkest Night”, Tony finds out that he is actually a fledgling wizard. He was able to defeat these shadow monsters and send them back to their own world.

Since then, things have been pretty quiet on the set. Chester Bane (who is the head of the company) rents a place for an episode that will be about a haunted house. It is called Caulfield House, which is a mansion that has been long deserted and is from the turn of the century.

Fans of the novel found that this was even better than book one of the series, as it hooks them from the start and does not let go for very long. Some found that these books have some pretty interesting conversations going on in these books. Readers have a hard time putting Tanya’s books down, as they enjoy reading her work that much. No matter how many some fans of hers have read, they will continue to read more of them. Those who have read these books admit that there is not a weak one in the bunch and are glad that Tanya Huff was nice enough to give this awesome character his own series.

“Smoke and Ashes” is the third novel in the “Blood and Smoke” series and was released in the year 2006. Tony is now a trainee to be an assistant director on his vampire detective television series, and hopes that the only supernatural events he gets caught up in are found in the script.

That is not in the cards for him as a demonic convergence is coming. This will create weak spots that some lesser demons can come through into this world. To make things worse, Leah (who is a highly seductive stunt woman, that freelances on the series) is both a Demongate and immortal. Should she die, the Demongate will be opened and her own sensual demon master is going to wreak havoc on the human race, which does suspect a thing.

Can Tony, with a Mounte, the entire cast of “Darkest Night”, a tabloid reporter, Leah and Henry’s help stop this demonic invasion? And keep the end of the world from coming?

Some find this to be compulsively readable urban fantasy novels. Tony is some readers’ favorite character from the series that starred Vicki. Fans of the novel found this to be very entertaining, and even ends the series on a good note. Some enjoy these books, even if they are rereading them for the second or third time. Readers like how this entire series captures Tanya Huff’s strong and charming writing style. She is able to pull you into her characters’ lives, troubles, and loves with such ease, unlike any other author. This is a series that some had a hard time putting down, as each one was just that fascinating during each and every moment.

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