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Publication Order of Blood Brothers Books

Blood Brothers Series
The Blood Brothers is a trilogy of romance-suspense by Rebecca Zanetti. It’s the story about three brothers who run an investigative agency, their colorful pasts, and the actions they are involved in their lines of duty. The series also highlights the characters’ love-lives and the effects that several strong and smart women have on their lives.

The Blood Brothers is a cross over from the Sin Brothers series by Rebecca Zanetti, but you don’t have to read the Sin Brothers series to get a better understanding of this series. Every book in the series can be enjoyed as a stand-alone. Rebecca has written many best-selling books and her unique story-telling abilities show immediately you read the first few pages of any book in this series. Rebecca Zanetti began her Blood Brothers trilogy in 2016 with Deadly Silence and concluded in 2017 with Twisted Truths.

Deadly Silence

Deadly Silence is the first book in the Blood Brothers series. We meet Ryker Jones, an Alpha male who is broody, protective, and quite demanding. Despite all this, his past has some dark shadows that he is not so keen to share with the world. At the beginning of the book, Ryker feels like he is under siege after the Investigative Agency he owns together with his brothers Heath and Denver almost goes bankrupt.

Additionally, a past that he would also wish to forget is resurfacing and threatening to make his life even more difficult. It does not help that a beautiful woman that he has deep feelings for is in danger, and Ryker can do everything humanly possible to ensure that she is safe. Zara Remington is the woman Ryker is obsessed with.

Zara is a sassy paralegal who is not afraid to speak her mind or take risky moves in her line of duty. She has a weak spot for the handsome Ryker. Zara is committed to her work during the day, but out of the office, she is having an affair with Ryker. These two have been hooking up casually whenever Ryker is in town, but things are getting serious as feelings develop, and the two cannot keep their hands from each other. While there is no much relationship building in the book since these two have been having some fun between the sheets since the beginning of the book, a few things have changed. The fact that Ryker is now based in town makes Zara question their causal relationship and her readiness to take things to the next level. Zara will soon realize that her indecision will not affect Ryker’s feelings for her, and this alpha male will be sweeping her off her feet. However, as the two start to see more of each other, Zara realizes that Ryker has deep secrets that he is not willing to share with anyone.

Incredibly, Ryker, Heath, and Denver are not brothers by blood, but life has made them closer than family. All the brothers come with their unique skills, and it is these skills that have set them apart and made them successful in their business. Ryker is the muscle, and fighting bad guys come naturally to him. Heath is the PR person, while Denver, who prefers to stay behind the scenes, is the Tech guy. Together, the trio is nothing but powerful, and the prowess in investigative matters is evident throughout this book. Their abilities and work have earned them a few enemies who are keen to eliminate them and destroy their business.

Deadly silence is a perfect blend of hot romance and intense suspense. The author can weave the romance in this action-packed book to create a remarkable piece that will keep you entertained to the last page.

Lethal Lies

Lethal Lies is the second book in the Blood Brother series, and it picks up from where Deadly Silence and more details about the boys’ upbringing and their past come to light. Ryker and his brothers are still on the run and trouble for them starts as soon as they begin to settle in a new town. Unlike in the first book that mainly focused on Ryker, this story is primarily focused on Heath’s life story and his efforts at finding true love.

Revenge is the only thing that Anya Best wants. The talented criminal psychologist is heartbroken that the serial killer responsible for murdering her sister is still out there, and little if not effort is being put so that the killer can pay for his actions. Anya is prepared to do everything, including using herself as a bait to lure the killer from hiding. However, she knows that this is one feat that she cannot complete alone. She teams up with Heath as her fake fiancé as she knows that the serial killer who is obsessed with her will be forced to take action.

The killer’s latest victim was someone that Heath knows, so Heath quickly takes the job when Anya requests for his help. However, Anya’s decision to use the media to taunt the killer ends up doing more harm than good as Heath’s identity is exposed, and this puts them both in jeopardy.

Now that Heath’s identity is exposed, some secrets about his past are coming to light. Some forces want to revenge and destroy Heath’s life. Fortunately, his brothers have his back, and the three can fight any forces that threaten their existence. At some point, Heath is torn between protecting his brother’s interests and continuing with his budding relationship with Anya. In the end, his weakness for protecting women in distress wins, and this ends up putting all the three brothers in great danger.

The twists and turns in Lethal Lies will take your breath away; hook you from the first page to the last. There is enough suspense in there, not to mention the steamy romantic scenes. The action is sure to keep your heart racing while the unexpected twist at the end will make you go in search of the third and last book in the Blood Brother series.

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