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Blood Destiny Books In Order

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Publication Order of Blood Destiny Books

Author Helen Harper started publishing her “Blood Destiny” series in the year 2012, when “Bloodfire” was released. The first two novels in the series were released this year. The series concluded after five installments, when “Bloodlust was released” in the year 2013. The final three books in the series were released in the year 2013.

Harper has written a related series called “Corrigan”, which tell the same stories, but from Corrigan the Alpha’s perspective. They too lasted five books, and are titled similarly (for example, instead of “Bloodfire”, book one is called “Corrigan Fire”).

Mack Smith (Mack is short for Mackenzie) is a human in Cornwall, it is here that she was left by her mother when she was a young kid and left with the pack she has grown up with. No one can know that this pack has allowed a human to know of their existence, otherwise the entire pack will be killed.

“Bloodfire” is the first novel in the “Blood Destiny” series and was released in the year 2012. Mack may look human but she has been living in rural England with some shape shifters. She would like this new family to accept her but some of them hate her, she knows in part because her blood is not accepting the change to occur.

Mack has an awful temper to go with her fiery red hair, making her quite useful in a fight. She swears vengeance for her pack’s alpha when they are brutally killed all of a sudden. His being killed draws the Brethren, who are the leaders within the world of shape shifters, and they will slaughter the entire pack if they find out what her true identity is. Corrigan (the Brethren’s Alpha), who is both muscle bound and green eyed, does not let a lot slip by him.

Here is a novel that entertained readers with its fast moving plot and action. Some even liked the way that there was no romance in the story, something that ruins other books they have read. Fans of the novel are glad they found about this series, and find the main character to be full of sass and quite a spitfire. Some cannot wait to find out what happens to Mack in the series next. Mack even has some strong chemistry with Corrigan.

“Bloodmagic” is the second novel in the “Blood Destiny” series and was released in the year 2012. Mack tries to live a quiet life in Inverness (located in rural Scotland) after getting away from Corrigan. She is away from anyone that could be a shape shifter. She gets a job at an ancient bookstore that is owned by an elderly woman that is passionate about herbal lore. This mysterious woman seems to know more than she really should. Mack gets caught up in a whirlwind involving the Brethren, the Fae, and the Ministry of Mages.

She has to figure out if she wants to stay hidden or whether or not she wants to face the music. Not to mention facing how she truly feels about Corrigan.

Readers wish they had found these incredible books sooner, they were hooked from the first page of book one and cannot get enough of these stories. Fans of the novel liked how much mystery and intrigue they found in the book, not to mention how entertaining the whole thing was. They cannot wait to read on in the series to see what happens with Mack. Some enjoyed reading the snarky style humor in the book, and this is an incredible addition to this series.

“Bloodrage” is the third novel in the “Blood Destiny” series and was released in the year 2013. Mack starts training at the mages’ academy with the hope that the stasis spell will be lifted from Mrs. Alcoon (Mack’s old friend) if she complies. She finds that she is surrounded by some people, either kids or adults, that just want to see her fail. It seems like they are on a mission to see that this happens.

She feels attacked on every front, and finds it tough to keep her temper from getting the better of her. She is forced to go to some classes to deal with her anger and deal with Corrigan’s predatory like attentions. During this, her emotions start to fray. She finds her problems have just started, though when she finds a text she recognizes in the walls of the mages’ library. It might just provide her clues to her own background and the dragon blood she has in her.

Fans of the novel enjoy stepping into Mack’s world, because there is never a dull moment to be had here. The book has more of the great characters, humor, and non stop action that makes this a stellar series. Some hope this series continues for many more installments as these books are always hard to put down, and readers are able to finish them pretty quickly after they get started on them.

“Blood Politics” is the fourth novel in the “Blood Destiny” series and was released in the year 2013. After awhile, you would think that things would get easier for Mack Smith. She is living in London, and the city version of the new and improved Clava Books is just a few days away. It looks like things may be getting settled.

She is having awful horrible nightmares about dragons, though. She is also always tailed by different faeries, mages, and shifters, who are all demanding a lot of her attention. That does not even include the temptation that Corrigan represents for her.

Things begin to really get fired up when a local dryad asks for some assistance from her. Hot summer days are coming for her.

Mack is simply a great character, especially since things do not really go well for her at all times. Fans of the novel enjoyed this for the way that Corrigan and Mack’s relationship was finally taken to the next level in this book. This is an author that tells a great story, and readers hope they can get their hands on more from this incredible series. Helen Harper writes a stellar series that keeps the pages turning and the interest up for the entire ride.

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