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Blood Fire Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of Blood Fire Saga Books

Allure of the Vampire King (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captive of the Vampire King (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of the Vampire King (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thrall of the Vampire King (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Passion of the Vampire King (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rebirth of the Vampire King (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bonds of the Vampire King (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Blood Fire Saga: Hades and Persephone Books

Blood Fire Saga Series
Blood Fire Saga is a book series by Bella Klaus whose inspiration is her dreams, desires, and everyday happenings. The Central London resident’s niches are romance and dark fantasy. Her writing rituals are from mornings to late afternoons; and her literary influences include Irishman Bram Stoker, English author Mary Shelly, Czech writer Franz Kafka, and American writers Jessica Bird and Anne Rice.

Books in the Blood Fire Saga Series
The Blood Fire Saga series aside, Bella’s other book series is titled The Rejected Mate. Allure of the Vampire King is the first book in her Blood Fire Saga series. Initially dated December 13, 2020; the Allure of the Vampire King is all about a love-hate relationship between a British male vampire lord called Valentine Sargon and a purportedly ordinary woman named Mera.

Incidentally, Valentine was Mera’s first love—then aged 18—before their fallout prompted him to banish her from the supernatural realm. Valentine had courted her for three years, but he immediately disliked her after their first lovemaking. Apparently, her alleged lack of magical power—despite her magical lineage—not only made her an outcast among other wizards, but also contributed to her embarrassing banishment.

Fortunately, the jilter lover and social reject has since recovered. To Mera’s surprise, the rogue Valentine reaches out to her years later, allegedly to protect her from a killer who has targeted her. Mera is grateful for Valentine’s selfless protection. However, she is hesitant as she may relapse into romance with the heartbreaker because the protection involves being with him in the confines of a hideaway.

Initially dated January 19, 2021; Captive of the Vampire King is book two in her Blood Fire Saga series. Mera has several new discoveries. One: she is on the wanted lists of different factions, including the so-called Enforcers that was formerly affiliated with her self-imposed protector Valentine—he kidnapped her for her own safety, thus the book’s title; also Mera reconciles with her estranged mother through the Flame faction that was also after her. Two: she knows that she is being targeted because of her unique, dormant Phoenix kinship.

Three: a blood transfusion that she underwent previously interfered with her inherited magical powers, rendering her powerless. Four: by and by, the supernatural death committee falsely accuses Mera of murdering Valentine, an undead man who proposed to her previously, despite their ultimate separation.
Initially dated January 25, 2021; Soul of the Vampire King is book three of the Blood Fire Saga series. Mera learns about her ancestry (and how her father Jude, also called Kresnik, may have expelled her to save her) and wards off her obsessed admirer Jonathan. Mera also wants to rescue the soul of her zombie lover Valentine, while still on the lookout for the enemy factions—both demons and cults— hunting her soul and wary of untrustworthy persons. Thus, Mera activates her Phoenix magical powers.

Originally dated February 9, 2021; Thrall of the Vampire King is the fourth book in her Blood Fire Saga series. Mera is in the now ferocious and tyrannical Valentine’s grip, thus the title. The uncontrollable Valentine may imperil Mera whose father Kresnik, in turn, is manipulating Valentine. Thus, Valentine fights the psychopathic Kresnik using supernatural forces, including zombies. Meanwhile, Mera’s efforts to resurrect Valentine costs her the Phoenix magic that she ultimately loses to Valentine. The need to break the grip that zombie Valentine had on Mera prompted her devilish pact with Demon King.
First dated March 2, 2021; Passion of the Vampire King is book five in her Blood Fire Saga series. Efforts to reacquire her magical powers aside; Mera is passionate about Valentine, and she has since irresistibly relapsed to the man’s grip. Unfortunately, her ensuing fallout with Demon King may prompt her hellish banishment. Fortunately, her previous pact with Demon King saves her—through the provision of demonic guards—from a looming execution by the supernatural death council after her capture in the wake of her abandonment by the currently controllable Valentine who is battling Kresnik.

Initially dated March 30, 2021; Rebirth of the Vampire King is book six of the Blood Fire Saga series. Meanwhile, Mera’s father Krisnik is relentless in acquiring her daughter’s Phoenix-related magical powers. Also, Valentine has since been beheaded and his ashes briefly stolen. Luckily, Valentine is reborn—just like phoenix, the mythological bird—courtesy of his lover Mera’s Phoenix powers; after his lover’s reincarnation, Mera has an eternal reunion with Valentine despite the ensuing challenges, including his tendency to believe Mera’s character assassination, his distrust, and his memory loss.

Initially dated April 27, 2021; Bonds of the Vampire King is book seven in the Blood Fire Saga series. The jailed Valentine’s kin, who were previously hunting Mera and she had had to ward off potential cannibals, are remorseful and seek her forgiveness. Her expansionist father Kresnik wants to control Britons and earthlings. And, later on in the saga (in the Abducted spin-off), Hades kidnaps and manipulates a gardener named Persephone whom he not only views as his ex-wife—merely because they had a romantic affair—but also confines his presumed queen in a hellish palace where she is his designated wartime diplomat and protégé.

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