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Publication Order of Blood of Eden Books

The Immortal Rules (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eternity Cure (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dawn of Eden (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forever Song (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dawn of Eden is a prequel story to the Blood of Eden series and can be found in the 'Til the World Ends anthology.

Blood of Eden is a young adult fantasy series of novels by New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa. Kagawa was born in Sacramento, California but moved to Hawaii with her family when she was nine. In Hawaii, she was fascinated by the frequent hurricanes, colonies of house geckos, and large carnivorous insects. She also spent a lot of time in the ocean chasing eels, Jellyfish and reef sharks. When she was not swimming, she would immerse herself in novels much to the chagrin of her teachers that often found novels hidden behind her textbooks during lessons. She soon graduated to penning gruesome and dark stories complete with color images that shocked her hapless teachers. Over time, the gore in her stories lessened though the passion for writing never died even after she graduated from college and got employed.

Kagawa loved reading and got a job working at a bookstore though it turned out to be a bad experience. Her bosses did not appreciate her thumbing through the books she was supposed to be putting on the shelves. As such, she left her job to pursue her other passion – training animals where she trained dogs for several years. After dealing with overly enthusiastic Labradors and dodging Chihuahua bites for several years, she finally sold her first novel “The Iron King” of “The Iron Fey” series in 2010 and quit her job to become a full-time author. Since then she has written novels in other series including the “Shadow of The Fox,” “Blood of Eden” and “Talon” series of novels. She currently lives with her husband and two cats in North Carolina.

The Blood of Eden series is set in the dark days after the human population was decimated by the Red Lung virus, which led to the rise of vampires as the rules of the crumbling cities. The diminished ranks of mortals are ruled over by uncontested princes. For their loyalty, labor, and their blood, the vampires register, shelter and feed humans just like cattle. But there are many that refuse the registration and live on the fringes of society, where life is harsh and survival is for the most part by scavenging. Civilization exists inside city walls while outside is a vast wilderness full of rabids, terrifying creatures that are active during the night. The rabids are a product of the fight against the Red Lung virus, which has led to the mutation of some humans into the mindless creatures that have a ravenous thirst for human blood. The lead in the series is Allison Sekemoto, who has always favored living on the fringes where she is always hungry and hunted. But then she is forced to make a choice between becoming a vampire and agonizing death and she takes immortality. She becomes a fledgling vampire though she can pass for a human. In fact she is involved in a quest to find a cure for vampirism and rabidism and is often fighting against her new vampire nature. She is a brave, strong, smart and occasional wise-ass though she often needs the help of her humorous, witty and more practical brother Jackal who gets out of many tight situations. She also teams up with her lover Zeke and her sire Kanin in many of her quests.

“The Immortal Rules” the first novel of the Blood of Eden series is set in a future world where vampires rule supreme as most of the human population was wiped out by a plague. Allison Sekemoto is a woman that struggles to live on the fringes of the society. Desperate from hunger having refused to register into the vampire farms, she sneaks out of the city to go find some food. The vast wilderness outside the city is full of rabids and hence is very dangerous and even deadly for humans who venture out. If she is found by one of them, she may be torn limb to limb by the ferocious and bloodthirsty creatures. But her gamble pays off when she finds a huge cache of food for her small gang to eat only for things to go haywire at the last moment. A horde of rabids attack and ravage the small gang including Allison who is mauled to the point of death. It is at this point that a mysterious vampire appears and offers her a choice become a vampire and rise an immortal or die a human. She decides to become a vampire but now has to deal with her new nature. She still clings to her human nature and even joins a troop of humans looking for a city without vampires – which is virtually impossible in this world. She hides her true nature from her new friends and struggles to remain human though she knows that she may lose her sanity if she does not feed soon.

“The Eternity Cure” opens to the lead character Allison having had her life turned upside down when she decided to become a vampire in order to live. In her new world, blood calls to blood and hers calls for her creator Kanin, who has been captured and is being tortured by Sarren, a psychotic vampire. Still a fledgling vampire, she needs help and finds it from Jackal her brother. Jackal is invaluable to her quest and even though they hate each other, in a way they cannot do without the other. He is a real vampire who has accepted what he is and knows how to survive, unlike Allie. On the other hand, he needs Allie to help keep him grounded as he can go too far in his zeal to complete his mission. Their investigations on where Kanin may be held point to New Covington, where the two siblings were born. What they discover in the small town may change their world forever and perhaps end all vampire and human existence. It is a new plague that is a variation of the Red Lung virus that has been modified to become deadly to vampires and humans alike. Their only hope is to get to Kanin in time as he is the only man who has the ancient secrets that they may use to fight the new strain of virus. She had become a vampire for the sake of immortality but now that is hanging in the balance. She may have to make a choice she never thought she would ever have to make.

“The Forever Song” the third novel of the Blood of Eden series is set a fortnight after the events of the first novel. Allison Jackal and Kanin are tracking Sarren the psychotically evil vampire who has left quite the trail. But he is always one step ahead, taunting them to find him, even leaving clues along the way as he plans his revenge on all rabids, vampires, and humans. It is a coming of age story for Allison who travels alongside her brother and creator back to New Covington then to Old Chicago and to Eden. It is a dangerous road full of traps and Allison is losing the battle to keep her humanity. The good thing is that Jackal shines when the going gets rough as he is not afraid to be ruthless and bloodthirsty. While he is quite the complex character, he does provide some comic relief as inspire of the seriousness of their situation, he will always find something positive. He is definitely the vampire that Allison and Kanin need in their fight against Sarren. While they bicker like siblings always do, they develop their relationship over the course of the journey as he becomes the big brother that he should have been. Still, Allison had to deal with her emotions as she grieves and longs for revenge, which is all too much for a fledgling vampire to handle.

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