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Publication Order of Blood on the Stars Books

“Blood on the Stars” is a series of science fiction novels by Jay Allan, an award-winning and bestselling author of more than 30 fantasy and science fiction novels. Apart from Blood on the Stars, he is also known for the “Far Stars Trilogy” and the “Crimson Worlds” series both of which are bestselling series. Allan loves to describe himself as a New Yorker and a lifetime northeasterner. He has always had a love for books and was writing notes and ideas in notebooks as an aspiring teenage writer and continues to do so even today as a bestselling author. Jay Allan is also a voracious reader that consumes all manner of works from epic fantasy, dystopian and military science fiction, alternate history, and space opera. He is also a huge fan of history and can be found reading nonfiction works just as much as a novel. He is known for penning military-themed science action though he also writes some fantasy and other types of science fiction. As a standout characteristic of his work is that it tends to have a lot of action, backstory, and complex characters as well as extensive world-building and exquisite detail. Prior to becoming a bestselling author, he was a real estate developer and investor. He is currently a full-time author and when he is not writing his novels he loves to read, hike, travel and do some running.

The “Blood on the Stars” series is set in a world where Galactic civilizations were destroyed after the technology for building new ones was wrecked. In the aftermath of the destruction, three major powers had arisen. The Confederation is the moral power as it has an independent streak and a democracy that most of their enemies think is a sign of softness. But they have been through three existential wars given that they have superior technology and the daring to do the unthinkable in battle. The villains are the Alliance who are a warrior aristocracy and a militaristic empire with Roman/Spartan overtones. The Union is the ugly guy as they are a fearsome, and totalitarian empire that is more like a police state that is founded on purge driven politics. Jay Allan combines the rush to war and action sequences with philosophical musings on death and combat to write compelling reads. However, these novels are more like a pop culture profundity and the John Wayne movies. The space ships that carry the combatants are battle cruisers made Galactic style with particle and laser beam weapons. The squadrons they carry are armed with plasma torpedoes and missiles.

“Duel in the Dark” is the first adventure of the Blood on the Stars series. The Confederation has been involved in deadly wars with the more powerful and larger armies of the totalitarian Union and managed to hold the line for three generations. Its warriors are about to be called into battle again for the fourth time as conflict looms. Their navy is put on high alert and is deployed on the frontier waiting for any signs of mobilization from the enemy. Dauntless their biggest battleship has been deployed on the border for the better part of ten months. It is the vanguard that is far ahead of the main fleet which makes it possible to give early warning of an invasion. But now the ship requires urgent maintenance and the crew is exhausted after being on high alert for so long with no attack coming. The bosses back at home decide to send the ship across their territory to a peaceful and quiet frontier, where the crew can rest and the ship can undergo the long-overdue maintenance it needs. But the crew soon learns the supposedly quiet frontier is not that quiet and Captain Barron needs to respond to a distress call from a mining colony on the edge of their territory. They cannot expect help from other Confederation ships yet they suspect the attack is some kind of ruse by the Union to draw forces away from a disputed border. Barron is the descendant of one of the Confederation’s most celebrated heroes and now has a crushing responsibility and the privilege to show that he can be just as good as his forebears.

In the second novel of the series “Call to Arms,” the word War is on every man’s lips across the Confederation. The Union has finally invaded and has caught its enemy flat-footed with more powerful and larger fleets than had been predicted. They crushed the vanguard of the Confederation and forced them into an ignominious retreat. Meanwhile, the Battleship Dauntless led by Captain Barron is so far away from the front line as they await the repair of their ship. The battleship is just operational but the higher-ups call him up as they need every man to reinforce their borders and hence Barron has to get back on the frontline as soon as he can. Once on the frontline, all they find is the chaos of shattered and fleeing ships and fleets. The Confederation is steadily yielding ground and is on the brink of losing the war as the Union marches forward in a relentless advance that does not seem to be bogged down by supply constraints that had been their undoing in previous wars. Dauntless and her crew soon find themselves deep behind enemy lines with the only support a trio of small escort vehicles and a smaller Confed battleship. Barron has to make the decision on whether to advance on the enemy in an almost suicidal plan to destroy the Union’s main supply base or pull back and wait for reinforcement. He believes the first plan provides the Confed with a better chance of winning the battle and turning around the war effort.

In “Ruins of Empire,” the third novel of the “Blood on the Stars” series, war is raging between the Union and Confederation forces. It has been going on for a long time and now the armies warily eye each other from across a war-torn frontier as they gather the strength to get back at it. Dauntless and its crew finally get the chance to get their much-needed rest while the ship gets the desperately needed refit. But deep in the Badlands, a new discovery in the pre-cataclysmic space threatens to shift the balance of power. Out on the distant edges of the territory has been discovered a vastly larger and ancient battleship that is more technologically advanced than what either army has. It is a race against time to take control of the ship but for the Confederation, the only ship close enough is Dauntless which has to contend with several confederation forces on a similar mission. It is a race to the Badlands to locate the ancient artifact and keep it safe by any means until reinforcements can be sent. Dauntless will be outgunned and outnumbered but with such high stakes, a retreat is not an option. If they can rediscover the ancient technology they can keep their territories safe for millennia as their defense will be invincible one again. If the Union manages to get their hands on it, they will have the power to re-enslave humanity all over again making this not a fight for tactical advantage or position but for the future.

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