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Publication Order of Blood Singer Books

Blood Song (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Siren Song (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Song (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Isis Collar (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eldritch Conspiracy (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Dance With the Devil (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Your Wishes (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Blood Singer Series

Blood Singer is a book series by Cat Adams. The pseudonym Cat Adams is a truncation of the fantasy authors’ legal names Cathy “Cat” L. Clamp and co-writer C.T. “Cie” Adams. Incidentally, Cathy Clamp (1961—) is a Wisconsin-born novelist who, until 1979, studied at Pueblo County High School before attending Colorado Mountain College. Cathy has had stints as a paralegal and a contributing editor.

C.T. Adams—she has also co-authored with Bernita Harris—is an Illinois-born novelist who graduated from Illinois University under the tutelage of Professor Aaron Sloan. Cathy and C.T. Adams—their first fiction novel, Hunter’s Moon, is dated 2004—were workmates at a Denver-based law firm when the latter mentored the former before, in 1997, the duo partnered.

Books by Blood Singer Series

Apart from the Blood Singer series that is set in Tinseltown and Los Angeles, Cat Adams are famed for their A Tale of the Sazi series and are also the authors of the Thrall series, Magic series, and The Fae series.

First dated June 8, 2010; Blood Song is book one in their Blood Singer series. The protagonist is a demonology graduate called Celia Graves who is the daughter of an untrustworthy drunkard mother called Lana Graves. A hitherto unknown alien (of the siren race), Celia is a female bodyguard whose specialty is battling natural and paranormal threats. She is assigned to defend a prince against not only natural attacks—including terrorist and extremists—but also supernatural enemies.

Unfortunately, betrayal by the protected group (wherein she is a political pawn) results in her temporary death-inducing vampire bite that transformed her into a fanged partly human, partly alien and partly vampire hybrid—the so-called Balkan abomination being called dhamphir—that is limited to liquid food, has sun allergy, and is super strong; she is perceived as a societal threat and, therefore, becomes a target of both people and paranormal beings who associate her with the deaths of her close associates. Now a fugitive, Celia teams up with friendly paranormal beings that she schooled with—among them wolf shifter Kevin Landingham, dead psychic named Vicki Cooper, a demon-fighting priest called Father Matteo DeLuca, a sisterly ghost named Ivy, and her ex-lover Bruno DeLuca who is a mage—to smoke out her hunters and find their underlying motives, including her estranged master and demons. She later on identifies Kevin Landingham—and his brother Warren—as the betrayers whose motive was rescue their traumatized sister Emma Landingham.

Originally dated September 15, 2010; Siren Song is book two in the duo’s Blood Singer series. Celia, the protector-turned-dhamphir, has since learnt about her alien Siren ancestry through her grandparents; also the vampire’s bite reactivated her ability to charm males and infuriate females. Lawyer Roberto Santos defends Celia from persecution and extrajudicial killing. Her sun allergy prompts her to enroll for physiotherapy sessions, whereinn she briefly is hospitalized at Birchwoods under the care of physiotherapist Dr. Ann Hubbard and chief physician Dr. Jeff Scott.

At the healthcare facility, her visiting alien cousin Ren’s visit notifies her of an organized meeting with her grandmother—she is the matriarch of the Siren alien race that lives in the so-called Siren Island—called Queen of Lopaka who sends the alcoholic Celia a Wadjet artifact. Protected by Helen Baker, Celia visits the likable queen whom she awards a mystic knife. She also rescues and duels with another alien relative called Princess Adriana.

Originally dated March 1, 2011; Blood Singer series’ third book is Demon Song. Internal conflicts: the one-time heartbroken Celia is dealing with dilemmas. For instance, she is now in a love triangle, involving her re-interested ex-lover Bruno DeLuca against another character called John Creede. Moreover, her mother Lana have since been imprisoned; while her wolfish friend Kevin is a supernatural inmate (for attempting to rescue a werewolf lover named Amy) at California State Paranormal Treatment Facility, where infiltrating demons possess the prison workforce. Secretary Dawna Long are among the friends taking care of her vampirism needs, including her bloodless fortified food.

External conflicts: there is a fallout and simmering hostility with the demons. A mighty vampire named Edgar Hewitt blackmails Celia—he threatens to transform her into an enslaved vampire—unless she gives him a mystic item, the so-called Millennium Horn. Another issue is acting as estate executor—and investigating the reason why—her friend-turned-guardian angel Vicki Cooper willed his wealth to Mick Murphy’s household.

First dated March 13, 2012; The Isis Collar is the fourth book in the Blood Singer series. Celia—alongside the FBI—is investigating a mysterious zombie outbreak that has also affected her, weeks after a viral freak bomb targeted a children’s school; Celia, who has since fallen out with her kin, was among those evacuating the children after a friendly psychic—called Dottie Simmons—tipped her off. Her formerly imprisoned mother Lana is now an escapee and her ex-lover Bruno is unaccounted for.

The January 8, 2013 book The Eldritch Conspiracy is the fifth book in the Blood Singer series; Celia, alongside John Creede, is protecting her soon-to-be-wedded royal cousin Princess Adrianna—her bridegroom is a European king called Dahlmar of Rusland—from an assassin who wants to trigger a royal coup through the annihilation of the Siren alien race. FBI agent Dominic Rizzoli are among those investigating the prospective killers (including Barnes)—later on identified as the “Guardians of the Faith” extremists—who are seemingly associated with the scornful Duchess Irina Turescheva.

First dated November 5, 2013; To Dance With the Devil is book six in their Blood Singer series, wherein Celia is mediating between rival inter-clan sorcerers. Celia is hired to assist a family’s remaining sorcerer who is about to succumb to a death curse. The uncooperative sorcerer goes missing during which another shady mage attacks her, prompting Celia to reach out to mage Bruno for assistance. First dated October 4, 2016; All Your Wishes is seventh in the serialized Blood Singer. An Islamic demon attempts to possess Celia; the sly demon wants to cause a genie outbreak through Celia whom it blackmails using death threats to her kin.

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