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Blood Sucking Fiends Books In Order

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Publication Order of Bloodsucking Fiends/Love Story Books

Bloodsucking Fiends (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Suck: A Love Story (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bite Me: A Love Story (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Blood Sucking Fiends by Christopher Moore

Blood Sucking Friends also known as A Love Story is a series of humor/fiction books by American comic fantasy and mystery fiction author Christopher Moore. The books are based on the imaginative vampire world of Christopher involving the life of Jody and Thomas among others.

Christopher Moore grew up reading and started writing at an early age making writing his career at age sixteen. His inspiration into authoring has been pushed by his father and other principal authors such as Tom Robbins and Ray Bradbury.

Some of Christopher’s creations include novels, short stories, and series which depict a high level of imagination and articulate writing style.

A Love Story

A Love Story is the book one in Blood Sucking Fiends series by Christopher Moore. Jody’s life changes overnight. She wakes up on the street with superhuman strength, an aching back, a badly burned arm, and a nonsferatuan thirst. A decision has been made for her that has changed her life completely.

Jody wakes up bitten on the neck and worse of having turned into a vampire. She is an attractive lady turning men whenever she passes. Changing into a vampire is something that she never expected, and eventually, she has to adjust and live with her self. The first thing that she has to change is her work schedule and also her relationships. C Thomas is there to offer help as he works as a night manager in one grocery store.

Thomas is aspiring to be an author and focus on vampirism. Tommy’s life can be termed as funny with incidences that are a bit awkward such as how the five Chinese men want him for marriage so that they can secure their American citizenship. He also ran away from home since he could not be allowed to follow his dream of being a writer. When he enters into Jody’s life, he secretly researches the life of Jody by testing every aspect of vampirism that he knows. Jody is under stress as she tries to stay off the radar and escape the traps of the vampire responsible for turning her since he wants to frame her for the murders that he has committed. She also has to learn to live the life of a vampire without drawing attention as there is no one to offer lessons on the same. Funny enough the two generate feeling for each other merging the world of a mortal and a vampire.

Christopher always hits it hard with his imagination. He creates characters used to generate the tension, extreme danger that delivers an incredible read.

You Suck

Second, in the Blood Sucking Fiends series is You Suck. Thomas and Jody have been together as a human and a vampire. One morning, Thomas wakes up having been turned into a vampire. Worse of, they learn that the one who turned Jody was not supposed to do the same. It’s time for Thomas’s life to take the turn he never thought it would as a vampire.

Tommy and Jody have turned into vampires and since they promised to stick by each other have to help each other overcome the handles of life that come their way. One of their immediate problems is bronzed vampire responsible for turning Jody. He is a threat to the society and could end up turning more into beings like him raising danger in town. It is up to them to hunt the bronzed vampire and take the best measures to stop him before it is too late. To add to the pressure on their hands, they have to hide their nature from the law and their friends.

Elijah, the vampire that turned Jody is first caught and encased in a bronze case but manages to escape making the two live in fear. Abby is another character in the book which is overly attracted towards Tommy and willing to do anything to become a vampire. Peace is lost for the two as they have to live to look over their shoulders all the time as they do not know who is against them and who their friend is.

The characters in this book all have some funny side, some annoying and others are completely confused. The story is somehow emotional as the author brings in instances that are breathtaking and confusing for the characters. It also features conflict and revenge creating that book that will make you cheer up and laugh.

Bite Me

Book three in the Blood Sucking Fiends Series Bite Me. The New York Times bestselling author creates another wonderfully twisted world of vampires. The streets of San Francisco are under attack from the dangerous group of vampires that could end up tearing it into pieces. Abby Norma is the only person that can save the city with the help of Tommy flood and Jody. She also has a deep desire to become a vampire like Tommy. The task ahead is however way more significant than anything else that she ever handled.

Abby is overly distracted on the issue of becoming a vampire, and this affects her greatly in her academics especially in biology. Out there Chet is busy creating an army of vampires around San Francisco that could end up turning the entire city into a den of vampires. Chet started with transforming cats that then transform the homeless around the city making a massive army of monsters.

Behind all these sinister happenings, Jody and Tommy still grow together though they live fearing that harm could come their way as their kind is not that welcome to the world. Steve is another big enemy to the two as he and Elijah’s children want to bring down anyone that was turned by Elijah. Abby manages to transform herself into one of these night creatures but at a wrong time as they are being hunted and also falls on the list of those turned with their routes trickling to Elijah who have a short life.

Bite Me skillfully mines humor and satire with lots of funny incidences spread all through the story. The author also does add darkly sarcastic humor with a surprising and realistic ending.

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