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Kat Martin is an American published author.

Kat Martin’s full name is Kathleen Kelly Martin. She also goes by Kathy Lawrence or Kasey Mars.

The author was born on July 14, 1947 in California’s Central Valley in the United States. She attended the University of California in Santa Barbara where she studied anthropology and history, graduating with her degree. She went on to work as a real estate broker and then met the man who would end up marrying, Larry Jay Martin.

When they had known each other for just a short time, Larry asked Kat if she would like to read something he had written, which was a historical western in a yet unpublished manuscript. Kat agreed to give it a look and really liked it, which helped her fall for the author, too. It even helped to inspire her own career because after she had done some editing for him, she decided to try out writing for herself. She would eventually become a full-time author and go on to marry Larry Martin.

She has been in print since 1988. The author used to sign her books with Kat Martin, her married name, but also had used two pen names at the time. She used Kathy Lawrence in regard to a book that she put out that was a collaboration with her husband, and she used Kasey Mars for her first contemporary romances. The author has also won several awards, including the RT Book Review Magazine Career Achievement Award. Right now, she has over sixteen million copies of her novels in print and has had her books published in over a dozen foreign countries, from Korea to South Africa, England, Sweden, Russia, Greece, and more.

She is happily married and lives with her husband in Missoula, Montana. Her husband also kept up with writing and is a Western writer as well as a photographer. When the two are not busy writing, they like to go skiing and travel to new places, especially Europe. Kat says that she has always loved books and was an avid reader in her youth, while she also had her own stories coming up in her head, so writing them down seemed to be a logical step.

She also enjoys anything old and likes to visit the places that she sets her books. She also enjoys staying at out of the way inns and houses that were built a long time ago. Kat says that it’s fun and on top of that, gives a great sense of a by-gone era. Today she has written over fifty novels in the historical genre and the contemporary romantic suspense genre.

Kat Martin is the creator and the author of the Blood Ties series. The series first got started with the prequel of the series, One Last Kiss, which came out in 2021. The first novel of the series came out the same year and is called The Last Goodnight. The second novel of the series came out in 2022 and is titled The Last Mile. These were followed by the third novel in the series, One Last Chance. There is also a shorter book that came out after and is the ‘3.5’ book in the series, called Peril.

The Last Goodnight is the first novel in the Blood Ties series by Kat Martin (One Last Kiss is a prequel novella). This is a great suspense novel that suspense fans will not want to pass up.

A cold case is getting hotter, and when another body appears, one woman is intent to find out who did it and is on the trail of a murderer with the assistance of a rancher that hired her to help him get justice.

Kade Logan may have been estranged from his wife, but when he said goodbye to her eight years prior, the last thing that he ever anticipated was that would be his last chance to say anything to her at all. In fact, he had no idea that it would be the last time in his life that he glimpsed her alive.

In present day, her car has been pulled from a lake nearby and it looks like murder. Kade has every intention of finding the individual that murdered her and bring home some justice. Then there’s Eleanor Bowman, a private investigator that has come to find out what’s going on with the case and is about to stir up a whole lot on his ranch in Colorado.

The car being pulled prompts old gossip to come back to life, such as scandalous rumors that his wife was having affairs with different men. Then something unthinkable happens. Kade finds another dead body, and the woman is quite beautiful. But eight years later, is it linked to the murder of his wife? Is there someone out there that potentially seduced and then killed both of them?

Private investigator Ellie Bowman thinks that they’re close to finding out the truth. She and Kade both think that the killer is closing in on another victim, and it could be Ellie that he wants. Now Kade and Ellie must race to find out who the killer is. Kade is developing feelings for the private eye and doesn’t want her to be next. Can they lock up a killer and save themselves? Read this suspense novel to find out!

The Last Mile is the second novel in the Blood Ties series by Kat Martin. If you liked the first book in the series, check this one out too!

A woman is in search of the truth about her family along with a pro treasure hunter. With an assailant tracking them in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, they are against the clock in their goal to find their treasure of gold. But can they escape danger while trying to get to the prize?

Abigail Holland wakes up in her Denver Victorian to an intruder during the night, and she knows just what they’re after. The only thing that they could want would be the treasure map that she was given by her grandfather. The stranger grapples with her and then makes his exit. But one thing’s clear: they were willing to invade her space and even kill her to get the map and possibly locate the treasure.

It’s called the Devil’s Gold, and her grandfather was obsessed with it. Now that she knows a potential killer’s after her and knowing she can’t trust her family, Abby goes to look for it herself. To do it, she enlists the help of Gage Logan, a treasure hunter and an explorer. The two have chemistry, and Gage gets interested when she shows him some gold she found using the map.

Now the two of them are heading into Superstition Mountains. Will they find treasure, nothing, or death? Read this exciting book to find out!

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