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Publication Order of Bloodrunners Books

Last Wolf Standing (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Wolf Hunting (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Wolf Watching (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Wolf Rising (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Wolf Running (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Wolf Returning (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Wolf Dawning (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Wolf Claiming (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Wolf Chasing (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rhyannon Byrd is the nationwide bestselling author of the ‘Bloodrunners’ series. The successful romance writer who likes to form genre combinations with romance as her primary element has three hit series to her credit, namely, Bloodrunners (Paranormal Romance), Primal Instinct (Paranormal romance) and Dangerous Tides (Contemporary erotic romance).

About Bloodrunners:

The series which were debuted with the first piece titled ‘Last Wolf Standing’, went on over the years adding more and more editions to create the masterpiece that it is today. Classified under the famous genre of paranormal romance, Bloodrunners is one series that will tempt the secret desires of both romantic enthusiasts and mystery lovers all over the world. Based entirely on strong and sexy alpha males determined to earn the respect of their werewolf packs and win the hearts of the women they desire, each page can be described as exciting and mysterious. With a strong sense of direction and the added bonus passion that passes beyond human life, Rhyannon has ensured that this series will prove to be a treat for readers and that it is bound to satisfy the thirst of most. While some state that they are particularly drawn to the books for the sensitive portrayal of these powerful male characters, the rest read the books for the thrill of the supernatural factor in them. Be it a man in his early twenties or a woman in her late sixties, these books have something to offer for readers of all kinds and ages.

Ironically, Rhyannon, author of the series is in fact scared of werewolf movies as she herself expressed in one of the many interviews she featured in. Though there is no real character that her books are inspired from, she states that the initial scene in her first book involving the main lead finding the woman of his dreams in a cafe, Byrd found the path to convert the plot into a series. Though there was no preconceived idea to write a certain number of books, bloodrunners was one concept that had enough potential to carry on. This decision took place spontaneously and impulsively to gradually come to the stage that it is in today… The rest, as they say, is history.

The main characters of Bloodrunners differ in each of the books. Though a lot of them re-appear and make it through from one book to the other, the series is mainly about a pack of werewolves, each wandering beyond the boundaries of their families and ending up falling in love with women of their own choosing. These hunting oriented escapades of half-human and half-lycan characters in pursuit of justice will stop at no juncture to get what they know they deserve. Byrd creates the shield of masculinity and protection in her books with such clarity and most readers can relate because she showcases qualities in men that most women seek to attain in their own personal lives. While each book is based on one werewolf’s romantic endeavours, Bloodrunners also comes with generous servings of action, revenge, friendship and suspense, though the main objective is to portray different shades and characteristics of everlasting love. And the books deliver.

Almost all the reviews for her series have been positive throughout the years and have also been described with vivid and exciting phrases. For starters, Shayla Black, New York Bestselling Times Author even used words such as “lip-biting sexual tension” and “sizzling romance” for the series and claimed that Rhyannon Byrd was unbeatable at this genre. Some other readers have even claimed to read the books multiple times and enjoyed each one more than the last.

Last Wolf Standing (Book 1):

Based on the main character, Mason Dillinger, this book is all about the werewolf’s quest for love under strange circumstances. Having been entranced by the scent of Torrance Watson in a cafe, he knows he needs her in his life. But it is romance versus loyalty as getting the woman of his dreams might just mean having to betray his pack. But just as the choice begins to seem impossible, Mason’s arch nemesis whom he has been hunting is now a threat to Torrance’s very existence and it is up to him to protect his lady love. In this suspense thriller combined with true passion, how will Mason make it through with both his family and Torrance by his side?

Last Wolf Hunting (Book 2):

Jeremy Burns, the male lead of part two of the series finds a newborn passion in a spirit walker named Jillian Murphy that he is setting eyes on after a decade and a half. By now he realizes his love for her is true and though their past had different ideas for them both, he is determined to finally make her his own. But first, they must join hands on a mission to protect the stability of his pack before the damage done becomes irreparable. Can they fight against fate and most importantly, will they succeed?

About the Author:

A cheerful mother of two and a happily married woman, Rhyannon Byrd enjoys spending time with her family among many other activities and even describes her husband as ‘a wonderful man who does all the cooking despite being busy’. Some of her most favourite beauties of life to appreciate include movies, music, art, nature and books. As a student, writing had always been her passion and she even majored in literature. Right from a young age, romance and erotica appealed to Rhyannon and impacted her deeply. Now, a Californian based in the UK, she uses a lot of her time pursuing her passion for writing and believes she is lucky to be doing something so creative and fulfilling for a living. She is an animal lover and also owns two dogs whom she adores. She loves to read and some of her favourite authors include Linda Howard, Shannon McKenna and Lisa Kleypas, to name a few.

On a parting note, these books are a must read for those who love anticipating the ride as mysteries and romance unfurl. Rhyannon Byrd has done a tremendous job in presenting her words with impeccable clarity and imagery that will remain with the readers for a very long time.

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