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Blue Bloods, which is a series comprising of vampire novels is staged in Manhattan, New York. It comprises of seven books in its complete series. The author of this novel has also written other two companion novels titled Bloody Valentine and keys to the respiratory. In addition, the author has written two spinoff series known as the Witches of East end and Wolf Pact, which have been made into movies. The blue blood series takes the reader through various characters’ adventures that include war, loyalty, mystery and romance. Some of the books in this series include Masquerade, Misguided Angel and Gates of Paradise.

Blue Bloods

The author portrays Blue Bloods as angels of Lucifer. They were loyal to him and fought numerous battles together with him when he wanted to overthrow the throne of heaven. Afterwards, the angels were thrown out of heaven to earth to live as vampires. The vampires have been portrayed to have high intelligence, enhanced memories, excellent speed and photographic memories.

A twin of angels, Azrael and Abbadon, who were lucifer’s most loyal lieutenants, surrendered when they saw that Lucifer was almost winning. The other angels followed suit by turning their backs against Lucifer but they couldn’t save themselves since they were banished from heaven.

Schuyler, a young Blue Blood, couldn’t fit in her private school in Duchesne. The author describes this character as one that preferred a simple way of life. She refused expensive designer labels and opted for second hand clothes that were too grungy. In addition, she loved living with her grandmother in an old mansion. Other people often found her strange but she saw nothing wrong with her way of life, in fact she much love for who she was and had only two friends, Dylan Ward and Oliver Hazard-Perry.

When she turns fifteen, she suddenly changes her way of life. One of her classmate at Duchesne dies and is found in a nightclub. This character notices intricate and mysterious blue veins on the body. Later on in the series, Schuyler is accepted into the “Committee’ and at first; she is reluctant about attending the meetings but later agrees after her grandmother’s insistence tendencies. At the “committee’ she discovers that she is a vampire. After the death of Cordelia, her grandmother, she realizes that she is on her own and her life could be in danger.


This is a book among the seven books in the series Blue Bloods and was published early May 2007. Schuyler travels to Venice, Italy, to look for Lawrence Van Alen, who turns out to be her grandfather. It is believed that Lawrence has information that could lead to possible answers for questions inside her head. However, the grandfather isn’t sure that he can provide the much needed help.

She goes back to New York and finds the community of Blue Blood preparing for the four hundred ball, which is an event occurring annually. She attends the event hoping to see her crush, Jack Force who doesn’t acknowledge seeing her.

On returning home, she is excited to find out that her grandfather has come to New York. Lawrence looks for assistance to build and restore the glory of the dilapidated mansion. He starts training Schuyler to perfect her vampire skills. Her life as a young vampire continues to be mysterious day by day. She begins growing weaker because of the mixed blood she has. This results to a complication in her human to vampire transformation.

Other two characters, Kingsley Martin and Mimi Force teamed up to come up with a plan to get rid of Schuyler. This is because of her and Jack’s relationship which may jeopardize the sacred bond between Jack and Mimi. The plan though results to a disaster putting many others in danger. Mimi’s blood legacy is put in to trial because of her deeds.


This is another early book in the series Blue Bloods. Here, the author begins by showing the rising controversy on allegations by Dylan against Schuyler. Schuyler has moved together with Charles Force. Charles Force is against any contact between Schuyler and her best friend, Oliver or grandfather. People are not aware of the secret romantic meetings between Schuyler and Jack that occurs inside one of their apartments. One time Mimi suspects something and follows them.

Bliss doesn’t tell anyone of the return of Dylan because she still has mixed feelings between fear and love for him. However, when he attacks Schuyler, she tells her father and Dylan is admitted into a Blue Blood’s therapy. The results for Kingsley’s true nature are released. She turns out to be a Venator and a Conclave member. The Conclave’s aim is to find out about Blue Bloods all over the world because Silver Bloods’ threat has grown immensely.

Lawrence goes to Rio to investigate the identity behind the growing Silver Blood problem leaving Schuyler in New York alone. While he is away, they communicate telepathically bringing no peace to Schuyler. More Conclave members travel to Rio and Schuyler and Oliver follow them secretly. During a Conclave gathering, they are attacked and many of them slaughtered. Among them, Nan Cutler is discovered to be a Silver Blood.

Schuyler, Oliver and Lawrence race to the Redeemer statue located in Corcovado, which is the prison holding Leviathan, who is a brother to Lucifer. They go there with the aim of trying to stop his freeing only to find him freed. Soon after reaching the mountain’s top, Lucifer himself attacked them and during the battle, Lawrence is stabbed, which was later discovered that the sword that stubbed him was poisoned, destroying his future reincarnation possibilities. Too much blood is shed in the battle, however, in a somehow discouraging outcome, the violence ends leaving Schuyler in danger once again.


The author introduces a vampire conception that is by far different from the traditional horror fiction which purports vampires as stake fleeing demons. She couples this with humor and fabulous and fanged gauzier trappings. The plot is perfectly staged and will surely keep book readers especially teens reading. Expectations and excitement are high in the lovers of the Blue Blood series since the author is planning to write the second edition of the Blue Blood series. Readers should brace themselves for a more captivating, humorous and addictive read.

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