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Blue Fire Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Blue Fire Saga Books

Scott Prussing is an American published author of fiction.

Scott was born in the United States in New Jersey. Even though he grew up in the Garden State, he made the choice to move to San Diego just as soon as he graduated from Yale University, getting his Master’s in psychology.

Scott Prussing is known for being the originator of the Blue Fire Saga. He is also known for writing the fantasy series Anomaly, which is set is post-apocalyptic settings. It was critically acclaimed. He is also known for writing the mystery and suspense series of novels Unturned Stones and published the Seduction series, which consists of five books and is for adults.

When Scott is not busy writing, he has plenty of hobbies to keep him busy. These include avoiding renting movies by going to the actual cinema to see a movie, going for a hike, going on a bike ride next to the beach, and playing a round of golf.

Scott Prussing believes that he remains just one of a few individuals living in the United States today that does not have a cellular phone. He also enjoys interacting with fans of his work. He has even gone so far as to put them into his stories as characters.

Scott Prussing is the creator and author of the Blue Fire Saga series. There are nine books in this series. The first novel is titled Breathless and came out in 2010. This paranormal romance series started off with a bang and did not stop. The sequel to come out was called Deathless. If you are looking for a unique and original series to check out, this is the one for you!

Breathless is the first book in the Blue Fire series and one in which readers get to meet the main character of Leesa Nyland for the first time. Leesa is just a freshman in college, but she knows that her favorite hobby continues to be vampires and not studying.

She has been fascinated by them for as long as she can remember, stretching back all the way to the age of three. It was more than just a fairy tale obsession for her. That was the same time when her mother started to act very strangely and not at all like herself. She was barely acting like a human being.

Leesa’s mother was not going outside at all when the sun was out and stayed inside when it was the day. She would say that the sun hitting her skin hurt, and the reason why would be tough for even a toddler to believe. She attributes it to the fact that she was likely bitten by a vampire with one fang.

The story that her mom told her stuck with Leesa to this day. She has always had an interest in vampires and the supernatural world as a result, even if it remains a fairy tale to other people. She may be fascinated with these creatures, but it is just a fascination. It doesn’t mean that she thinks that they are real or that her mother was telling the truth with her tall tale.

Leesa doesn’t believe in vampires the same way that she doesn’t believe that blue fire exists or there are individuals out there who are able to exist for centuries at a time. She doesn’t think kisses can kill or anything outlandish. But what she believes suddenly matters very little when her brother goes missing in action.

She always loved her brother dearly, and now he is nowhere to be found. Leesa is going to have to face up against what she really believes in a time of crisis. There is a time for guessing and a time to confront what you know deep down to be true. Can she figure out what’s going on and get her older brother back before it is too late? Pick up the debut book in this paranormal romance series by author Scott Prussing in order to find out!

Deathless is the thrilling second installment of the Blue Fire Saga. If you love paranormal romance stories with passion and suspense, this is the series for you!

Leesa Nyland never knew what to believe. The only thing that she knew was that her mother told her a story that led her to developing an extreme interest in vampires and the supernatural. She never looked back since. Even though this was a sort of hobby. Leesa never thought they were real until her brother went missing.

She was able to find her brother. The only thing was that she had to face down what she believed in so that she could do it. He was taken to a vampire coven cave and now she’s gotten him back and hoping that all of the supernatural events in her life are going to die down, no pun intended.

Leesa is doing everything that she can to try and get over the shock of it all. She’s now gotten her sibling back and is helping her mother get over a bite from a vampire. She is hoping that she can get back to enjoying life in college and just be a regular girl once more.

Unfortunately, things have gotten a little more complicated since the reader last left her. She has a boyfriend now that just happens to be a vampire hunter. He’s got a gift of the magical fire, and she can’t even touch him without getting burned up.

All she wants to do is give him a kiss and it is off the menu. But they have bigger problems when Leesa starts having dreams that involve rotten bodies that are struggling to get out of their graves. It’s a horrifying situation to be in, and then it gets even creepier when they start to actually come true.

Things get even weirder when objects start moving around her on their own. That’s enough for her to be about done with it all. She has no idea that there is a vampire out there that plans on using their power to achieve their mission of vengeance against Leesa. Can she survive it? Read this book to find out!

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