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Publication Order of Blue Heron Books

The Best Man (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Perfect Match (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Waiting on You (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Your Dreams (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anything for You (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

A true visionary within her field, Kristan Higgins is well known for her unique brand of romance that stands out above the rest in what’s otherwise an already highly crowded genre, as she tells traditional tales of love and passion in her own idiosyncratic style that manages to beckon the reader in with both her wit and her charm that many readers have come to find intoxicating over the years. An American author, she’s built herself up over her long and successful career with over three series and a number of stand-alone novels, which have become highly regarded within the industry, gaining praise not just from readers, but from critics as well, something which has been established by her many awards throughout her career, along with the respect of her peers and contemporaries, many of whom now regard her as an influence in her own right. Citing influences such as Gone With the Wind, which she’s reread numerous times, she’s got her feet firmly grounded and is a true master of her craft, as she continues to hone and refine her style to great success, something which is clearly displayed through her popularity. A series that she is particularly famous for is her Blue Heron series, a popular line of books the truly capture the essence of what she’s about and what she can offer the reader.

The Blue Heron series itself has been running for a short time now, but that isn’t to say that it hasn’t made an impact in its lifetime as it already has five books so far and counting, with more expected to follow shortly. Although these books can work as stand-alone titles, they do follow a general theme as they’re set within the same universe trailing a group of people disparately linked, along with all their loves and passions, as they navigate the world of modern romance. This means that, whilst some characters may appear in subsequent novels, their overall arcs are focused upon individually within each specific novel, thus allowing the reader to dip into the series wherever they so choose. With more expected to follow soon, this isn’t a series that’s going to be finishing anytime in the near future, as they continue to enchant critics and the public alike gaining readers from all across the globe worldwide.

The Best Man

Originally published on the 26th of February, 2013, this was to be the book that set-up the franchise as a whole, creating the tone for it all and building a sense of atmosphere for much of what was to follow. With a host of character types that were going to become familiar as the series progressed, along with a few recurring ones as well, this managed to convey the type of people that would inhabit these novels. Although they differentiate themselves from one book to the next, the overall general theme of them was clearly set-up here with its immediate sense of style.

After being jilted at the altar in her hometown, Faith Holland is having a hard time overcoming her past and looking for love again, but she hopes to put all that behind her and return to the Blue Heron Winery where her family’s vineyard is. It is here she meets Levi Cooper, the local police chief and best friend to her ex-fiance, and also the man that prevented her from getting married all those years ago as he was the one that inadvertently put a stop to it. The thing is they are beginning to develop feelings for one another, but she’s having a hard time putting the past behind her and look to the future. Will she be able to overcome the pain she’s felt before after being jilted that time? Can she learn to love once more? What will become of her as she finds herself falling for the best man?

The Perfect Match

Whilst not a direct sequel of the first, this was a book that managed to recapture the spirit of the original, whilst simultaneously taking it in a whole new and exciting direction. Initially published in 2013 on the 29th of October, this worked in building a light and breezy tone that swept the reader up, ensuring that they came back for more with the books to follow. Whilst it may have characters that are recurring from other novels to reward more loyal readers, it is still accessible to a wider audience allowing them to dip in at any time they may feel like.

This time Honor Holland has found herself being rejected by the man she has had a crush on all her life, as he’s now getting married to another woman, her best friend. Looking to get back on the scene and start dating again she hopes to find someone new, but that’s easier said than done if she wasn’t living in Manningsport New York, which has a population of 715. Working at the vineyard there, she soon finds a British man called Tom Barlow who wants a green card, so they embark on a marriage of convenience, but it all starts to change when they begin to fall for one another. Will she ever be able to get over her lifelong crush and move on finding someone new to share her life with? What will become of her relationship with the dashing British professor Tom Barlow? Can she ever truly find the perfect match?

The Blue Heron Series

With an easy going likeability, the breezy nature of these books means that people will continue to read them for many years to come, as more and more flock to them all the time discovering her work. Knowing exactly what emotion to employ and when, Kristan Higgins has complete control of the page and, in turn, the reader, as she effortlessly employs her skills with a minimum of fuss and hassle, allowing an accessibility for readers of all variety. This is something that will continue on into the foreseeable future, as she continues to enchant both critics and the general public alike with each subsequent release.

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