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Blue Ridge Library Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Blue Ridge Library Mysteries Books

A Murder for the Books (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shelved Under Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Past Due for Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound for Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Deadly Edition (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Renewed for Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in the Margins (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Checks Out (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Victoria Gilbert is an American published author known for writing cozy and traditional mysteries as well as fantasy.

Victoria grew up near the Blue Ridge Mountains. When she was younger, she was obsessed with reading. She ended up never leaving her passion for books behind and channeled that interest into her future careers as a librarian and an author. She graduated with her B.A. in theater, her M.A. in the subject of library science, and another M.A. for liberal studies.

Today Victoria is a full time author. She belongs to various writing groups that include International Thriller Writers, Sisters in Crime, and the Mystery Writers of America. Before she was a writer, Victoria had a few other jobs. She has been a research librarian, a reference librarian, and a library director. She still loves to read a book and write. When she is not busy doing that, she likes to spend time on her hobbies, gardening, watching movies, or traveling. She is married to her husband and they have a son together. They reside in North Carolina with their cats.

Victoria Gilbert is the creator and the author of the Blue Ridge Library Mystery series of novels. The series first became available for readers to enjoy in 2017, with the publication of the debut title, A Murder for the Books. Shelved Under Murder is the second book in this engaging cozy mystery series that features libraries heavily. The books in these series will have you laughing as well as turning the pages to find out what happens next.

A Murder for the Books is the first novel in the Blue Ridge Library Mystery series by author Victoria Gilbert. Readers get to meet Amy Webber, a librarian that runs into a local mystery in town.

Amy has decided that it’s time to move after a love affair that ended in disaster. There’s perhaps no better place to go than to the mountains of Virginia, to the quiet town where her aunt lives. The university librarian is going to make a fresh start and opt for a different change of pace. The local library in town is the perfect place to focus her attention. It’s charming, but it also needs a lot of help from Amy. The public library is lacking funds and there are still plenty of patrons that require assistance checking out and finding titles.

Amy turns her full attention to the library in an attempt to start turning the place around. She also notices that she has a new neighbor that seems to be single and even more charming than the local library. However, she also really doesn’t need someone getting her into trouble. Richard Muir is a former dancer now working as an instructor and choreographer. He got the farmhouse next door as an inheritance from his great uncle. The rumor around town is that the original owner of the house died by poisoning, courtesy of his outsider wife. She went to trial for murder in 1925 and then disappeared.

Richard wants to set history straight. He wants to clear the woman’s name since his great uncle loved her so much. He asks if Amy can help him when it comes to looking into this case. She doesn’t know whether she should and has her doubts about the case, until they do some research and she starts wondering about the families in town and how responsible they are in this. She may be surprised when the suspicion of culpability extends to her own family.

Meanwhile, the town starts to panic when unexplained murders start happening. Now Richard and Amy must figure out what’s going on, doing their research to get to the bottom of what might just be a conspiracy that seems beyond belief. Can they make an impact and provide resolution and closure from the past? Will they find out who’s responsible for the local murders before it’s too late? Find out by reading the first book in this cozy mystery series!

Shelved Under Murder is the second book in the Blue Ridge Library Mystery series by Victoria Gilbert. If you thought that the first book was fun or just love cozy mysteries, then check out the second installment of this series!

Taylorsford, Virginia is the setting for this story. The historic village is known for being picturesque. During the autumn season, the bright foliage with all of its colors means that this quiet village gets even more beautiful. It also gets a new group of tourists coming in to take part in the leaf-peeping season and to attend the Heritage Festival, which has arts and crafts and is a celebration of the history of the town.

The festival is quite involving, and Amy Webber is not looking forward to it. The library director knows she is going to be heading up the library’s yard sale fundraiser for two whole days and dreads it, but it has to be done. As she’s getting ready with Sunny, her assistant, they find a body. The body is pretty clearly dead and now Amy’s worried about that instead of the festival.

It turns out that she has good cause to be concerned. The victim was an artist of some repute, and the cause of death is gruesome. It turns out that he pallet knife was used as the murder weapon. The artist has a studio, and when searched it reveals several forged paintings. That’s when Brad Tucker, the chief deputy to the sheriff, figures out that the local librarian also is adept at researching art history. Once he realizes this, Amy’s asked to join the investigation and help out.

Amy knows that it won’t be easy, but she’s going to give it best shot. Then the art expert for the state finds that there may be a link between the murder and a dead uncle of Amy’s. Now she must get her Aunt Lydia to try and clear the name of her husband. Things get even more tense when the town is shaken up by yet another killing.

Everyone in town is on edge now. Can the team track down a murderer before another victim is claimed? Or will they be too late? Read this mystery to find out!

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