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Blue Ridge Sunrise (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweetbriar Cottage (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honeysuckle Dreams (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Magnolia Lane (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Blue Ridge by Denise Hunter

Blue Ridge is romantic series from the American fiction author of Christian, romance and contemporary books Denise Hunter. Hunter began her Blue Ridge series in 2015 when Sweetbriar Cottage the series debut was published. The book tells the story of two lovers who at first thought they were divorced only to discover that the divorce never got finalized. Slowly they build love from the ruins of their marriage to a happily ever after.
Magnolia Lane tells the story of Jack who struggles with hiding his feelings for daisy taking him through a dangerous turmoil. Overall each book in the series depicts creativity at the best level from the author.

Sweet Cottage

Sweetbriar Cottage is the first installment to the Blue Ridge Series. After discovering that their divorce never got finalized turns the lives of Noah and Josephine in better ways than they expected.

Noah had moved away and settled on a horse ranch after abandoning his dream job after losing the love of his love up the Blueridge Mountains of northern Georgia. On one fateful day, he receives a letter that clarifies the failure of the divorce that had taken place some time back. Losing Josephine was one of the last things that he expected, and this has pushed his life to a corner. Confronting Josephine reveals that there was a final part that they never got to sign making the divorce void.

Josephine was never satisfied with the decision of divorcing with her lover though she discovers that the failed marriage was also her mistake. She is not satisfied or at peace with the fact that they let each other though it already happened. When Josephine goes to deliver the paperwork to finish the entire process, they end up held up at the ranch when a snow catastrophe comes about. To Noah, Josephine is still the beautiful, brave and even more intruding than before. During this time at the ranch, they get tool; into the past and confront each other taking a more in-depth look at what led to their separating.
During this time held by the snowfall at the ranch, Josephine opens on her past digging deeper into things that she had never talked to Noah. Noah gets to realize that he is the only person that ever loved her unconditionally even if there were things that led to their getting divorced. He is left with a tough decision in which he either accepts her into his life or rejects her though he has already developed strong feelings for Josephine. Both of them discover that the separation gave them time to reflect on the contributions that each made in the other’s life. Their time together at the ranch acts as a duration for them to heal the past and forgive each other fort they all have things that they hold on from the past.

Noah is a hero for Josephine while she is also heroin to her only separated by the divorce. As time moves, they begin to embrace their feelings and shed of the coverts that have long created a distance. It takes fate to bring the two together, forgive and love each other all over again.

Sweetbriar Cottage is that story that will keep you held up from the first page to the last one. It is heartbreaking at some time, suspenseful and of course with instances that are romantic. This is one of those stories that you do not want to miss a single sentence.

Blue Ridge Sunrise

The second book in the Blue Ridge Series is the Blue Ridge Sunrise. Zoe has learned to live peacefully away from her hometown where her ex-boyfriend resides. The passing of her grandmother forces her to go back to the same area that she dreads the most as she has inherited some property from her though she is afraid the past will catch up and end her in problems.

Zoe already swore to never return to Blueridge mountains area after her one-time lover Cruz Huntley broke her heart. She gets the news about the passing of her granny alongside with the inheritance left behind for her and the daughter. Returning to Cooper Creek is a hard thing for as she knows it will start a relationship that was long forgotten. Alongside her boyfriend Kyle and her daughter, she decides to go back to this town though her heart is against this idea. According to the people around, Zoe was born to run the orchard. It is funny though as for Cruz forgetting the love he had for Zoe is something out of his way. Zoe is Brady’s little sister and also Cruz’s first love though they broke up some five years ago.

Cruz cheated on Zoe some years ago making her run away to a place unknown to many people him included. Kyle Jenkins is that kind of a guy referred to by many as a good for nothing person though Zoe took off with him to an unknown place. Five years later she returns to face her past. As they settle up in Creek, tension rises as she tries to balance her past and present and more so with the presence of the one person she had sworn never to have anything to do with irrespective of anything. According to Zoe, it is a hard decision between staying and running the ranch and moving away though deep down her she is drawn to spending time with her one-time lover, Cruz.

Cruz is like home to Zoe and sticking around means that she will eventually end up in his hands though a part of her is resenting this thought. Buried inside her is a secret that she fears will be revealed the moment she spends time around. Things get tense between the three main characters as a decision has to be made on whose side she has to fall. Fate eventually leads this two to take up from where they left amidst the conflicting circumstances.

Denise’s writing is incredible and one that will hold your attention all through the story. She is incredible when it comes to describing the various characters that she jogs around with to create an exceptional piece. You will end up wanting to associate with the individual persons introduced in each page.

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