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Blue Sky Hills Books In Order

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Publication Order of Blue Sky Hill Books

A Month of Summer (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer Kitchen (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond Summer (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dandelion Summer (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

A Month of Summer is the first book in the Blue Sky Hills by Lisa Wingate. In a Month of Summer, the author introduces the readers to Rebecca Macklin, a lady who has spent 30 years believing that her father had abandoned her together with her mother so that he could start a new life. Rebecca has held this bitterness for such a long time that she does not see how this bitterness has poisoned her relationship and has also cut her for so many years from her father’s love. The book begins as his father is fighting with Alzheimer’s disease, while her step mother Hannah-Beth has just experienced a massive stroke. Rebecca reluctantly boards a plane heading to Dallas. She leaves behind her 9-year-old daughter and her struggling marriage so that she could spend several days taking care of Teddy her stepbrother and his father as well.

Their caretaker had suddenly left the house, and in the process, he had left behind disconnected utilities, empty bank accounts, and an exceedingly filthy house. Hannah Parker is more than determined to ensure that she can regain her speech powers and also take control of her bodily functions. The idea that her son and husband depend on the impulses of her exceedingly hurt and angry stepdaughter really scares her. She fully understands that Rebecca has no idea of what really happened before. As for now, Hannah is trapped in her rather uncooperative body with only her nurses, neighbor, and Claude, a fellow patient for a company. With that said, A Month of Summer is a story about family. It is also a story about learning to trust, love and forgive as well.

A Month of Summer is characterized as Christian Fiction. In this book, the reader is definitely going to savor Lisa Wingate literal prose, which many at times is lyrical but not overblown. Furthermore, the reader is also going to appreciate the author’s elegant and thorough narration, where she mainly uses two points of view characters, Hannah Beth and Rebecca. In Rebecca, the reader is going to find a protagonist that he or she is going to relate with. Furthermore, Rebecca gets to learn that so as to escape back to her life and also settle things, she must first create a new relationship with her estranged family. The Summer Kitchen is also another installment in the Blue Sky Hills book series. In this installment, Sandra Kaye’s family is just recovering from their uncle’s mugging and murdering as well. While looking for a renewed sense of hope meaning in her life, SandraKaye throws herself into a countless number of projects and tasks in her uncle’s old.

SandraKaye eventually finds herself thrown in the middle of a situation that she would never have predicted. Apart from SandraKaye, the author also introduces the readers to Cass and her brother who are on the run after the sudden death of their mother due to cancer. Upon running, Cass and her brother left their siblings behind with their ill-intentioned and unfit father. Cass’s brother eventually picks up an exceedingly young woman. The life that Cass is busy struggling to maintain appears to be falling apart even more. Cass and SandraKaye are drawn together over free jelly and peanut butter sandwiches. The two eventually form a relationship that grows exceedingly strong than anyone of them could ever fathom. When word spreads about the free sandwiches, throughout the low-income projects that Cass resides in, the house of Sandra Kaye’s uncle begins to throng with children who are looking for food and eventually love and life again.

The Summer Kitchen is the second book in the Blue Sky Hills. According to the title of the book, it indicates that this book is mainly about the psychological aspects of bereavement bout runways, about family, town life, and city.; the experiences of the protagonist, the experiences the death of Poppy, her precious uncle and the disappearance/loss of her Jake, her adopted son. However, as it is the case in life when one door closes another door opens. Just as Sandrakaye was preparing to sell Poppy’s house while longing for her son as well, she meets with one Cass Blue and Rusty her child, who are currently on the run and are protected by the Child Protective Services. SandraKaye bumps into Cass at a subsidized housing project’s Dumpster, a place where a majority of the children who reside in the complex usually come to forage for food.

The protagonist’s initial reaction is one that is a mix of confusion and disgust. Why would the children go through the dumpster for something to eat? However, as fate would have it, Cass and Sandrakaye cross paths until the protagonist came to the realization that just around the corner, a few meters from her exceedingly comfortable family home, there were several neglected children who resided there. The children normally went hungry to bed each night. Once SandraKaye came to that realisation, a friendship was born between Cass and SandraKaye. As the two begin to work together on a feed the children project, each of the characters fill the holes, which were left by their losses.

Beyond Summer is the third book in the Blue Sky book series. Just like the previous installments, the stories are told from three different perspectives. Sesay is an older woman from a region that is unknown to her. The only thing that Sesay remembers is her father being taken away. While her father was being taken away, she escaped to her grandfather, who managed to put her and her aunt on a boat. Sesay is running from an unknown man, who has taken her children and is threatening to send her back to the boat of she fails to pay what she owes him. Shasta is also another lady in this book, who is married and has two young boys and another baby on the way. She is regarded as the black sheep of the family. Shasta and her husband who is a police trainee. Tam is another important character in this book. She is the daughter of a former professional football player.

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