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Publication Order of Blue Steele Books

By: Remington Kane, Donald Wells

Blue Steele is the main character in a series of novels written by best-selling American author Remington Kane. Remington Kane is the pseudonym used by American novelist Donald Wells, and that could be the reason why this author might be unfamiliar with some readers in the world today.

Donald Wells has gained popularity for scripting darker and somehow some serious novels about elite killers. Wells was born in New Jersey, United States, and he has since never left and made a home there. Most of Well’s childhood was spent reading books, and this suggests the reason as to why his interest in writing sparked. He spent many hours reading any book that he came across and it is not long before he started yearning to write books. Like many aspiring authors, Wells apparently knew that he had the capacity to write novels, but at first he was somehow hesitant to venture the uncharted water not only because he was not aware how to write a book but also because he did not have confidence in his writing abilities. Fortunately, through determination, Wells has managed to become one of the prolific authors in the modern world.

Bounty Hunter, Capture

From the author of Taken series, Remington Kane comes the first installment in Blue Steele series. The series introduces a bounty hunter by the name Blue Steele. When a suspected murderer, Vincent Kane escapes bail, Blue Steele decides to hunt him down for a bounty of ten thousand dollars. However, when the alleged killer guilt comes into question, Blue Steele keeps on searching for the man and this time not for the money but because she wants answers.

Who murdered the suspected killer’s wife? Was it Kane or could it be her lover? In the end, Blue finds out the truth and learns that the human heart holds the key to many secrets.

The first series book is an enjoyable read. The author introduces a lead character as you have never seen before. Blue is not your ordinary bounty hunter; she is a girly girl who is comfortable handling knives and other deadly weapons. Her father was a Texas Ranger who was presumed dead when a covert assignment went bad. Blue owns a Ford F150 and adores pedicures, and she is the best bounty hunter in her agency, and most surprisingly she has trouble keeping boyfriends.

Her life is working out very well, and everything is going good with her date until when she sees a man with a tag on him. She attempts to take this guy on quietly only to end up shooting him in the knee while protecting herself from him. It is also revealed that Blue has a secret crush on Dr. White husband, George the deadliest man in the world, from Taken series. She calls him Big Boy and their relationship is almost perfect as they pick up possible clues and work alongside correctly.

Blue Steele- Broken

In Broken, the second novel in Blue Steele series, Blue Steele the main character in the series becomes a mentor to a young bounty hunter by the name Blondie, even when a serial killer begins terrorizing people. What follows next, three bounty hunters are killed by the serial killer. Gary subsequently asks his girlfriend Blue to go into hiding, and in the meanwhile mentee, Blondie proves herself trustworthy.

Someone is keeping an eye on Blue, as the serial killer hunts for more victim, and as Blue and Blondie save the day, he or she faces a serious disagreement that threatens to ruin his or her relationship. After one of the Blue’s old and good friend is reported missing, it is feared that the killer has struck again. In the meantime, Blondie gets in over her head, and this time even Blue cannot help her. Soon after an unexpected ally then saves blondie, she and Blue make up once again, but Blue has the reason to distrust Blondie when she learns about some disturbing news from some reliable source.

Meanwhile, Gary and Blue relationship are on the verge of collapsing and Blue is faced with a situation in which she needs to make one life to alter the decision. Moreover, when the real identity of the serial killer is finally revealed, Blue must face a showdown with tragic results which finally land her in deep despair.

That Which Doesn’t Kill Me

In the fourth series installment novel, That Which Doesn’t Kill Me Blue Steele gets a long awaited news about her father who was reported missing after a covert assignment went bad, even when her professional and personal lives are in turmoil.

Ramon, Blue’s boyfriend, requests Blue to be hesitant before accepting while the mysterious Lawson offers Blue Steele one attractive opportunity. As Blue’s emotions and mind roil in tumult, she becomes focused on capturing the man who rough and violent act changed her life, while vividly knowing that if she fails it means death, and if she survives the battle, her whole world will change forever.

On the Hunt

After significant changes took place in Blue’s world some months earlier, she is now settling into her new life, and now she is the deadliest person she has ever pursued, a female serial killer named Victoria Belle. The assignment to capture Victoria Belle has Blue on the run and forces her to travel from Indiana all the way to Washington DC and eventually to the streets of Manhattan. However, Victoria proves to be an elusive killer on the loose, and only a violent battle will determine who comes out victorious. Even surprising more may change as Blue Steele reveals a shocking secret about herself.

Past Sins

In the sixth series installment, Blue manages to team up with a female police officer who is working on a cold case file of a dead woman who was found fatally shot to death some decades ago. When the two allies now draw close to finding the truth the case just turns out deadly. Also Blue forge alliances with Jessica White and her competent and talented husband to stop a team of serial killers terrorizing the citizens, and furthermore, Jake Caliber, Blue’s cousin lends a helping hand and to make the alliance work and achieve success, the hit man from the Tanner series, Mr. Tanner himself joins them.

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