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Publication Order of Bluebonnet Books

The Girl's Guide to (Man) Hunting (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Billionaire of Bluebonnet (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Expert's Guide to Driving a Man Wild (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Virgin's Guide to Misbehaving (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bad Boy of Bluebonnet (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jessica Clare is the author of the Bluebonnet series and many other novels. She is a renowned writer who has done several and good work. She currently stays in North Texas in a small town known as Teeny without starbucks. She loves pets and this is one of her best company. She also stays with her husband and Keurig. In her career as an author, she now written a number of books and this is the reason why she has decided to currently write under three different names. She is the best-selling author who has produced a wide range of book. Under her first name Jessica Clare, she mainly writes erotic romance contemporary. She also writes as Jessica Sims. Under this, she writes different categories like the sexy Shifter paranormal and fun that will always make your day fantastic. Just get her books and you will love them. Under her third name, she is known as Jill Myles where she does writing under categories like the fairy gone wrong, sexy and urban fantasy comedy. These are the three different pen names that you will find Jessica Clare writing hence whenever you see these names then you will actually know that that is her work. She has written various romance books like the “Billionaire Boys Club Novel”, “Bluebonnet”, “Games Novel” and many more. These are just but some of the myriad jobs that she has published. She began her writing career in September 2012 and up to date, she has done marvelous work that you will always enjoy reading. There are books she has written together with other authors too. Her first book that was published in 2012 is known as “The Billionaire of Bluebonnet”.

In the bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare, she has written seven different novels that will always romance you and inspire you in life. The genesis book of the series was published in 2012 and has got very positive reviews from the readers. This is because this romance book is very interesting and you will always love reading it. The novel is entitled “The Girls’ Guide to (Man) Hunting”. The second book of the series which is entitled as “The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male” was also published in 2012 and everyone who has read the book has always given it a positive review. They are not only romance but also educating the girls on various factors about relationship. Her latest book in this series was published in 2014.

The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting

This is one of the best romance novels that was published in 2012. It is the first work done in the Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. The setting of the book is based in Bluebonnet Texas with some of the character being Miranda Hill and Dane Croft. Miranda was once the girlfriend to Dane Croft and by now he is her ex-boy-friend. Once they had separated, Dane Croft who is a pro-hockey player left the town but returns some nine years later. Dane Croft abandoned her and left her in the small town to work for herself. These memories are disturbing Miranda as she can see that the photos are all over the internet and everyone in the town can see them. It is now about nine years when Dane Croft walks back into the town and this is the point that Miranda Hill can easily turn the tables on him. Miranda is not happy at all and she wants to take the sneakily sex revenge on him. This is the reason why Miranda enrolls in the school that was started by Dane Croft on his return to the small town. The school is located in an old ranch and it is for survival training. For Miranda to take the revenge, she has to get very close with Dane Croft once more. She was very polite for the nine years she was left by Dane after breaking her heart and now she thinks this is the right time to be naughty. She therefore has no single thought of getting back with the man who broke her heart nine years ago and dumped her to struggle on her own. This is just but a short summary of the book that provides you with the overview of what you will be reading once you get your copy. Go online or visit any nearby library to get all the copies of the Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. This is one of her best romance books that you will enjoy reading.

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male

This is the second book in the Bluebonnet series. This book was published in the same year as the first book. The main character in this book is known as Beth Ann Williamson who has finally made to end the on and off with her nine years fiancé. She is now very determined to show to the people of Bluebonnet that she can do it without the aid of her fiancé. Nobody can believe her in the town when she tries to talk about her final decision about their broken love. She even rejects her fiancé offer and opens her own salon. Beth Ann finds it very challenging without the help of his fiancé and cannot even get her way out of the woods she is stranded in the downpour. Another character known as Colt Waggoner who is a die-hard survivalist has just been sent into the town to look for the princess who has been pampered. Colt gets very angry because Ann Beth cannot recognize his help. Due to this, Colt plans to teach her a lesson and one weekend he takes her out in the wild. They are only the two of them and all their clothes are very wet and muddy that they are almost coming off the body. It is then at this particular moment when Colt thinks that Beth may not be spoiled princess as he has always imagined of. Beth then thinks that it is time to turn Colt down after one night stand. This is because he realizes that it will require more nights for her to satisfy the man on her bed.

The story is very enjoyable that you shouldn’t miss reading. Books are available online and in the local libraries at affordable prices.

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