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Publication Order of Blurred Lines Books

Blurred Lines is one of Erin McCarthy’s more successful series of novels. The series began in 2014; and like most of Erin’s work, it wasn’t a particularly long series, though it seemed to garner even more interesting and support than the True Believers Series that came before.

+The Story

Blurred Lines is a New Adult series of novels. It doesn’t really do much to branch out of that genre, though some books have been known to throw a few thriller elements into the mix.

The Blurred Lines series is arguably more popular than True Believers, and it isn’t that hard to understand why. The Blurred Lines series is a little darker than True Believers. While the novels in the series definitely fall within the romance genre, there are elements of danger that permeate most of the Blurred Lines stories.

That doesn’t mean the novels stand apart from the typical NA book; rather, Erin places a little more emphasis on the exciting and more dangerous aspects than in her previous books; which is why you have characters on the run, dealing with abusive relationships and nefarious secrets whose manifestation could bring physical harm to the some of the protagonists in the Blurred Lines series.

Most intriguing about the Blurred Lines series is the way the novels seem to mimic classical literature; in fact, it could be argued that the Blurred Lines series is merely a retelling of classic tales like Jane Eyre that Erin McCarthy has chosen to update for the modern times.

In that regard, the reception some of her books in this series have received has depended largely on the opinion readers have of the classical stories upon which they are based.

+The Author

Erin McCarthy is as vibrant as the novels she writes, having expressed a love for martinis, high-heeled boots, and the beach. Her books have considerable pull in the NA and contemporary romance arena.

She has written dozens of books in the NA genre, garnering global acclaim from romance enthusiasts and collected a few accolades in the process.

+You Make Me

Caitlyn Michaud didn’t have the easiest childhood. The revolving door of foster siblings meant that Caitlyn didn’t have nearly as much stability as she might have hoped. However, one sibling, Heath, stood out.

Their intense and passionate year falling in love only made the resulting betrayal that much more devastating when Heath suddenly left without a word. On that day, Caitlyn vowed to scrub Heath from her mind, putting the deep rooted memories of his sensual touch and their all-consuming friendship away.

In trying to move on, Caitlyn wasted no time rising above her impoverished roots in college. She completely transformed her appearance and joined a sorority. Ethan, her boyfriend, was merely the icing on the cake.

The Pre-law major and frat president was everything Caitlyn could possibly want, thoughtful and always striving to make her laugh; through Ethan, Caitlyn was able to acquire the acceptance she sought.

However, her perfect world didn’t last, quickly decimated by Heath who appeared rather suddenly one unexpected night. Every reason that initially drove her to Heath came rushing back to Caitlyn, even reasons that made little sense to her.

No longer in the military, Heath couldn’t be any more intense or brooding, and he has not only determined to win her back but to unleash his wrath against all those individuals that kept Caitlyn away from him.

The first book in the Blurred Lines series has a lot of positive reviews. The prologue, in particular, has been called fantastic, crafting the perfect atmosphere and setting up the drama that unfolds later on.

Opinions on the love triangle are a little mixed. Heath stuns Cat when he suddenly returns and vows to win her back, this at a time when her relationship with Ethan is looking to take another leap forward.

Some readers don’t think the love triangle really delivers, primarily because Cat isn’t the nicest of protagonists. The fact that she seems to trample on Ethan’s feelings so wantonly didn’t appeal to readers.

It also doesn’t help that this story is predictable in every way, hitting almost all the New Adult Romance clichés that one can imagine. That doesn’t make it a terrible book, however. Erin McCarthy should be commended here.

Her writing keeps readers engaged, her descriptions and essential flashbacks allowing the characters and their personalities to come to life. This book should be average but Erin manages to keep things unexpectedly interesting.

+Live for Me

Tiffany Ennis has never known privacy, having spent most of her life in and out of foster care. An opportunity to housesit a mansion on the coast of Maine presents her the opportunity to enjoy the bliss of isolation and peace.

However, everything changes when the owner makes an unexpected visit to his compound. Tiffany cannot help but find him sexy and intriguing. The fact that he reciprocates her interest surprises Tiffany even while drawing her in further.

Everyone always told her she was plain; however, Devin Gold makes her think otherwise. The top producer decides to hole up in Maine in the dead of winter. And he won’t stop prying into her business.

Yet, rather than annoyance, Tiffany cannot help but enjoy their intellectual sparring matches; she quickly falls for him, even knowing that he is so much older, richer and might view her as little more than a momentary amusement.

However, Devin’s protective attitude towards Tiffany suggests something deeper, and Tiffany cannot help but wonder whether she should pursue a man that is still very much married.

Live For Me is basically Jane Eyre in modern times, and it is an interesting read, though hardly perfect. Devin and Tiffany are curious protagonists that are obviously good for one another, this despite what some people might think when meeting them for the first time.

The meat of this story lies in the many interactions between Devin and Tiffany. Watching them clash over their differences even while being mesmerized by one another’s lives drives the plot, raising the tension in each scene.

If this book has one failing it is the odd personality switches and relationship jumps that that happen down the line.

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