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The Bo Blackman series is a series of Urban Fantasy novels written by one of the popular authors of Scotland named Helen Harper. It consists of a total of 5 books published between the years 2014 and 2015. This series is listed among the highly successful novel series that author Helen Harper has written. All the novels of the series feature the fictional character of Bo Blackman as the central character, who has been described by the author as a rookie private investigator. She works for one of the private investigation firms based in London. Bo Blackman generally gets involved in the cases related to the daemons and vampires. But, she likes to work mostly on the cases involving the humans. The plots of all the novels of the series are set in the city of London, about which Samuel Johnson has said if you become tired of this city, you become tired of life. And if the streets of the city of London are thrown a mixture of daemons, witches, and vampires, they become filled with several thrilling characters and some hidden pleasures. This also causes the danger to life to be lurking in each and every corner of the city.

A similar plot has been described in all the novels of the Bo Blackman series by author Helen Harper. In the series, private investigator Bo Blackman is shown as facing a lot of struggles to hold on to her identity as a human in the middle of the vampires and the daemons of the city of London. She is forced to deal with numerous events of murder, betrayal, blackmail, and bribery. It is believed that just as the London city never sleeps, Bo Blackman also goes on and on with her investigative works with stopping. Her private investigation firm does not normally give her the tribe based assignments, which she considers to be quite good for herself as she does not seem much interested in the cases of the vampires and the daemons. If the investigative cases are related to the humans, Bo Blackman seems quite happy and interested to do them.

The first novel of the Bo Blackman series written by author Helen Harper was published under the title ‘Dire Straits’. It was released in the year 2014 by the Createspace publishing house. The plot of this novel deals with one of the investigation cases of Bo Blackman as a private investigator in which she goes on to save the life of a daemon. Eventually, she becomes successful in uncovering a dangerous and sinister plot, but is left with a difficult decision to make which could change her life forever. Bo Blackman is forced to choose between joining the vampire family named Montserrat and her normal life as a human. If she chooses the former one then she will be required to lose all that is very precious in her human life. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Bo Blackman is introduced a rookie private investigator, who works for a private investigation firm named Dire Straits based in the city of London. She is described by author Helen Harper as not getting the triber-based assignments quite often, which she thinks to be well for her.

In her entire career as a private investigator, Bo Blackman has never shown interest in working on the cases related to the daemons and vampires. She always seems quite interested in working on the cases involving the human victims and criminals. However, during one of the instances as a private investigator, she is required to serve a summon for one of the dangerous and dodgy daemons named Devlin O’Shea. In the events that follow later, Bo Blackman ends up saving the life of Devlin instead of getting framed for murdering him. As a result, her life takes quite a shocking turn. But, she felt that it was even worse for her. Soon, the families of the vampires also begin to involve themselves in the case of Bo Blackman and Devlin O’Shea, because of whom she is not able to think of a solution to her problems. Having not left with many options, Bo Blackman does not know which way she must go in order to save herself from the vampire families. The Mosterrat family of the vampires force her to join the vampires and leave her human life forever. But, Bo Blackman seems to be in a dilemma because if she agrees with them, then she will have to lose all that is very close to her heart and considered to be very precious to her.

Bo meets Devlin O’Shea for the first time at the start of the novel when they are needed to share their information so as to find out why they were being targeted. Then the investigation of Bo Blackman is interrupted by the involvement of the Vampire Houses. At first, she is asked to join one of the Houses as a new recruit so as to try and find out the traitor in the House. It seems to be quite a tough challenge for her because she can remain a part human and have her normal life as a human only if she becomes successful in surviving the initial part of the investigation. It requires her to stay in the Bloodlust for a month and prevent herself from the temptation of drinking the human blood because if she does so, then she will become a vampire forever and will not be able to come back to her normal life as a human. Bo Blackman becomes very much scared and horrified even at the thought of being a vampire forever. The novel went on to become extremely successful and was nominated for the Kindle Book Award in the category of the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel in the year 2015.

The second novel of the Bo Blackman series was published by author Helen Harper herself in the year 2014. It was titled ‘New Order’ and continued to depict the life of Bo Blackman as a private investigator based in London. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that she is trying to adjust to her new life as a vampire, but she does not seem to do well. She becomes sick at the idea of drinking the human blood and in spite of her enhanced skills as well as getting the attention of Lord Montserrat, Bo Blackman seems determined to find the cure for her condition. Soon, she is taken to a small magic shop named Fingertips and Frolic because of searching for the cure illegally, she finds herself entangled in a dangerous game, which leads to murderous consequences. To make the matter worse, she is asked to take on a case related to an apparent kidnapping. The case appears to quite difficult to solve than she thinks because there is no demand for ransom and the client also seems to be suspicious in his activities.

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