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Sandcastle for Pegasus (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Twisted Perception (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beneath a Buried House (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Footprints of a Dancer (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Identity Theft (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Mystery in the Wind(2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bob Avey
Bob Avey is a mystery writer with a few novels and short stories to his name. Among his notable works is the Detective Elliot series. The series star a rookie detective named Elliot with a colorful past and a habit of getting himself in trouble. Avey also doubles as an accountant working with a petroleum firm. The author lives in Oklahoma with his wife and son.

Twisted Perception
Twisted Perception is the first book in the Detective Elliot series. The story features Kenny Elliot, a police detective with a dark secret. Kenny grew up in a small town where he was forced to flee from after a nasty rumor that kept on threatening his peace. A bizarre murder sends him back to this small city where he will be confronted by the same nightmares, he ran away from years ago.

Lagayle Zimmerman loses his life most brutally. In the vehicle where his body is discovered, a shiny necklace can be seen dangling from the rearview mirror. This necklace takes Elliot nine years back. He remembers that the Mustang, where his friend’s mutilated body was discovered, had a similar chain in the mirror. Is it possible that Johhny and Marcia’s case was not a murder-suicide as it was previously thought? Why has the killer waited close to a decade to strike again? What did he have against the teenage boys?

Kenny Elliot has a difficult childhood. Elliot not only grew up without a father, but he did not get much guidance from his troubled mother. The only adult he had in his life was Sheriff Chalie Johnson. Elliot was known for his hot temper. When Marcia Barnes and Johnnie Boy’s bodies were found mutilated in a car, most people assumed he was responsible. Elliot took sheriff Johnson’s advice and left town, hoping that he will never go back there again. Fortunately, the determined teenager went ahead to complete his studies and now worked with the Oklahoma police department.

When Jonathan Alexander or Johnnie Boy, as he was fondly called, died, people blamed Elliot for the murder. Even though no arrests were made, Elliot had to deal with the heartbreak of losing a friend and getting blamed for it. When Elliot visits the crime scene, he is convinced that Lagayle’s killer is the same person who killed his friend. The police detective throws himself into this case, going back in time and working to also solve his friend’s murder. As the details unfold, they once again point to Elliot. It is at this point that he realizes that a trip down memory lane is inevitable. Elliot had to uncover the truth and get his friends the justice they deserved.

Twisted Perception is a fast-paced, character-driven story. With an intricate plot, the author delivers this mystery that goes back to the main character’s childhood. Aside from being entertaining, Twisted Perception exposes the psychological scars caused by abuse, especially during the formative years. This story is also a clear reminder that it is impossible to outrun the past. Somehow, the past always catches up with you no matter how far or fast you run.

Beneath a Buried House
Beneath a Buried House is the second book in the Detective Elliot series. The story is centered on suspected Satan-worshipping guys who are involved in many evil deeds. Here, the past meets the present through a twisted individual who is on a killing rampage. Innocent people have lost their lives; the bad guys have not been spared either. At the end of the day, it is clear that things are, at times, different from what they seem.

In this story, detective Kenny Elliot is on a mission to uncover the circumstances leading to the death of a transient. On the surface, the death looks like a John Doe overdose case. However, a little digging reveals a huge deception and a web of misdirection. Elliot follows the trail only to encounter an intricate web he has no idea how to deal with. With only his strength of character and personal sense of right from wrong, Elliot takes on this case, hoping to stop the evil. Things take an interesting twist when the investigation puts Elliot on the murder’s radar. How will Elliot get all the details with a ruthless murder on his tail? Should Elliot also worry about the other cult members?

Even after working the case for a while, things do not get any easier. Elliot has come to a dead-end only to discover another body. Many in the police department think that the case is unsolvable, and some of Elliot’s seniors want the rookie detective off this case. How does Elliot continue with his search for the truth without rattling more feathers? Will his efforts bear any fruits and ensure that justice is served?

Away from work, Elliot is doing his best to live a normal life. First, he is helping the neighbor with a disabled son. The detective’s life has not been easy, and he tries to make life better for those around him. Elliot is also falling in love with an intriguing woman. His love interest will put Elliot in a lot of trouble later, but in the end, the talented detective will come off victorious. Elliot is a believable character, and it helps that the author develops him well in this story. Despite his many flaws, Elliot is determined to do his part in making the world a better place.

This is a fast-paced story with many unexpected twists and turns. The cast is quite diverse, and the building tension will leave you at the edge of your seat. If you love detective stories, you can be sure that you are going to love Beneath a Buried House. Follow Detective Elliot on this adventure and see how much he is willing to risk to nab notorious killers and stop a cult threatening the safety of Tulsa residents. Just like the first book in this series, this piece comes with a lesson. The dangers of cults are exposed.

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