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Author Bob Burton was born on August 9, 1938 and died on September 22, 2016, just over a month after he turned 78. He used to work as a bounty hunter, and he created the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents (which is also called NABEA). Through creating this association, industry standards were established for bail enforcement agents, as were certifications and professional training. It also elevated how the media and public saw the Bail Enforcement Agents all over the world. He left the field of bounty hunting to work on international child abduction cases before retiring in the year 2012.

Bob Burton writes the “The Manhunter” series, which is about the field of bounty hunting. He also has written some other books about what working in the bounty hunting field is like and what the job entails. His books are from the genres of military fiction and non fiction.

“Bounty Hunter” is a book that Bob Burton had published. Bountymen (like their counterparts in the old west) tracks a bail fugitive, arrests him, and turns him over to police. All for the money.

Through this book, you can learn how to gain a bondsman’s confidence, get the correct tools, follow and apprehend a fugitive, along with many other things. There are about six million bail jumpers that are out and walking the streets. This makes the field of bounty hunting a gold mine for those who are both daring and intelligent. The book even includes a list of laws of bounty hunting, it even shows how different states will differ.

“Crimson Hit” is the first novel in the “The Manhunter” series and was released in the year 2012. Dev Shannon loves the job he has. He gets to travel all over, make good money, meet some neat people, and drag some of so that they can face justice. He is the top bounty hunter in San Diego, and there is no shortage of perpetrators for him to haul in. Business is always good, and he is always open.

The latest assignment he has taken is a personal one. Julio Sanchez (a drug kingpin) took out one of Dev’s oldest friends. Before Dev can get started on it, he has to clear two cases. He has to track a doctor’s family and some little rich boy from Seattle. He works with Google (any good bail enforcer’s best friend), the usual dirty pool, and some support given to him by his Siamese cat Futa should make things run smoothly.

The hardest thing he has to do is still ahead, and does not want to play anymore games. He will see some lowlifes, call some favors he has coming in, and then he will be good to go to hunt the most dangerous quarry he has faced. For revenge, not for money or justice.

Fans of the novel found that the author, through his experiences, was able to create an authentic story that was true to life, but also a thrilling novel. Dev Shannon is a fascinating character that hunts bad guys, but retreats to his home to see his cat. The best part in the novel, is right in the middle, right when Dev is about to do the impossible, and it made the book hard to put down.

“Quiet Ops” is the second novel in the “The Manhunter” series and was released in the year 2012. Brad Bennedict (a private investigator and bounty hunter) lives a quiet life in Montecito. He works in a mix of killings, crime, and corruption. He is a man hunter and he and his men at Quiet Ops are the best there are.

A billionaire named Grenwald Stanton calls up to tell them his beautiful twin girls have been ruffied and are addicted heroin. They were hooked on the drug by a rapper named Jo Jo Bling and Stanton says he will pay beaucoup bucks for their return. Brad, T-Rex, and Cocoa take the case and go on the hunt. The main lady bounty hunter at Quiet Ops, who is named Monique, is right in the middle of the action.

Stanton is abducted without paying, things turn sour. It goes from the gold plated Montecito to Florida and the snake and gator filled swamps; which makes it official, it is a man hunt.

Fans of the novel found this to be hard to put down for very long; you just have to keep on reading to see what happens next. This made things hard for some people to get anything done, as it all had to wait for them to finish reading. The dialogue is realistic and all the characters are well written; these characters are even interesting that help move the story forward. Some found that they even laughed out loud at some of the funny lines in the book. Not to mention, a fast paced plot full of great action bound to make it easy for you to read in a single sitting.

“Bullet Blues” is the third novel in the “The Manhunter” series and was released in the year 2012. The thing about Dev Shannon is that he never goes looking for trouble. It just tends to be with him when he wakes up in the morning. In this case, he has a tough one on his hands. An old friend’s wife has disappeared and a friend faces a charge of murder rape.

Dev has some other paying clients. Like tracking down a divorce who has stolen her client’s favorite possession (a small lap dog). Not to mention some yacht hands (who are holding a grudge) have stolen a multi-millionaire’s yacht. Dev and his crew find that they are in deep in Trinidad.

Fans of the novel like the characters, setting, and story this time out. The novel is a fast paced, thrilling read that will excite readers until even after the last page has been read. Some find that Dev is both fantastic and quite human. Readers found this to be hard to put down, they were hooked on the story and could not step away from the action. Some enjoy the books and hope to read even more about these interesting characters.

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