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Publication Order of Bob Danforth Books

Terror Cell (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nostradamus Secret (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Evil Deeds (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lone Wolf Agenda (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Ship (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sins of the Fathers (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Carnevale Conspiracy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Bob Danforth” series written by Joseph Badal follows the lives of married couple named Liz and Bob Danforth as well as their son Michael over the course of forty years (from 1971 until 2011). Twenty-eight years of this time is spent in the first novel, as Liz and Bob try and get back their son who is kidnapped by a group of criminals. It charts his son as he goes from being a kid to his kidnapping and later recruitment into the Army, even his later marriage. It also shows Bob’s move from the Army to the CIA and everything that he tries to do as a father trying to get his son back.

“Evil Deeds” written by Joseph Badal is the first book in the “Bob Danforth” series. The novel starts out taking place in 1971, but time advances. It stars on a lovely spring day in a quiet suburb in Athens. Liz and Bob’s morning start just like any other with them eating breakfast together and Bob roughhousing with their son Michael. Everything was going good. When Bob leaves for his Army unit, that is when everything starts to go south. Michael is abducted and taken to Bulgaria by a group of thugs. It begins an almost thirty year journey to get their son back. Bob winds up leaving the Army due to the fact that he entered Bulgaria without permission. He gets recruited into the CIA, while Michael goes into the Army and later is captured by a Serbian SPETSNAZ team in Macedonia. He later marries the daughter of the criminal who kidnapped him when Michael was just a child. There is a lot going on in this novel, and the reader is put through a lot to get through the novel.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the action that was in the novel as it was fast paced and kept things moving at a breakneck pace; not to mention that there is a lot of action to be found in the novel. Even with all the action that is found in the novel, there are still well drawn characters that are engaging (not to mention interesting), and the novel has plenty of suspense in it. All of these things keep the readers reading and trying to figure out what will happen next throughout the novel. Some found that they could not put the novel down, once they had been pulled in by the great writing. Military fiction fans will enjoy reading about some of the nineties technology. Some found that they had a fun time while reading this novel, and Liz was a lot more than just a simple whiny wife that pops up in a lot of these kinds of novels.

“Terror Cell” written by Joseph Badal is the second book in the “Bob Danforth” series. Bob Danforth is Chief of Special Operations at the CIA in this novel and is sent to Greece (Athens). It is here that he is supposed to look for the people responsible for killing the CIA Station Chief there. There is evidence that comes to light that suggests the terrorist group is now planning on attacking the year’s Olympic Games. It seems like quite the big attack. He must stop them, before anything bad happens.

Fans of the novel enjoy the way Badal rips his stories right from the headlines of newspapers, and he seems to be able to predict certain things that happen as far as terrorist attacks go. This book made readers give up most of their chair and made them only need the edge. The novel has a lot of international intrigue and excellent writing in the novel. This novel makes it feel as though you are a part of these people’s lives and it is as though you are spying on these people. You become invested in these fictional people’s lives as well and they become like they are family members. Fans really enjoyed the ending this novel has, finding that it was highly satisfactory for them. Some found that the second novel was just as good as the first, if not better, and that it did not disappoint them whatsoever.

“The Nostradamus Secret” written by Joseph Badal is the third book in the “Bob Danforth” series. This novel features the 58 lost quatrains of Nostradamus and moves forward to the present day. An Iranian, who is both megalomaniac and wealthy, has taken possession of these quatrains; and believes that he is meant to rise to power based of these writings. He believes that one thing standing in his way is the United States, and decides to eliminate them as a threat to his rise to power. Through savage terrorist attacks and assassinations, he plans on making the United States a lot less stable. Badal will take you all over the place throughout the world over the course of this novel.

Fans of the novel enjoyed what a great political thriller it is. It is both well written and well thought out; it also feels like it was written by someone who knows all there is to know about the situation in Iran. There is a suspense that makes you unable to stop reading the novel until you have finished it, no matter what you have to do or what the time of day is. You must keep reading and when you are not, you cannot think of anything else. The series has a lot of action packed in that keeps readers up all hours of the morning, trying to figure out what will happen next. Some find that Badal is quite the author to follow, as is this fun thriller series.

Book four in the series, “The Lone Wolf Agenda” won first place in the 2013 New Mexico and Arizona Book Awards for Best Fiction Book in the Thriller and Mystery category.

Author Joseph Badal used his experience in the United States Army to help him as he writes the series. He was a commissioned officer who held classified and important positions in his time of service in the Army. Badal earned many decorations for his service in the military and to his country.

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