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Bobby Akart is an American author best known for writing a series of science fiction, religious and post-apocalyptic thrillers. His best known works include the “Blackout” series, the “Pandemic” series, the “Boston Brahmin” series, and the “Prepping for Tomorrow” series. Akart was born and raised in small town Tennessee, and went on to attain his Bachelors majoring in Political Science and Economics. Given his excellent understanding of economics and its effects on politics, he writes novels that include these themes. He was a great student that completed his three-year undergraduate program and immediately enrolled for a business administration and law degree aged only twenty-three. His education prepared him for a legal career in investment banking, trusts, and banking, where he was wildly successful. However, with his legal career flourishing, he took advantage of several business opportunities including commercial real estate development and restaurant operation, which made him quite a lot of money. But he was not long for these pursuits as soon after meeting and marrying his wife, he quit the corporate scene to try his hand at online business.

Bobby Akart first got involved in writing when he decided to leave everythign behind after the death of his mother to Sarcoma. It was a traumatizing experience for Akart who immigrated to Cumberland Plateau to lead a preparedness and self-sustainable lifestyle in the country. The death of his mother combined with the 2008 financial crisis convinced him that nothing was permanent and that everything could change in an instant. Together with his wife Danni Elle, he started a website where they invite apocalyptic writers to share expert knowledge on preparing for an upcoming apocalypse. After offering free advice for a while he turned to writing novels and published his first novel “36 Hours” in 2016. He currently lives in the Cumberland Plateau woods with his wife and love of his life Danni, two English bulldogs they love to refer to as the Princesses of the House and several farm animals that include twelve bunnies, and eight ducks.

Akart is a bestselling nonfiction author with his “Prepping for Tomorrow” series, number one bestseller in fiction for the “Boston Brahmin”, “Blackout”, and “Pandemic” series. He has also been a top ranked author on Amazon ranking in the top five in the Spirituality/Religion and science fiction genres. His post-apocalyptic medical thriller and religious thrillers have received critical acclaim for their realistic and believable portrayal of scenarios. The excellence in the novels comes from a combination of entertainment and informative aspect on range of very well researched topics. Likewise, the author takes great pride in attention to detail, that differentiates the novels from the usual apocalyptic thriller with their originality and intrigue.

The Bobby Akart fiction novels provide suspenseful novels that provide an excellent picture of just how it would be to live in apocalyptic times. He takes different scenarios and turns them into a nightmare showing the end of the world in very realistic catastrophic events. In his medical thrillers, he posits the end of the world through a pandemic of the plague that devastates the entire world. In the Pandemic series, Akart writes narratives that can leave one squirming, thinking of the surfaces and objects they touch every day that could result in infection from a deadly pathogen or virus. If terrorist were ever to manage to preserve and transmit a communicable disease through everyday objects such as handrails, money, shopping cars, and door handles, it would make for a scary new world. In his Blackout series, the world faces an apocalypse after a series of attacks that include an EMP and cyber terrorism. Unlike most prepper novels, the leads in his stories do not have any training in apocalyptic survival. As such when an apocalyptic event approaches or is announced, they scramble to learn on the go, even as they are terrified of what it portends for their world. They are faced with the challenge of keeping themselves fed and safe which is a quite the challenge for a family used to modern amenities they had taken for granted. They also have difficult choices to make such as whether they could scavenge the property of neighbors that has left the area, died, or whose whereabouts were simply unknown. Do they share with their survival knowledge with their less fortunate neighbors?

“36 Hours” the first novel in the series is an intriguing prepper novel about the Ryan family. The Ryman family composed of Colton Ryman, his wife Madison Ryman, and Alex their teenage daughter are living happy suburban lives in an American big city. For the family, the notion of the end of the world is the stuff of fantasy fiction that they never think about. Things change when Alex suspects that they may be facing a disaster of apocalyptic proportions and tells her parents about it. Madison believes the government will step in to avert a crisis though they soon learn that the leadership of the country is more incompetent than ever. They do not issue an official warning thus leaving the country at risk of mass panic if something terrible happened. Meanwhile, the family gets a crash course in post-apocalyptic survival skills even as the society remains oblivious of the danger. The apocalypse will soon hit as a solar flare with the potential to cause an EMP has just been recorded heading towards earth. With all electronic and electrical installations about to be crippled, the family has to put their training into action to overcome fear, find strength, and rediscover how much they need and love each other.

“Zero Hour” the second novel of the series is a sequel to the first novel in which a massive storm was heading towards Earth. Alex’s excellent reading of the situation and Madison’s quick reactions have the family in a much better position than the rest of their neighbors. However, they do not have power and after a while, they realize that they may not have it back any time soon. Many people have also realized that the government through FEMA and the National Guard do not have the capacity to deal with the apocalyptic event. The whole neighborhood is now full of tension that may remain high for an indefinite period if the government does not step in. Despite desiring to be independent of the neighborhood, Colton soon finds himself making all the important decisions, particularly when it is realized that he is the most rational leader of the group.

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    I’ll listen to your book on Amazon 36 hours and then zero hour and was loving the story there’s not a better narrator out there than Kevin Pierce I went and got the third book and you change narrator after five minutes I return the book that is the worst narrator ever it’s so hard to change between narrators I have no interest in finishing the series. I believe your books do much better with Kevin Pierce than any other person. I also loved black gold with Kevin Pierce


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