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Bobby Cole is the US-based author of three successful crime novels, The Dummy Line, Moon Underfoot and the Rented Mule.

Residing in West Point, Mississippi, Cole likes to describe himself as an avid hunter, something he’s always been passionate about since childhood. At the time of writing this, Cole serves as the president of Mossy Oak Biological, and is as such well-versed with stories involving wildlife management.

His passion to pursue wildlife management seem to get only intense with time. This is best exemplified by the direction he takes in his novels and his recent support for the Catch the Dream Foundation.

Born in 1964, Montgomery Alabama, Cole boasts a clear understanding of the ins and outs of traditional hunting. In his first novel, he even goes ahead to create an interwoven masterpiece of a gripping fan-fic, in which he combines his blameless writing skills and the passion he shares in hunting, wildlife and family.

In one of his interviews, Cole pointed out that he spent all his childhood in Montgomery. He attended Presbyterian School and thereafter Auburn University, Montgomery before deciding to dive fully into wildlife, and later on pursue writing, but as a side business or something he does for fun.

He’s married to a wife he met at a bank, and together they have one daughter named Jessi. His two favourite writers include John Grisham and Greg Isles. Besides the two, he also draws his writing inspiration from his life’s experiences and the people he meets.

His first book, the Dummy Line, was released in 2008. And to sum up everything that has been said before concerning it, the storyline is epic, and the book itself, so riveting and engrossing.

Pick it up when you’re sure you have a whole free weekend dedicated to reading alone. Otherwise you’ll have a hard time putting it down and getting anything else done.

The Dummy Line

The Dummy Line was first published in 2008 by the New Amazon Encore Publishing arm, as Bobby Cole’s debut novel. The book was a huge success, and it’s among the few books to make thousands of sales on the board.

The book centres around Jake Crosby, an avid hunter like Cole himself. Jake loves hunting turkey and has a tomboy daughter with whom he loves hunting with during the weekend.

He’s best known for forking out so much about his membership with a small hunting club in the remote outback of Alabama each year. And this year, he’s planning to take his daughter Katy—now nine years old—for turkey hunting with him.

But things take a dangerous turn after they live the house and set off for the hunt.

Tucked in the swampy backwoods of Alabama, so deep into the forest that there’s no phone signal, Jake and his daughter have to spend a night in a static camp deep in to the hunting ground. But before their weekend ends, a gang of drug-dealing rednecks show up in their camp in what appears like a move to raid the camp.

Operating solo, and with a limited chance to slip past the gun-wielding gang, Jake has to find a way to save his life and that of his dearest daughter. He’s being threatened at gunpoint, and the 0nly option he’s left with is to kill the gang’s leader, Johnny Lee Grover.

This results into an even bigger mayhem, and Jake with his daughter in tow, has to escape into his jeep and find their way out as they are the gang’s primary target at this point. They eventually find themselves in an abandoned Dummy Line leading into the main highway.

With the group’s leader now dead, Lee’s first cousin Reese Turner is out for revenge, very thirsty for Jake’s blood. Nothing is going to stop him, perhaps death. He’s NOT ready to come to term with any reason that might have led to his cousin’s death. Retribution seems like the only thing driving him at this point.

Teaming with the rest of the gang members, Tommy Tidwell and Sweat Lawrence in particular, the thugs split under his orders to desperately hunt Jake down and ensure that he’s deader. Jake has to use his fighting and hunting skills to ensure he stays safe. And most importantly, keep his daughter safe from all these.

At some point, his phone is able to pack up signals, and as such manages to send a broken message to his friend Mick Johnson who happens to live nearby. Though Johnson doesn’t get the message clearly, he captures the word emergency which gets him worried.

Without further ado, he sets off to the hunting camp to find out what could be the problem. From a distance, he can spot the now abandoned premise. The lights are still on. The cabin’s door is ajar. But no one can be spotted.

He senses his life could be in danger when he spots blood on the cloth he’s wearing, and which seem to have come as a result of him moving around the camp rubbing himself against the wall.

Tensed, he’s forced to call in the local police. At the other end of the phone is Sheriff ollie Landrum, who, though hesitantly, tries hard to piece together what exactly might be happening at the camp.

In the interim, a renowned football star named Tanner Tillman is out with his Girlfriend, Elizabeth Beasley, and just happen to be parking up in the neighbourhood fields watching the stars and getting intimate.

Unfortunately, while leaving the ground, they run into “Sweat” and “Tiny” who are attempting to locate Jake. Tanner has no clue of how much trouble he and his girlfriend are caught up into.

Next, we have Ralph Carmelo Smithson, using the R.C moniker, stumbling across the heavily-beaten, conscious body of Tanner lying next to his Jeep near the hunting grounds. That’s when it hits him that things might be a lot worse than they appear, more so as he eventually finds out that Tanner was in the company of his girlfriend before the incidence, and who’s now missing.

Moon Underfoot

Moon underfoot is the sequel to Cole’s first novel, The Dummy Line.

It’s been eighteen months since Jake and Kate survived the nasty ordeals in the woods. An incidence that saw to it that Jake Kills two men working for a notorious drug baron named Ethan Daniel, or “Moon Pie” as he’s known. Jake is grateful to have come out of the situation alive, and with his daughter in perfect shape.

But that doesn’t seem to be the end of it. Not when his actions led to Moon Pie’s close friend dying besides losing his business. There’s a bounty for anyone who kills him. Moon Pie is ready to go to whatever length to ensure his vengeance goes a long way, thus putting Jake’s family and friends in grave danger.

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