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Publication Order of Bobiverse Books

We Are Legion (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
For We Are Many (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
All These Worlds (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven's River (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not Till We Are Lost (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dennis Taylor is the author of Bobiverse Series. Unfortunately, he shares that distinction with many other authors worldwide and some musicians, unfortunately. As a result, he uses Dennis E. Taylor to distinguish himself from others. Dennis E. Taylor is a computer programmer, runner, author and snowboarder. Currently, he’s occupied with a full time day-job, which has been limiting his writing. His novels have been known to give readers a few hours of escape and entertainment, and the Bobiverse Series is no different.

The series is centered about Bob Johansson who has just sold off his software company and he’s looking forward to having a luxurious. There are m many places to go, several movies to watch and a lot of books to read. So, it’s rather a little bit unfair when Bob gets killed when crossing the street.

Bob Johansson wakes up many years later only to find out that the corpsicles have already been declared to be without any rights, and Bob is now the state property. He has already been uploaded to computer’s hardware and he’s slated to become the controlling AI in the interstellar probe that’s looking for the habitable planets. Stakes are high here: no lesser than the 1st claim to whole worlds. If Bob declines this honor, he shall be switched off, and in turn, they will try again with another person. If he decides to accept, he will become a prime target. As the story unfold, there are 3 other countries that are trying to get their probes launched first, and so they play dirty.

The safest place that he can go is in space by heading far away from the Earth at a top speed because the universe is already full of nastiness, and the trespassers simply make them mad.

We Are Legion

This is the first book in Bobiverse Series by Dennis E. Taylor. Have you at any time ever wished that you can undertake space
exploration yet you realistically believed that you might not live long enough to survive this journey? Well, that’s not the case if you’re Bob.

Bob Johansson, affectionately referred to as Bob, used to be an engineer in 21st century. He signed up to have his head preserved cryogenically upon his death just for future resuscitation to a new body. However, in a strange and ironic twist of fate, he died in less than 24 hours after doing so. He woke up a century later only to find out that his new body was in form of a type of computer program. Bob Johansson had become a replicant. Bob’s mission was becoming an artificial intelligence manning interstellar probe for searching for habitable planets. It later turns out that The USA wasn’t the only nation that was planning to lay claims as being the first nation to seek out the new worlds.

Dennis E. Taylor uses a very interesting concept here, not necessarily a new concept, but one that has been very well-crafted. The entire story is centered on Bob. Bob is a protagonist who’s fun, smart, full of humor, bit of a sci-fi geek and also with a very strong moral compass. Bob’s personality permeates the book to great effect which appeal to most readers.

In addition, the universe that has been portrayed in the book is both fascinating and complex at the same time, from the Earth and its problems all the way to the other star systems. The plot also combines survival tactics against several other human factions to scientific discovery and space exploration. The setting splits the narration to different strands that are all linked. Even though this might be somehow confusing, the pay-off is a richer storyline, and one that you will be totally invested in. The author has also
added a certain philosophical vein to the book. What it basically means to be a human being or to be alive- one which strikes the right balance thanks to his tongue-in-cheek tone.

The entire story has charm, extremely good characters, several interesting locations and a fantastic sense of humor. You’ll certainly look forward to the next book in the series.

For We Are Many

This is the second installment in Bobiverse Series by Dennis E. Taylor. The Bobiverse is now growing quite fats and all the Bobs have their own hands.

The few survivors on the Earth are by now being evacuated. However, there are a few people who are trying very hard to sabotage that process. The very first alien species which the Bobs have encountered, the Deltans, are at higher risk from a nastier danger as compared to the gorilloids. The Romulan and Vulcan colonies also have their own set of issues. The mad Brazilians are still out there. To make matters even worse, the terrifying discovery which one member of the Bob family made towards the end of the 1st novel looms large and it’s becoming incredibly dangerous.

Through it, all Bobs have to deal with the increased alienation from the ephemeral humanity while at the same time not getting heartbroken as their darlings don’t last for long. On top of the issue, the alien threat might just be too big even for the Bobs to handle.

While this narrative still retains an episodic feel previous book in the series, the story here is more compelling with the increased tension, emotional resonance and threats in the plot. Following the success story of the first colony ship that landed on a different habitable planet, mortality and safety issues from colonization began rearing their head as the bio-compatibility issue runs both ways. In the meantime, back on the Earth, a fanatic faction of the human beings imposed a lot of problems to the remaining species. The book also has the original Bob getting a first-hand experience of the consequences that arise from ignoring what Trekkies had known as the Prime Directive

The story is certainly great and it wraps up lots of the plotlines that were left dangling in the first novel and setting several others
in motion. Obviously, there’s a third book and with the protagonist’s nature, this might just be a longer series.

The book presents another amazing adventure within the Bobiverse. Shall the ever growing race of the Bobs settle in their role of being benevolent minor deities, shepherd their neighbors, or will they head out for galactic horizon? How shall their humanity ever be expressed given the fact that they’re starting to actually understand what it meant by being immortal assuming that they will survive the oncoming danger. This is yet another amazing book by Dennis E. Taylor that will keep you entertained till the end.

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