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Publication Order of Bodhi King Books

Melissa F. Miller is an American published author of fictional novels. She is a best-selling author that is known for writing thrillers and suspenseful novels.

Melissa was born in the United States in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She considers the city to be her home even though she has lived all over, from Baltimore to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and the south central area of Pennsylvania. The moves were all for either life or love, but she will always love Pittsburgh and have a special place for it in her heart.

When the author went to college she decided that she wanted to major in the field of English literature, and also chose to pursue concentrations in the subjects of medieval literature and creative writing, specifically in poetry. When she graduated, she found out that although they were all things that were valid and of interest, when it comes to this degree and subject area the job market is not quite as expansive for it as it is other things.

Melissa was undeterred in her pursuit of working in the field she went to college for and found a job in the related field of journalism as an editor. She worked in that capacity for many years before deciding that she wanted to go back to school and get her degree in the field of law. She was the type of student that was very interested in class and loved going, frequently raising her hand up to answer questions. Once she graduated she would go on to practice law for over a decade. This also included clerking for a federal judge, working as an attorney for almost a decade at different international law first, and working with her husband to run a law firm consisting of the two of them for years.

Now she has chosen to tell stories and leave the world of law behind to do it. She loves drinking coffee and writing her novels, which are usually thrillers in the legal, suspenseful, or forensic genres, or mysteries with elements of romance and comedy. She loves writing and sometimes takes the writing on the road with her family in an RV. She has three children with her spouse and they also have a dog and a cat.

Melissa has had several best-selling novels and loves to write books that have tons of action that gets the reader’s pulse and heart rate up! She also loved to include heroes and heroines in her stories that are usually capable and smart as well as sometimes the last person that you think would have to rise to the occasion. She loves to have protagonists that are diverse and frequently female with women that are thriving in their lives and their careers. In the process of her career she has edited many different journals and books and now is a full-time author putting out her fictional novels to an audience that cannot get enough!

Melissa F. Miller is the author and creator of the Bodhi King series of fictional novels. Dark Path got the series started when it was published in 2017. It was quickly followed by more interesting books in this forensic thriller series! If you love to read books with plenty of suspense and thrills, then definitely be sure to check out this series for yourself.

Dark Path is the first novel in the Bodhi King series written by Melissa F. Miller. When it comes to mysteries, Dr. Bodhi King has backed away from the spotlight after working to solve different cases involving unexplained deaths.

Now residents living in a very nice assisted-living facility that should be healthy and alive are dead, dropping at different points through the night. On top of that, they’re found not with peaceful expressions but ones of fear and terror frozen on permanently. Clearly this has to be addressed, and the Doctor is now getting the call.

King was in retirement, but he’s being asked to assist in a death cluster investigation located in the Florida Keys on a private island. He agrees to help out and once he gets there, immediately finds himself caught in between conflict. It turns out that the Golden Island Church have members that are protecting their own agenda, and those that are dying have secrets, and on top of that it appears that people have reasons to get in the way of Bodhi finding the truth.

Can Dr. King get to the bottom of these strange deaths? Is there a scientific explanation? What will he discover? Pick up a copy of this novel to find out!

Lonely Path is the second novel in the Bodhi King series written by Melissa F. Miller. The best-selling author is back with the main character of Dr. King returning to deal with another case.

When Canada endures a series of deaths, Bodhi King must be called on the scene to try and understand what is happening. He’s been asked to present a paper at a conference about forensic pathology, but is apprehensive when he finds out that his ex is a panelist as well. Eliza was beautiful and wonderful, and years ago he totally broke her heart.

Once he gets there, he feels that he must make it up to her and put things right. So he asks Eliza to the countryside and to have dinner with him in Quebec, hoping they can resolve things and he can maybe alleviate his sense of guilt. They do end up dining together and are going to the hotel once they are done eating. But on their way back, they find a woman by the road who is clearly out of it.

The dazed lady doesn’t know what has happened and cannot explain who she is. Eliza and Bodhi decide to stay and try to help her figure out what’s going on and get her life back on track. But when they find out about the region’s overdose problem, will the resulting investigation prove to put the pair at risk? Read this suspenseful sequel to the last page to find out!

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