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Body Armor is a series of romance novels by Lori Foster, a New York Times, Publishers Weekly and USA Today bestselling author with more than 100 novels to her name. Foster has made a name for herself for writing sexy, fun contemporary novels featuring independent strong women who fall in love with magnetic alpha males. Her novels have received tons of awards and accolades ranging from being the top selling title on Amazon for the sexy and sensual title “Too Much Temptation” to a Career Achievement Award from RT Book reviews for Contemporary Romance and the series “Romantic Fantasy.”

While she asserts that she never wanted to become an author until she was an adult, she has always been a daydreamer. As such, she worked several jobs and was busy raising her three kids before the writing bug struck. She had always loved happy endings and hence writing romance novels was a natural choice. Moreover, as a voracious reader she loved the fact that romance combined a range of genres from the historical, contemporary, family oriented, suspense, paranormal and comedy, all of which guarantee an entertaining read. When she is not writing, she loves to go on boat rides, water ski, watch horror and action movies, listen to rock music and watch the sun rise or set. She met her husband of many years when she was in her sophomore year of high school and they have been together ever since. They have three grown up children and several grandchildren.

The Body Armor series of novels is about the protection specialists of the Body Armor Agency. The agency had already built a name for itself for excellent security services until they decided to take things a notch higher. They hire ex MMA fighters who are big, buff, super sexy bodyguards who can protect anything but their hearts. They range in personality from the outrageous, outspoken, quiet or intense, fun or deadly. They are paired up with strong women who know how to take care of their own business and will not fall for anything but these sexy men. “Under Pressure” the first novel of the series is about the honorable, sexy as sin alpha male Leese, who has been hired to protect Catalina from some high profile and wealthy individuals who are out to kill her. It is love at first sight for Catalina, which makes for an entertaining read as Leese tries his best to keep their relationship professional despite the strong sexual tension. Fallon of the second novel “Hard Justice” is a novel about Fallon the daughter of a wealthy family that has been sheltered for too long. She now wants to get out of their control but her parents will only let her if she agrees to have a bodyguard. The man the agency chooses for the mission is the sexy Justice who has spent years harnessing his strength and size but is now thrown off balance by the cautious but adventurous Fallon. She is curious though innocent and is attracted to her bodyguard who is her polar opposite. In “Close Contact” Miles Dartman has the dream casual arrangement with Maxi Neva a personal shopper. When she feels the itch she finds him, they have some mind-blowing sex and part ways. But then she disappears and he starts obsessing about her until she turns up at the agency and requests him to be her body guard.

In “Under Pressure” the first novel of the Body Armor series, Leese has just realized that he is not going to be winning any championships and hence he decides to retire. He enlists with Body Armor as a body guard and at the start of the novel, he has been with them for a year. He has been putting the MMA skills and the natural talent for protection to good use, protecting his agency’s clients. Leese has always been a consummate professional that never mixed business and pleasure until he is assigned to guard Catalina. The woman had been unfortunate enough to overhear the evil machinations of her stepfather and his friends and now they want her dead. It turns out that the information she has could spell the end of a very powerful person and now she has nowhere to turn or no one to turn to. When she runs into Leese she believes he may just be the perfect person that may protect her and her big secret. But he is not only good as a protector as she finds herself attracted to his exquisite body. Her life is in danger and she is not going to waste time getting to know the man she wants him. Leese is also just as attracted to Catalina but he does not want to take advantage of her in her vulnerable state. Furthermore, she is a client.

In “Hard Justice” the second novel of the series, Fallon Wade is tired of being under her parents’ protection and wants to experience the world on her own terms. She had been in an accident years ago and her parents are worried about her but finally agree as long as she agrees to a bodyguard. While she is an adult woman, she does not have much experience of the real world. Fallon is taken aback by the attractive, well built and tall bodyguard that she instantly takes a liking to. She is attracted to him but due to her being protected for much of her life, she is insecure and will not have anything more than friendship for the moment. Justice Wallington had protected a lot of clients but never knew what to expect with Fallon. Nonetheless, given her age and family, he is surprised to find out that she is an inexperienced and down to earth girl and nothing like the girls from the wealthy families he knew. Taking the job, he thought it would have been easy but his attraction to his client is making it hard not to breach the professional boundaries. Things become complicated when there is a threat on Fallon’s life. While she thinks that it is nothing, Justice is of a different opinion. Now that he is falling for her, he is more determined than ever to keep her safe. But pretending to be her boyfriend is taking a huge toll on him even as the real danger is the raw real passion that they inevitably give in to against all the rules.

“Close Contact” is the titillating story of Miles Dartman, the ex MMA fighter and Maxi Nevar the girl that left him obsessed with her. They had a no strings attached friends with benefits relationship and he thought he had felt a strong connection though it had only been three encounters. She had then moved out of town, ghosting and leaving him devastated. It turns out that she had inherited her grandmother’s land and house and now has her hands full of drama and responsibilities. She thought she was handling it well until a mysterious and scary accident had her waking up in the middle of the night scared stiff. Maxi thinks someone is threatening her life because of the inheritance and she does not know who. There is only one person she can turn to in her distress, someone she thought she would never see again – Miles. Two months after she left town, Miles gets the surprise of his life when he is informed that a client has specifically requested him as bodyguard. After hearing her story, he knows that this is his chance to get back the woman he had been pining for over the past two months. Maybe while protecting her he may just get an opportunity to get back with her.

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