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Body Movers Books In Order

Publication Order of Body Movers Books

Body Movers (2006) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
2 Bodies for the Price of 1 (2007) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
3 Men and a Body (2008) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
4 Bodies and a Funeral (2009) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
5 Bodies To Die For (2009) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
6 Killer Bodies (2009) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
6 1/2 Body Parts (2012) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

The body movers author, Stephanie Bond, also known by the pen name, Stephanie Bacroft, is an American born author who presently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, was seven years into her programming career when she noticed she had the flair for writing stories, which was brought to her attention by her professor who taught she will do very well as an academic writer writing professional journals. After considering her lecturer’s advice, she decided to follow her heart and go into writing novels.

In her spare time after pursuing her masters, she started writing a romance novel. It took her two years before she sold her first manuscript, a harlequin book. Two years after selling her manuscript, Stephanie had ten books and two top publishers under her belt, this was when she decided to quit her engineering job and focus all her time into writing women’s romance fiction.

She now writes mystery novels for Mirs Books and other genres for Avon/Harper Collins, Random House and harlequin books. Stephanie in 2011, started to self-publish her books under her own publishing house; NeedtoRead Books. In 2015, Amazon was given the license for her Body mover series to be on the Kindle World fan fiction program. She has also written books to inspire and encourage aspiring writers using her experience as a model to get them on the right track.

One of her most successful series of novels is the body movers series are sexy mystery books, with a total of seven books in the series and the eighth being written presently by Stephanie called 8 bodies is enough.

1. Body Movers

The first book in the series is called the Body Movers was published in 2006. It is about an Atlanta debutante called Carlotta Wren, who grew up in affluence, had her parents skipping town when she was 18 for a while-collar crime they committed, left her on her own to care for herself and her brother, Wesley.

Her highly placed fiancée left her to her fate, soon her friends followed suit. Her college dream became a career in retail just to make ends meet.

Ten years later, Carlotta and her brother still trying to patch things up, her brother got arrested for hacking a city house. Feeling like a failure after sacrificing her youth for Wesley, he turned out to be a gambler with a huge debt round his neck, giving an ultimatum to get a job made different events come to light.

2. 2 bodies for the price of 1

The second book is 2 bodies for the price of 1 released in 2007, has Carlotta, who couldn’t believe her identity could be stolen to add to her mountain of troubles, having a gambling addict as a brother, working in a morgue and fugitive parents. One part of her life which saw improvement was her love life, a very sexy cop who made the Wren family, his business and her boss who didn’t hide the fact he loved her body.

After a couple of close calls she realized that her stolen identity was so bad, she was considering faking her own death.

3. 3 men and a body

3 men and a body is the suspense filled third book of the body movers, dropped in 2008. Carlotta was suspended from her job, was still reeling over the encounter with her fugitive father and nursing a broken hand, she is losing her mind. When a body mover invites her to Florida for a VIP body pickup, this was just what she needed.

But when the body mover, Cooper, plans for the gate away are messed up and his cargo almost stolen, going home was the best option for both of them.

4. 4 bodies and a funeral

2009 has Stephanie releasing 4 bodies and a funeral. Going back to work got Carlotta happier than ever, this couldn’t have come at a better time with a celebrity launching a line of bracelets. But when the event takes a dramatic turn and her humiliating photograph coming out in public, she feels the worst is over.

Bodies start showing up with charms in their mouths, to make matters worse, one Wren family member is connected to all the murders. Clues start painting her father as the killer, Carlotta has to reevaluate her beliefs.

5. 5 bodies to die for

5 bodies to die for, was released in 2009 as the fifth book in the body mover series. The story line has Carlotta looking over her shoulders as the news of a serial killer has spread like wildfire. She seeks solace in an old family friend wanting to be her lover. Because of her family involvement in the murders, she was asked was asked to stay away from the investigation.

This didn’t stop her from investigating the murders on her own. She found out that the charms where the common denominator for the murders, but as the bodies start to pile up, she feels the killer is taunting her.

6. 6 killer bodies

The thrilling mysteries had a sixth book released in 2009, ready to thrill fans with a new twist on Carlott’as story. After the serial killer was put behind bars, Carlotta and the city of Atlanta could breath a sigh of relief that they are once again safe.

Something keeps Carlotta on the edge with a feeling that the right person wasn’t incarcerated for the murder. After being warned sternly to stay off the investigation, she puts her life and everything she loves in jeopardy. Her meddling and investigation still pointed to her dad as the killer, but this could end up getting her in a body bag, if she wasn’t careful.

7. 7 brides for seven bodies

This is the last book released so far, has Carlotta planted as a wedding planner by her retail job. She is more than happy to take on this task as a distraction. Her love life in disarray with three hot men wanting to be the man in her life and stalling could be a disaster, as they won’t be waiting forever, putting her on the edge.

Although she thinks this job will keep her from body moving, she was so wrong, when grooms start dying off like flies, she finds herself in a murder mystery.

An eighth book is being written by Stephanie Bond and this proves to be a very exciting read once again.


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