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Publication Order of Body of Evidence Books

The Body of Evidence series is a series of well known intriguing books based on the mystery and suspense genres and written by one of the New York Times bestselling authors from America named Christopher Golden. There are 10 books in total in this series, which were published between the years 1999 and 2005. In all the books, author Golden has depicted the main lead in the role of Jenny Blake. At the beginning, she is introduced as a freshman girl joining medical college. As the series progresses, she goes on to become a medical examiner, carrying out autopsies on dead bodies. Author Golden has described Jenna Blake as a smart girl and tough as well. According to a number of critics, the series is best suited for older teens who are interested in reading about medical thriller and mystery books. Overall, the chief protagonist Jenna Blake has been depicted as a funny, smart, and a believable young girl. The suspense of the series continues to build up over the course of time along with many red herrings that toss out to leave the readers astray. The debut book in the series written by author Golden is titled as ‘Body Bags’. It was published by the Simon Pulse publication in the year 1999. Author Golden has described the main character of Jenna Blake in this book as well as a few other important characters. The overall summary of the plot described by the author is that one of the professors at Jenna Blake’s medical college end up dead when she begins her freshman year. Following this, Jenna begins to search for clues and comes across some shocking discoveries that even the police are not able to find.

The discoveries link the dead professor to a late congressional aide as well as a terrifying disease. In the book’s starting sequence, author Golden has depicted as beginning her medical training. On the first day of her college, she learns that one of her professors has died. The next day, she is asked to assist in carrying out his autopsy. Seeing such unexpected things happening during the initial days of her college, Jena hopes that the rest of the 4 years of her college do not go like this. Initially, Jenna Blake was very much excited to start her going to medical college. Her mother is also a surgeon and Jenna feels proud that she has such a loving and helping mother. But, she wants to make a name for herself on her own. She does not want to take the support of her mother. Also, Jenn Blake looks forward to have a close relationship with her loving father, who works as a teacher at the new school of hers. But actually, Jenn seems very much uncertain as to what she wants her life to be like. She seems interested in medicine, but she tends to freak out by seeing blood. Jenna fears very much about what she would do or not do in life. Also, what fears her most is that because of her actions she might end up costing someone his life.

To all the questions and uncertainties in Jenna’s mind, her father offers her a fantastic solution. He suggests her to take up the career as a medical examiner. With the help of a mutual friend of both her divorced parents, who is himself a medical examiner practicing locally, Jenna Blake get into a local medical college. Hoping that she would amuse herself, she agrees to appear for an interview. There, she gets even more amazed when she sees that her interview is going to be conducted in the middle of an autopsy. The autopsy also makes her intrigued and she begins to like the idea of answering to the family of the dead and the police about the questions related to the death. And as Jenna Blake begins her new job as a medical examiner, she gets drawn into a an intriguing mystery that threatens even her own life. On the whole, the novel appears to be an interesting read and it helped it to become extremely successful. In one of the interviews given to the Book Wyrn, author Golden had stated that his intention was to create cool enough to appeal to the readers between the age groups of 14 and 20. He also hoped that the older readers will also get intrigued. And eventually, his attempt to write the novel in a fast paced and tight manner, helped it to become highly successful all over.

The next book successfully written by author Golden in the Body of Evidence series is titled as ‘Thief of Hearts’. This book was launched by the Simon Pulse publishers in the year 1999. Once again, Jenna Blake has been described as an important character in the central plot of the book. The novel’s beginning sequence shows that Jenna seems worried with the question as to why would someone try to tear someone’s heart out. As the question continues to trouble Jenna, she seems certain that it is not at all related to heartbreak and romance. It takes the form of another intriguing murder mystery at the Somerset University. As Jenna works as a pathology assistant at a local hospital, she too becomes a part of the investigation of the horrible crimes. Different people seem to have different theories about the nature of all the killings. The older half brother of Jenna Blake named Pierce Logan also has his opinion. He has just arrived in the town, but seems to have some of the oddest ideas as to why someone would go to the extent of taking out someone’s heart from his chest. At the same time, Jenna Blake seems to be working on the heart of her own as she comes across a fascinating man, older than her. However, she knows it very well that she does not have to go on a date because of her extremely tight schedule. Also, the crimes involving the Thief of Hearts continue to be on the rise and Jenna is required to work with the police and find a clue or evidence to stop the killings as soon as possible. Now, as the town of Somerset continues to be a hunting ground of the haunting killer, Jenna learns that someone very close to her has been targeted as the next victim by the killer. Jenna Blake knows that she cannot let this happen and so she remains on her toes all the time and tries very hard to hunt down the deadly killer before he gets close to her loved one.

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