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Publication Order of The Bodyguards Books

Author Cindy Gerard began publishing her “Bodyguards” series in the year 2005, with the release of “To the Edge”. It was in this year that the first three books were published. The series ended after six installments in the year 2007, when “Into the Dark” was published.

There is no assignment that is too dangerous, too difficult or too huge for E.D.E.N. Inc., which is a security firm based in West Palm Beach. It is owned by the Garrett family and the name comes from each of their names: Eve, Dallas, Ethan, and Nolan. Each of the books stars a different main male and female in the stories. In these books, which blend suspense and romance, their own personal relationships make them sink fast while in some deep water. Here are some bodyguards that will guard you and your body, but will also steal your very heart and fulfill some deep desires.

“To the Edge” is the first novel in the “Bodyguards” series and was released in the year 2005. Jillian Kincaid (a wealthy businessman’s daughter) grew up being shadowed by bodyguards on her every move, something she hated. She refuses to have anymore hired thugs follow her, even as a television anchorwoman. Not even when she starts getting horrifying death threats. And not when Nolan Garrett (who is dark and seductive) is the one following her around.

Nolan was trained in Special Ops and was hired by Jillian’s father to protect her from harm. It is clear right from the get go that Jillian will not make things easy for him. She is far from the spoiled daddy’s girl that he was expecting, she is independent, tough, and incredibly sexy. She fights him at every step.

Fans of the novel found this to be a great read, especially Nolan Garrett, who is a tortured hero (something they cannot get enough of). This story has exciting suspense, with its fast paced plot and characters that have been well developed. These two main characters even have some intense sexual chemistry with one another, which later on evolves into something much more realistic. It dives into some of the dark side that comes with being famous and rich.

“To the Limit” is the second novel in the “Bodyguards” series and was released in the year 2005. Eve Garrett was supposed to have an easy mission. She was supposed to find Tiffany Clayborne (she is a real estate icon and Jeremy Clayborne’s kid) and bring her back, gether to calm down.

The problem with it all is that Tiffany is a spoiled rich girl that celebrated her eighteenth birthday six months ago. She has even gotten into the club scene in Palm Beach, with the habit of picking up rocksters that aren’t on the rise. Then she takes them to Paris or Los Angeles for side trips and pays for it all, something that is not at all cheap. This time, she has been away for too long. This time, she could be in trouble.

Another problem is that someone wants Eve dead as well. She made some enemies while she was with the Secret Service, as an agent. That was a lifetime ago. That past life she had could be coming back to kick her in the pants, while she tries to save Tiffany’s life while hers hangs in the balance.

Readers enjoyed reading about Eve and Mac in this, and they were glad to see they got a happily ever after by the end, as they made for a good match. Eve captured some readers’ attention, as she is a down to earth woman that was hurt by men, making her have a tough time trusting them. Fans of the novel found themselves enjoying this book quite a bit more than book one in the series. It had more going on, and there were quite a few twists and turns in the book.

“To the Brink” is the third novel in the “Bodyguards” series and was released in the year 2005. Darcy Prescott’s work in very sensitive diplomatic affairs makes her an obvious target for terrorist kidnappers. She is taken off a Manila street under mysterious circumstances, but it is not what it seems.

Ethan Garrett (Special Forces soldier) laid on her for the first time and just knew that he would marry her, which he did. He never quite recovered when they divorced. He is now working as a highly priced bodyguard, and reverts back to combat mode when he finds out about Darcy going missing. He calls in some old favors so that he can put together a rogue rescue group to get her back.

He tracks her to the jungles in the Philippines, and knows that every step he takes might mean the difference between living and dying. Ethan’s love for Darcy burns much more intense than ever before. He learns the real reason she was abducted, and knows that it might too late to save either her or himself.

Fans of the novel liked the way this story focused more on the suspense than romance, something of a shift for this series. Some like the way the author went back and forth in time to show some things about Ethan and Darcy during their past and why they divorced. This was a book that was hard to put down for some readers, as it has some chilling and scary things in it.

“Over the Line” is the third novel in the “Bodyguards” series and was released in the year 2005. “Sweet Baby Jane” Perkins has made a reputation (not to mention, a lot of money) for herself as a favorite bad girl in rock. This hard living, tough talking front she puts off is no defense against the harsh reality given to her when the mother she was estranged from is killed in a car wreck. Some bizarre coincidences get worse and worse in her personal like, and Janey starts thinking that there is someone watching her as she makes every move. It is not one of her fans that adores her.

Jason Wilson finds himself adrift since he left the Army Rangers about six months back. He is simply a warrior that does not have a war to fight. He has just taken on his first assignment as a civilian, it is a job given to him by an army buddy, who has his own security firm. The job is keeping a rock star diva safe while she is on her sold out tour. She is a far cry from being just a spoiled star; she is a revelation: she is quite sexy, sweet, and modest. The develop a friendship that turns into some heated and mutual desire. It makes for a distraction that could get them killed.

They get pulled into a deadly secret’s depths, and will confront a killer that gets even more ruthless as time goes on. Jason is going to find out how far he is willing to go so that he can protect an unexpected passion he just found.

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