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Publication Order of Bomb Girls Books

The Munitions Girls (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Canary Girls (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Factory Girls (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gunpowder and Glory Girls (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Bomb Girls series is a romance and war based novel series written by the popular English novelist named Rosie Archer. This series is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2015 and 2016. Most parts of the series are set around the Second World War. Author Rosie Archer has described a different set of central characters in each of the books, most of which are female characters. The characters keep changing in every other book of the novel series. The setting of the books’ plot is roughly done around the events during the World War II.

The debut novel of the Bomb Girls romance series is entitled ‘The Munitions Girls’. It was released by the Quercus publication in the year 2015. The chief characters introduced in the story of this novel include pixie Saunders, Rita Brown, and Cal. Author Archer has done the setting of the plot in Gosport, Hampshire, at the time of the year 1943. As per the critics, the book’s plot is an enthralling description of a World War 2 saga with the addition of the romantic element to it. At the start of the novel, Pixie Saunders is introduced as a 19 year old girl from Gosport. She finds employment in a local armaments manufacturing factory. Already, she seemed to be living a difficult by being forced to earn her own livelihood. And on top of this, her mother leaves her alone by running away with a dodgy looking bloke. This is not the first time that Pixie Saunders has been left alone by her mother. She has done this act many more times in the past, but had come back each time after spending some time away. However, Pixie has no hope that she is going to return back this time. Now, she is left to pay her rent as well as fend for her livelihood. In the meantime, Pixie Saunders joins her best friend named Rita and all the other girls working at the ammunition factory in making the most of the hard times of the war and staying alive by overcoming the hardships.

Rita is shown as the overseer of the factory where she works along with Pixie Saunders. Pixie and the other women are required to work for long hours in the factory and in a dangerous environment. During the evenings, the women take off and visit the nearby pubs to chill out or just indulge dancing to take their minds off from all the worries of their lives. Soon, Pixie Saunders comes across an American serviceman named Cal and starts loving him. But, soon after she meets him, Cal goes back to join his ship. After Cal’s departure, Pixie learns that she has become pregnant, which changes her life drastically. Her condition makes it very difficult for her to work. And as she does not have anyone else to look after her, she has to rely on friends’ kindness. During the period of her struggle, Pixie Saunders faces a lot of difficulties. She begins to think that she is not going face happiness in life again. However, what she does not realize is that her life has lined up many surprises lined up for her. It seems that she can get another chance at love sooner than she expects.

Another successful book published in this book series by author Archer is called as ‘The Canary Girls’. The Quercus publication released it in 2015. The story of this novel opens in the year 1944 in Hampshire. Once again, the important characters mentioned by Rosie Archer include Rita Brown, Pixie Saunders, etc. An additional character introduced is Blackie Bristown. At the beginning of the story, it is depicted that Rita Brown’s face still bears the scars that she acquired because of the explosion that had occurred at her factory. But, she has managed to get over the nightmare of the explosion and has started to get back to her normal life. A local boy named Blackie Bristow has set his eyes on Rita Brown and is sweeping the her throughout the country in a shady glamorous life. However, things are expected to become tense as a war is about to take place soon. Everyone knows that life will not look like games and fun during the difficult times of the war. At such times, some of the notorious local men get involved in taking advantage of the vulnerable world for breaking many other things along with hearts. And if anyone tries to stand up against their activities, he has to bear a huge cost.

Rita Brown tries to maintain her calm and moves forward in life with the support of her close friends, who work along with her at the factory. Later, she learns that someone working there is leaking information to the German army secretly and has been doing it for a very long time. Now, as the time is running out and D-Day is approaching, Rita Brown must choose who she can trust to share this information as it could put her life in danger when the culprits become aware that Rita has knowledge of their activities. Also, Rita must act fast to avoid a great devastation from happening in her company. Just like the previous books of the series, this book too was very well received by the readers throughout the world. It became successful in all parts of the world and was highly appreciated by the critics and the audiences alike. The readers specifically liked the character description given by author Rosie. Her writing style was also liked very much by one and all. This resulted in a great increase in the success of Rosie Archer as a romance novelist. The women characters are shown as engrossing and strong. As the novel progresses, the characters also become stronger by undergoing interesting changes in their behaviors. In spite of the numerous challenges that life throws at them, they never think of putting their guard down. Characters like Rita Brown and Blackie Bristow continue to live their lives as per their own choices without worrying about the consequences that might arise due to the choices made by them. Such elements added more excitement to the story, which eventually helped it to attract many more readers from various parts of the globe.

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