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Publication Order of Bone Island Books

Heather Graham is an American author of fiction. She has published books under the pen names of Shannon Drake and Heather Graham Pozzessere. Graham is a best-selling author that has made the top lists of USA Today and The New York Times.

Heather studied not writing but theater arts when she attended college at the University of South Florida. She spent many years working jobs that included acting in dinner theater, tending bar, and doing backup vocals. When she had her third child, she stayed home and started to write, starting off with romances and short horror stories.

She practiced and endured some trial and error before finally publishing her first novel. She sold her first book in 1982 and it was full speed ahead ever since. The novel is title When Next We Love. Ever since then she has kept writing and at this point has a number of novels and novellas– over a hundred in total! The novels and stories have fallen into a variety of genres, including historical romance, vampire, romantic suspense, occult, time travel, and more.

Graham also wrote launch books for Dell, Silhouette’s Shadows, and mainstream fiction imprint Mira Books (of Harlequin). She is a founding member of the RWA’s Florida chapter. Ever since 1999, this author has also raised money for children’s charities as host of the Romantic Times Vampire Ball. She has had global success and her novels have actually been published in over twenty languages with more yet to be translated!

Graham is also the pleased recipient of a few awards from book chain seller Waldenbooks as well as the Romantic Times, Georgia Romance Writers, and more! Graham has had her books featured and promoted as the main reads for the Literary Guild and the Doubleday Book Club. She has also been interviewed and featured in a variety of publications that include USA Today, People, The Nation, and Redbook, as well as television segments.

In addition to traveling, Heather really enjoys anything that has to with water. She is a certified scuba diver. She has been married to her high school sweet heart and is a mother to five children. Her family is everything to her. Graham also has said that her career has also been quite a gift, and every day she is happy she’s making a living doing something that she enjoys so much.

Heather Graham is the author of the fictional Bone Island series. The series kicked off in 2010 with the release of the debut novel in this series of novels, which is titled Ghost Shadow. The sequel in this series is titled Ghost Night and came out the same year. The third book, Ghost Moon, makes the fictional series a trilogy.

Ghost Shadow is the first novel in Heather Graham’s Bone Island series. The series introduces readers to the main character of Katie O’Hara. This young woman is someone who can pick up on the presence of things that a lot of other people can’t. Specifically, ghosts.

Katie has the ability to intuit when a ghost or spirit is around, an ability that is rare among the living. But Katie is not like most and can see the individuals that are all around us but no longer living. They have not crossed over to the afterlife and now they are stuck here, sometimes even looking for retribution or vengeance. They have unfinished business.

Katie is slowly being drawn into a murder case that happened years ago. When she gets warnings from a friend that happens to be a ghost, they start to become more insistent in nature. She is starting to pay attention and now she is seeing that her mission in this situation is to find out the truth about this murder.

David Beckett was always suspected to be the murderer when it came to the woman that he was about to be engaged to. Even more worrying is the fact that the Island of Bones is seeing its body count steadily rise like the mercury on a thermometer in Arizona on a hot summer day. Now the dead seem to be getting involved, and maybe acting out something that happened in the past.

With the risks only growing larger, it’s up to this medium to find out just what is going on– and what went on in the past when it comes to that murder. The dead tells no tales, and Katie is starting to find that her attraction to a man named David may be more than just romantically charged in nature.

Can Katie find the killer before it’s too late? Will the spirits aid her in her quest? You will have to pick up Ghost Shadow by writer Heather Graham to find out!

Ghost Night is the second novel in the Bone Island series by author Heather Graham. If you loved the debut book in the series, then you’ll be excited to check out this second novel in the Bone Island trilogy by Heather Graham!

When two actors in the prime of their life are acting in a slasher movie, the last thing that anyone expects is for the drama to continue off of the screen. On a film set that is located on a remote island, two young actors meet their doom. Horrifically, their heads and limbs are posed to reference a pirate massacre from the 19th century.

It has now been two years since that date, and now Vanessa Loren is finding herself being called back to South Bimini. She survived that attack, and is intrigued by a documentary that is being filmed about the region. Sara O’Hara is very interested in seeing how the crime has affected Vanessa.

The murder case was never solved. Vanessa agrees to be part of the film and once there, she starts seeing visions of a figurehead. She also finds pirate treasure– something that only enhances the mystery.

No one knows who killed those actors, but can Vanessa, Sara, and new friend Sean figure it out? Will the dead be able to stop a killer? Pick up Ghost Night, the thrilling second novel in the trilogy, to find out!

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