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Publication Order of Bone Secrets Books

The Bone Secrets series is authored by award winning writer Kendra Elliot. In 2014 and 2015, she won Daphne du Maurier awards in the category of best suspense. Apart from that, she was a finalist in Romantic Times for Best Romantic Suspense as well as the International Thriller Writers’ award for Best Paperback Original. The merits are clear indicators of how artistic the series is considering it is her very first.

The first book of the series was published in 2012 and ever since then, there have been five other publications. The latest novel of the series is expected to be in the market in January of 2016. Within the short period between the first and the latest novels, Elliot has managed to develop a series of stories that have attracted positive reviews and ratings.

In the series, Elliot blends her real life expertise with elements of fiction and creativity to develop one of the most interesting plots in romantic thrillers. She has vast forensic knowledge from her professional field and she does not shy away from using it in the series. From the very first book, the reader is introduced to characters that possess knowledge in forensics. For example, Lacey Campbell is a forensic odontologist and Dr. Victoria Peres is a forensic anthropologist at the Portland Medical Examiner. This exceptional ability to blend personal expertise with fiction and creativity makes the story very realistic and easy for a reader to comprehend.

Although each story has expert knowledge in forensics, their plots have been simplified to levels that a non-professional can understand easily. That ensures that the whole series remains within the reality realm of the reader. In Alone, Tori and Seth manage to develop a relationship that any reader can easily understand while the love affair between Lacey and Jack in Hidden and Veiled has every sense of reality. Such relationships and interactions between characters make the series to remain within a scope that any reader can understand. It is a sharp contrast to other romantic thrillers that tend to detach themselves from reality. As a result, a reader can easily attach emotions and empathy to this series.

In terms of organization, Bone Secrets has qualified to be one of the most unpredictable series. Whereas some books are related, others are not. Hidden and Veiled feature Jack and Lacey as the main protagonists. They follow the lives of these two characters as they go through life pretty much like any other person. Apart from the two, every other book in the series has its own story and characters. However, Buried features Michael Brody who was borrowed from Hidden. This organization makes it possible for a reader to read any novel within the series even without reading through previous ones.

Regardless of the organization, all the books in Bone Secrets contain a blend of very exciting themes and topics. The most outstanding of them all are passion and danger. In Hidden, Jack and Lacey have a sensual and romantic relationship that has its fair share of ups and downs. Lacey’s two ex boyfriends Frank and Michael are interested in the collapse of her current relationship. In Chilled, Brynn and Alex are members of the same rescue team but they can barely resist the attraction that they have for each other. Similar love scenarios are expressed in all the other novels with Lacey and Jack reappearing in the forth novel. There are also aspects of danger that is characterized by presence of killers. One example is the presence of the infamous Co-ed Slayer. The author uses such themes and topics to capture thrill, intrigue and suspense in each novel of the series.

Bone Secrets also features characters that have been developed from the start to the end of each book. The characters relate and interact in a very realistic manner that ensures a reader does not lose touch with reality. Some of the most developed characters include Jack, Lacey, Frank and Michael in the first book of the series, Brynn, Alex Kinton and Darrin Besand in the second book, Michael, Daniel and Chris Jacobs in the third, and many others all through the series.

The author has ensured that the series remains relevant to a wide audience. The books have regulated sensual scenes that are suitable for almost all audiences. However, there are some scenes that might be a bit disturbing to a very young audience. For example, the author describes the murder of a dog in the most explicit way. There are also murders and bodies such as those of the pilots and Marshal in Chilled. Apart from such few scenes, the story is suitable for a wide array of audiences.

Hidden is the first book of the series and it was published in 2012. It starts with a back-date to eleven years ago when nine female students were brutally murdered by the infamous Co-Ed Slayer. Although Lacey Campbell survived the attack, Suzanne (her best friend) did not. Her body was never found. Currently, Lacey is a forensic odontologist and she specializes in studying and analyzing teeth and bones for the state medical examiner.

Lacey grief over Suzanne comes to light when she identifies her remains at a crime scene. Ex-cop Jack Harper offers Lacey a shoulder to lean on and within no time the two develop feelings for each other. Just before she can enjoy the comfort, someone starts killing witnesses who contributed to the arrest of the Co-ed Slayer. Although he has been long dead, all evidence indicates that the murders are his doing.

In the second book Chilled, Brynn Nealey is a forensic nurse who is part of the daring team that is attempting to find the survivors of a plane that crashed in the Cascade Mountains. She is joined by Alex Kinton who is an ex-marshal. Alex maneuvers his way to Brynn’s team in a bid to revenge the death of his brother. Upon reaching the crash scene, the team is shocked to find out that everyone but one perished. The lone survivor is the man that Alex is looking for.

A once bitter Alex starts growing soft when his heart is softened by Brynn’s beauty. He finds himself in an unfamiliar territory when his emotions conflict. On one hand, there is the growing need to revenge the death of his brother but on the other, his heart is lustful and is being weakened by his love for Brynn.

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