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About Bonnie Chau

Coming from Southern California, the American writer Bonnie Chau is well known for unique and creative style of writing. Largely focusing on short-stories and more personal intimate pieces, she deals with people in every day situations attempting to make sense of the world. With a clear gift for storytelling and keeping readers engaged, she has managed to create a unique and entertaining style of prose. Not only that, but readers have found themselves relating to her and her work, regardless of where they’re from or what they’re backgrounds are. Knowing and understanding her readers well, she has reached a worldwide audience of readers, all finding something personal of their own in her stories.

Speaking and writing from an Asian-American perspective, Chau provides a fresh new and fascinating insight. This has allowed her to become far more prominent throughout the literary community and scene at large, as many are sitting up and taking notice of what she has to say. Giving her readers impassioned stories with strong and interesting leading characters, she relates to a worldwide audience, with her themes and ideas being universal. This has progressed, allowing her voice to resonate powerfully throughout the industry as a whole, reaching both the critics and the general public alike. Taking her writing to new levels all the time, she will continue to develop for many years to come, as she doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Southern California, Bonnie Chau would grow up with a keen interest in writing and all things literature. Writing from an Asian-American perspective, whilst also not wanting to be pigeon-holed by it, she would seek inspiration from the world around her growing up. Raised in California, she would constantly be on the lookout for new and exciting ideas, all of which would feed back into her novels. With a insight into how people interacted with one another, and what it was that made people really tick, she would also provide insight into this section of humanity. Giving her stories a high degree of gravitas through her own experiences, she would also look to other writers for inspiration too.

Studying at Columbia University, she would receive an MFA in both translation and fiction, thus developing her craft even further. Working at an independent book-store in Brooklyn now, she remains a Kundiman fellow, whilst also serving as an assistant web editor at Poets and Writers. Still writing to this very day, she continues to put out work from her home in Brooklyn, New York, something that will carry on as her career builds and builds.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first novel in 2018, Bonnie Chau would make her debut onto the scene with her anthology titled ‘All Roads Lead to Blood’. This would collate the best of what she had to offer up to that point, providing the reader with some insight into how far she had come as a writer. Prior to that she had written for numerous publications, both online and off, developing her craft as a storyteller. Teaching her craft too, she has run programs that are non-profit, including those for the 826LA, imparting her knowledge and skills learned on her craft. This has seen her become a strong name throughout the community, extending her brand and her writing both nationally and internationally. Winning awards for her work, she has attracted the attention of many, something that will carry on as more and more discover her stories every day.

All Roads Lead to Blood

Created and published through the ‘Santa Fe Writer’s Project’ publishing outlet, this was the first full novel to come from Bonnie Chau as an author. Released on the 1st of September in 2018 initially, it helped establish who she really was and what she had to offer in the way of themes and ideas. With something to say, he voice rings true on each and every page, in what is a fully comprehensive collection of her best short-stories available to date.

Featuring a collection of Bonnie Chau’s best work, this anthology follows themes of alienation and desire running throughout. Taking a look at young women navigating love, along with the many pitfalls and trials faced, she gets to the heart of the human condition in this illuminating collection. Dealing with grand over-arcing ideas and concepts, it manages to feel intimate at the same time too, with the author speaking directly to the reader almost. Featuring characters who revel in their individuality, it moves all over America, examining the lives of many second generation Asian-Americans. Searching for something they attempt to find themselves, as they ultimately find that it may be that all roads lead to blood.

Other Articles and Titles

Through the years Bonnie Chau has written numerous short stories for various magazines and publications, both online and off. This includes stories such as ‘Stevie Versus the Negative Space’, which was included in ‘The Offing’, and ‘Newfangled Creature’, which was also included on the same site. Along with this she has also written essay that are more personal to her, giving an insight into her own life and unique perspective. A highly prolific author, she is known for featuring in a vast number of different publications, building a strong brand and reputation for herself. It is her short-stories that have really made her though, and are a must for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of who she is and where she’s come from.

There are plenty of books that Bonnie Chau currently has in the pipeline too, with collections of short stories and essays all set to be published. With pieces planned for both ‘The Gargoyle’ and ‘The Coil’, she still puts out short-stories regularly and consistently. She is also set to write a personal essay for the ‘Two Lines’ outlet, which will see her cover more intimate ground based on her own life and experiences. There are also plenty more books planned too, as she concentrates largely on fiction, creating a more rounded name for herself. Not forgetting the non-fictional essays and pieces as well though, she will continue to write and publish work for quite some time to come.

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