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About Bonnie Garmus

A highly renowned American writer, Bonnie Garmus, previously a copywriter, has come a long way in the world of fiction recently. Making a name for herself with her incisive and intelligent stories, she immediately gets to the core of the matter each and every time. Knowing just what it is that she wants to say, she really understands herself, as well as her audience, delivering her stories in a clear and confident manner. This level of dedication to her craft has seen her achieve a high level of success all over the world, with readers far and wide singing her praises.

Becoming a household name for many, she’s a hugely gifted writer with much to say on a whole range of different issues. Not only that, but she also ensures that her writing is compelling and entertaining, keeping her audience glued to the page. Her skills as a writer have seen her become a popular fixture on the literary circuit, speaking at countless events nationwide. Reaching readers from all around the world, too, she has a sense of universality to her work that really works on a number of different levels.

Creating characters is another skill of Garmus, as she fully realizes three-dimensional personalities that stand out from the page. This approach has allowed her to build and establish a real sense of rapport with her readership, allowing them to discover something new with each reading. Giving her work a higher level of depth, she draws them in, keeping them there, allowing them to feel as if they’re really experiencing it. Writing in an authentic and genuine manner, she highlights issues and ideas that really set her apart from other writers in her field.

Knowing her craft well at this point, she manages to create her own set style in the process as well, with her work being instantly familiar to many. Idiosyncratic, she has her own individual style that establishes her as her own writer, making for something entirely different in the process. With more planned to follow on the horizon, she definitely won’t be finishing any time soon either, as she carries on growing upwards and onwards.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Riverside, California, in the United States, Bonnie Garmus would quickly establish a lifelong affinity with the written word. Prior to working full-time as a novelist, she worked as a creative director, making a name for herself while building a personal brand. This portfolio of hers would develop over time, as she would come to work in the field of copywriting as well, reaching countless more readers worldwide. Creating her own signature style while continuing to appeal to many, she’d fast come to understand the form and communicate with large audiences.

Always looking to expand upon her career and skillset, she would manage to create a style that would be seen as being very much her own. Looking at subjects such as medicine, education, and technology, she would come to understand a whole variety of different fields. Moving to Seattle, she would later go on to live in London, England, where she currently resides and works to this day. Living with her husband and her dog there, she continues to write full-time and is the mother to two daughters as well.

Writing Career

Starting out as a copywriter, Bonnie Garmus would make her name in this field before turning to write fiction full-time. Creating a solid brand for herself, she would hone and refine her craft as a writer, allowing her to establish the voice she’s currently known for today. Over time this would develop, setting her apart as a writer with something different to say and offer the literary world. Known for her sense-of-humor too, she would also focus herself on creating realistic characters that were down-to-earth.

In 2022 she would publish her first novel, which would be titled ‘Lessons in Chemistry,’ marking her debut as a full-time novelist. A work of contemporary general fiction, it would be a stand-alone title, not being a part of any overall series as such. With a self-contained narrative, it would go on to receive a large amount of critical acclaim from her many peers and contemporaries alike. Speaking at numerous events on her art and craft, she has gone on to become one of the leading names within her field, both online and off.

Lessons in Chemistry

Initially published in 2022 on the 31st of March, this would be the first stand-alone title from Bonnie Garmus as an author. Setting up her literary career, it’s an entirely self-contained novel that would be greeted with a great deal of critical acclaim. Not a part of any series, it would become hugely popular the world over, building her audience both far and wide.

As a chemist, Elizabeth Zott is not an everyday woman, and she’s the first to say there’s no average woman, with this taking place during the 1960s. Working at the Hastings Research Institute with her all-male team, only the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Calvin Evans recognizes her as an equal. Later on, she finds herself a single mother, leading to becoming a celebrity cook on TV, using precise science and chemistry for cooking. How will this upend the status-quo of the time, can she overcome the hurdles in her way, and what will everyone learn from her lessons in chemistry?

Underpinning the work with a historical context, this debut novel successfully operates on several different levels. With a strong character at the heart of it, it really manages to draw the reader in, resonating in a profoundly personal and immersive manner. Creating a story and world that feels fully alive for the reader, it’s a great story with a lot to offer, with its engaging style and tone.

The central character of Elizabeth Zott herself really does leave a strong impression upon the reader, too, as she stays with the reader long after they’ve put the book down. Garmus manages to say something unique in the process with a lot of wit and warmth while also paying close attention to detail. It is hugely entertaining, moving along at a brisk pace in what is a well-researched and massively compelling story, marking Garmus as a definite writer to watch in the future.

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11 Responses to “Bonnie Garmus”

  1. Lee Filler: 2 weeks ago

    My granddaughter gave me this book for my Birthday,with her dedication to me who she sees as a strong women.. I read many books , but this was outstanding on many levels .. Hated for it to end, It points out how women are treated as 2nd class citizens, Very inspirational, but also hilarious and with a great dog, what more do you need in a book

  2. Diana Sawyer: 4 weeks ago

    It actually “hurt my heart” to finish this book. I found myself wanting to both devour it & at the same time savor it. Bonnie knocked it out of the literary park!

  3. Carole Fletcher: 3 months ago

    Just finished this amazing novel, and it definitely is one of my very favorites. My granddaughter recommended it to me, a friend had the book to loan to me, and so very, very happy and appreciative of both of them. It moved me in so many, many ways. Looking forward to more of her novels. Kudos, great book.

  4. Linda Pingrey: 8 months ago

    I just finished reading “Lessons” for the 2nd time, and might read again. There are so many layers to this story and each layer is “a story within itself.”
    The overall themes of women/chemistry/family/love/children/religion/food/dog/adoption and more keep the pages turning and keep the story in your mind. This is my #1 this year. I have sent copies to 4 of my “non-reader” friends with instructions TO READ!! They will!!

  5. Kelly McGlaun-Fields: 9 months ago

    This is one of the best books I have read in many years. I have recommended it to my granddaughter who is an English major. I relate to this book because I am now in my eighties and lived through the times when women were certainly not considered equal to men. This has to change. We are now back to momen fighting for equal rights yet again. I have Two daughters, two granddaughters and a great granddaughter. On my car is a bumper sticker that says I won’t go back. It is time for women to take charge. Thank you for this book

  6. Janalee Keegstra: 1 year ago

    Thoroughly enlightening, as a victim of male aggression myself I related to the response of the board of the church as to why it was my fault, not his. I loved everything about this book, couldn’t put it down, and my house shows it. I love being a woman, I love animals, but people not so much. Hope there are more books to come, but if not, this one is a keeper. Janalee

  7. Ann Crim: 1 year ago

    My daughter-in-law gave me this book this christmas. I Have never been a fan of female authors. I have to say this book changed my mind. I started reading it two days ago and am almost finished. I love the characters, the story line, I can go on and on. Looking forward to checking into some of her other books if there are any.

  8. Dave White: 1 year ago

    My wife was given the book by a friend and passed it to me when she finished.
    One of the best books I’ve read in a while and there are several passages that make excellent quotes. Recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good story well told and is sometimes disappointed in the lack of gender equality. Women have come a long way but have a distance to go yet.

  9. Joan Kay D"Amore: 1 year ago

    I loved this book so much. Could not put it down, all read in two days and wish I hadn’t finished it, but as I said, I couldn’t stop. I also cannot wait for her next book.

  10. Kerstin: 2 years ago

    This blew my mind, not just a page turner but I had to stop myself reading it cover to cover so it wouldn’t be over too quickly. Now checked out that it’s translated to Swedish so recommending it to all my Swedish friends back home. An absolute winner, can’t wait for her next one. Will attend a book talk with her late September. The best read this year!

  11. Carolyn Dougherty: 2 years ago

    This has got to be , by far, one of the best books I Have ever had the pleasure to read. there was no page fillers. As in, constantly repeating the same information over and over again just to fill a page. The characters, by far , the most interesting and brilliant. Loved loved loved this book from beginning to end.


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