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Her, Too (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bonnie Kistler is a bestselling author and former Philadelphia attorney who is best known for the novels “The Cage” and “House on Fire.”

The author went to Bryn Mawr College where she graduated with an English literature degree. She would then proceed to Law School at the University of Pennsylvania from where she graduated with a law degree.
At university, she was known for being a legal writing instructor and a moot court champion. She would thereafter spend much of her legal career in private practice with a range of legal firms.

In her capacity as a lawyer, she has worked on cases in both state and federal cases all over the country. She has been rated by her peers as Distinguished for both her ethical standards and legal ability.
She published “House on Fire” her debut novel in 2019 and has never looked back since. Bonnie currently spends much of her time between the Western North Carolina mountains and Florida.

Like many authors, Bonnie Kistler was making up stories ever since she was a child when she had aspirations of becoming an author. In college, she specialized in English literature and penned her first full-length novel in her sophomore year.
Being very optimistic, she sent it to a major New York publisher and was immediately rejected. She gave up and decided to pursue a legal career but she just could not lose her itch for writing, even as she practiced law over the years.
She thereafter penned three manuscripts and was lucky the third time around. She finds it ironic that the very same publisher who rejected her efforts in her sophomore year is now her publisher.

Bonnie has said that she was drawn to the mystery/thriller genre due to the fact that she finds stories more compelling, the more realistic they are. It is for this reason that she has always had a preference for thrillers as compared to genres such as fantasy.
Moreover, since she usually gets bored very easily, she prefers the rapid pace of thriller fiction which always keeps her flipping the pages in anticipation and suspense.

As for her inspiration, Bonnie Kistler has said that she gets much of it from her life experiences, particularly from surreptitious observation of people, overheard conversations, and news stories. Still, many of her story ideas come from her own mind and she cannot link them to anything.
As for her influences, she has said these are the likes of nineteenth-century novelists such as the Bronte sisters, Eliot, Trollope, Thackeray, and Dickens. Bonnie has always loved the rich tapestries of books, The many subplots, and the huge cast of characters.
Still, she has also learned from other media including TV and film. These have taught her how to distill an idea and take only the essentials which she then uses to build suspense and accelerate the action.

“House on Fire” by Bonnie Kistler opens with a late-night bender that exposed a family’s fault line. Kip Conley is a high school senior that was grounded after he was found guilty of driving under the influence.

The kid is turning eighteen in a few days and Pete his father and Leigh his stepmother are out of town. This means he can borrow his father’s truck and go to a house party. Just before midnight, Chrissy Porter his fourteen-year-old stepsister bursts into the room.
Kip has been ignoring her calls and so she decided to take a bike in the whistling rain to warn him that their parents were on their way back. She finally gets to him and they jump into a truck to go back home. When they were racing back home, the two swerved to avoid hitting a dog only to hit a tree.

While the truck is only minimally damaged, it is stuck fast and the neighbors call the police to arrest Kip for driving while drunk. His stepmother brings her best friend she studied law with to defend Kip against what she believes are minor charges.
However, Chrissy suffers a massive cerebral hemorrhage the following day and dies. Kip claims innocence in the manslaughter case since he asserts it was his sister driving when they crashed.

His father believes him but his stepmother believes he is lying to save himself. Kip and Pete move out while Leigh dives into her work while investigators go to work on the case. They had once been a perfectly blended family but can they survive this?

Bonnie Kistler’s novel “The Cage” marks the start of an exciting psychological thriller. The lead is Claudine de Martineau International lawyer Shay Lambert and the HR director Lucy Barton-Jones.

The two get on an elevator in the administrative headquarters of their company’s building only for it to stall in mid-descent. The cause of the stall is an unexpected power outage that causes a lot of panic.
Shay’s cell phone is losing power and she frantically makes a call suggesting that Barton jones is having a panic attack. Ultimately the elevator makes it to the lobby but Lucy is dead of a bullet wound and with only two people in the elevator, the death can only be either a suicide or homicide.

The police believe that it is suicide but the firm comes up with evidence that implicates Shay. The executives are afraid of Lucy who may have some incriminating evidence regarding their dark business practices. If Shay is charged, they will have a chance to get rid of the documents.

Ultimately everything about Shay’s life is put under the microscope including the most innocent actions.

The suspenseful plot has all manner of twists and trunks that result in a satisfying finale as the lead attempts to expose the executive and clear her name.

“Her, Too” by Bonnie Kistler is the story of Kely McCann who has built a very successful legal career being the fighter that she is. She tirelessly fights for her clients and the special needs of her family.
She specializes in the cases of men falsely accused of sex crimes. Many of her enemies call her a traitor to her gender but she could not be bothered. Brilliant and badass there is nothing Kelly loves better than winning and at the opening of the story she just won once again.

She just secured an acquittal for a famous scientist that had been charged with sexually assaulting one of his female employees. However, the thrill of her victory does not last as that night she is the victim of a horrible sexual assault and now cannot tell anyone about it as it would destroy her career.

However, Kelly has never been a woman to back down and will not be pulling her punches any time. She joins forces with the victims of her rapist as she plans to turn the tables on the man.

She is not only fighting for justice but for the rights of the many women that need vengeance. Still, it does seem someone is out of them and they soon find themselves in even greater danger.

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